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  • Golf Betting F.A.Q.

    What is E/W Golf Betting?

    An Each Way (E/W) wager in golf is an additional wager that some golf betting sites offer which you can place along side your outright winner wager. The Each Way bet must be the same size as your outright winner wager and what it does is pay you if the player you picked comes in the top five (this varies from site to site and can pay as little as three places or as many as seven). The payment you receive on the Each Way bet is at 1/4 the odds of your outright winner bet. The best part about it is that you get paid on the Each Way and the Outright Winner bet if your pick happens to win the tournament.

    What are Dead Heat Rules?

    Dead Heat Rules are what determine golf E/W payouts should there be ties among the top five players. For example, if you have two players tied for fifth in a tournament, and you have an Each Way bet on one of them, you will be paid differently than if that player placed in fifth alone. The Dead Heat Rules of the site are what will determine how you are paid when these kinds of ties occur.

    The Dead Heat Rules can vary from site to site, but generally they work as follows:

    If you have a two way tie, your payout is determined by cutting your bet size in half. So rather than getting paid on your original stake of $10, for example, you would get paid on a stake of $5. It continues to work in this fashion should there be a three way tie. In that case, your original stake would be split into a third and your payout would be calculated accordingly.

    If you want more information about golf betting, check out or Golf Betting Guide.