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    by Published on 07-12-2017 05:22 PM

    Update for November 26th, 2017

    News regarding the possibility that Donald Trump would be impeached has been floating around ever since his ties to Russia have been more officially suspected and now the media seems to be on high alert regarding the possibility that an impeachment might occur sooner rather than later.

    The most current news relates to former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, who is apparently refusing to have any legal contact with Trump's lawyers. This is a new development and there are people in the media that believe this action is being taken because Flynn is preparing to spill the beans on Trump and his ties to Russia. Robert Mueller's investigation could pretty much become a slam dunk if a former National Security Advisor with direct ties to Mike Pence is able to give solid intelligence on the President's less than legitimate actions.

    With this news, the online sportsbooks, such as Bet365, have sharpened their odds on the market. Prior to this update the odds on Donald Trump being impeached were set at 1.80. Now they sit at just 1.57.

    We witnessed a political shocker this week with the release of Donald Trump Jr.'s emails on twitter yesterday. Word on the street was the NY Times and Washington Post were holding on to a big Russia story, but nobody quite knew how incriminating it actually was going to be. After they contacted Donald Trump Jr. to confirm the existence of the emails, he decided to get ahead of them and simply release them himself on Twitter Tuesday morning.
    Things are not looking good for the Trump White House. There are many reports of infighting at the moment and many believe its a strong possibility that Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort may have been flipped by the FBI and now are talking. This email release could be causing chaos within the Trump team and could cause some individuals to start scurrying for plea deals if major collusion did take place.

    Bet365 Trump Impeachment Payout Odds more Likely after July 11th

    We have been tracking the Donald Trump Impeachment odds from Bet365 for some time now and noticed some big drops in a few markets as seen below. The payouts are less on these bets by up over 30% which shows money is starting to pour in on the likely hood of impeachment or resignation.

    Trump to Resign his presidency: Previous 2.10 - New Odds 1.83

    Trump to be Impeached by the House First Term: Previous 1.80 - New Odds 1.57

    Trump to be Convicted by the Senate: Yes Previous 6.00 - New Odds 4.50

    25th Amendment to be Invoked First Term: Previous 3.75 - New Odds 3.40

    Congress to Decide Against Trump under 25th Amendment First Term: Previous Odds 6.00 - New Odds 4.50
    by Published on 06-15-2017 03:21 AM

    The 2016 US Election was by far the most wagered on political event in history and the betting did not stop after November 8th. The USA is a divided country but it appears much of Trumps support has been waning over the past 4 months and sportsbooks have taken notice. US political odds and prop bets which usually show up maybe once every two to four years are now being checked regularly by news outlets and savvy political bettors on a daily basis. Online sportsbooks such as Bet365 and William Hill have even posted some more exotic prop wagering options that seem to change by the week. Check out the following Trump prop bets below:

    Bet365 Trump First Term Political Props

    Trump to Resign his presidency in his first term - Yes (2.10)

    Trump to be Impeached by the house in his first term - Yes (2.00)

    Trump to be Convicted by the Senate in his first term - Yes (6.00)

    25th Amendment (Section 4) to be invoked in Trumps first term - Yes (3.75)

    Congress to Decide against Trump under the 25th Amendment in his first term - Yes (6.00)

    Some of these odds appear to offer good value especially since the Washington Post just reported that Robert Mueller and his special counsel is in fact investigating Donald Trump personally with regards to obstruction of justice. This is among many other investigations that are ongoing with regards to other persons who were involved in his campaign. Everybody already knows there is a lot of smoke with regards to the Russia situation. It doesn't help that he has already had to fire his National Security Advisor (Flynn), A deputy Attorney General (Yates), Director of the FBI (Comey) and apparently was entertaining the option of firing Robert Mueller. Clearly these don't appear to be the actions of someone who has nothing to hide. Either way the political drama continues and we can expect these odds to change as fast as the news cycle.

    William Hill - Donald Trump State Visit Odds to the UK

    Its fair to say the UK is not too pleased with Trump at the moment. His tweeting with regards to the recent London attacks pissed a lot of people off. Apparently he doesn't want to visit if there are going to be protesters. This has left the date of the visit somewhat up in the air hence the betting odds of when this will occur below.

    2017(2.25) 2018(2.25) 2019 or later (5.00)

    888 Sport - Trump to Last Full Term in Office Odds

    Yes (1.82) No (1.88)

    888 Sport - What Year will Trump be Impeached Odds

    2017(4.50), 2018(7.50), 2019(13.00), 2020(26.00), Not before 2021 (1.50)

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