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  • When and Where is the Super Bowl this Year?

    In 2018, Super Bowl 52 will be played and it will be held on February 4th in Minneapolis, Minnesota at US Bank Stadium.

  • Previous Super Bowl Winners and their Pre-Season Odds in the Year they Won

    2015Patriots 2.30
    2014Seahawks NA
    2013Ravens NA
  • Super Bowl Betting

    by Published on 08-13-2017 10:38 PM

    The 2017/2018 NFL Season won't get officially underway until the beginning of September, but you can already bet on who you think will win the Super Bowl when all of the dust is settled. The NFL Super Bowl Futures Odds currently list the New England Patriots as the far and away favourites to win Super Bowl 52 which will be played in Minnesota this February. Below you will find betting previews for the top teams in the league as well as futures odds provided by Bet365 Canada. Bet365 is a great NFL betting option for Canadians, not only because they give their new customers a $200 bonus, but also because they offer more NFL betting markets than any other online sports book. For every single game of the season you will find literally hundreds of different NFL markets to bet on. Follow the banner link below to check them out now or read our Bet365 Canada Review for more information about their bonuses, betting markets, and deposit options.

    NFL Futures Betting Odds at Bet365

    New England Patriots - The New England Patriots won their second Super Bowl title in three years last season and they are the betting favourites to once again win the prize in 2017. They absolutely dominated during the regular season last year, picking up 14 wins and just 2 losses and it looks as though their roster is in even better shape for this year. Though he's getting a little old, Tom Brady is still scheduled to take the field for another season and the Patriots managed to make some good roster pick ups in the off season. A couple of the most important ones being Brandin Cooks and Stephon Gilmore. Cooks caught more than 1,000 yards in each of the last two seasons with the Saints and he'll be an excellent additional outlet for Brady's golden arm.

    Seattle Seahawks - The Seattle Seahawks fell out of favour for about a season and a half, but it appears that they are back on the betting radar as they are just second in line on the odds table to win the 2017 Super Bowl title. The Seahawks didn't have a bad season last year, picking up 10 wins as well as the NFC West crown, but they did seem to have a difficult time picking up momentum. Their best stretch saw them win just three games in a row and that run ended at the hands of a fairly lackluster opponent. This year they've decided to go full throttle on once again solidifying themselves as the best running team in the league. They picked up Eddie Lacy from the Green Bay Packers and, should he manage to stay healthy, he'll make a great addition to the work of Thomas Rawls.

    Green Bay Packers - Also near the top of the odds table are the Green Bay Packers. The Packers suffered an extraordinarily slow start to their season last year, winning just four of their first ten starts, but they really turned it around in the second half. They won six in a row to cap of the regular season and made their way through two post season games against the Giants and Cowboys respectively. This year they'll have to hope that Aaron Rodgers is a little sharper from the start and also hope that Jordy Nelson is officially over his post 2015 hangover. They got a little less production than they needed out of him in 2016, but apparently Jordy, as well as the rest of the Packers' receiving corps are healthy and well heading into week one of 2017.

    Pittsburgh Steelers - Just like the Packers, the Steelers picked up the majority of their momentum towards the end of the 2016 season. They also won their last six games in a row and that allowed them to finish off the year with an above average 11 and 5 record. The scary thing about Pittsburgh is that they managed to do that without a healthy Ben Roethlisberger. Big Ben isn't the only big offensive weapon that they have since the Steelers also boast Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown on their roster, but those two certainly can't operate without Roethlisberger at least contributing to some small degree. The worst news so far for Pittsburgh is that Ben is already having health problems in the pre-season. As we write this he's out with an ankle injury as a precaution heading into the regular season.

    Dallas Cowboys - The Dallas Cowboys were an incredible force last season, winning thirteen games and they'll once again have the dynamic duo of Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot on the field to drive them into the post season this year. Prescott was a brilliant surprise as a rookie quarterback, throwing for more than 3,600 yards and notching a completion percentage of nearly 70%. Ezekiel Elliot was even better, leading the league with 1,631 rushing yards in his very first season in the NFL. Here's the big problem, though. Ezekiel Elliot has now officially been handed a six game suspension thanks to an incident that occurred last St. Patrick's Day in Dallas and so far he has issued no word on appealing the decision. Dak Prescott was great last year, but he still has a lot of growing up to do as an NFL quarterback and it's very unlikely that he'll be able to carry the entire offence without the help of Elliot. And as we all know, six games is an eternity in the NFL.

    New England Patriots5.00Indianapolis Colts41.00
    Green Bay Packers11.00New Orleans Saints41.00
    Seattle Seahawks11.00Philadelphia Eagles41.00
    Pittsburgh Steelers12.00Cincinnati Bengals41.00
    Dallas Cowboys13.00Tennessee Titans51.00
    Atlanta Falcons15.00Detroit Lions51.00
    Denver Broncos17.00Miami Dolphins51.00
    Oakland Raiders19.00Washington Redskins51.00
    Kansas City Chiefs19.00Los Angeles Chargers67.00
    New York Giants21.00Jacksonville Jaguars67.00
    Houston Texans23.00Buffalo Bills67.00
    Carolina Panthers26.00Chicago Bears101.00
    Minnesota Vikings26.00Los Angeles Rams101.00
    Arizona Cardinals26.00New York Jets101.00
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers41.00Cleveland Browns126.00
    Baltimore Ravens41.00San Francisco 49ers126.00
    by Published on 02-03-2017 02:27 AM
    Article Preview

    Super Bowl 51 is just a few days away and that means that the top NFL pick and prediction experts are chiming in with their picks for Sunday. The Patriots are 3.0 point favourites on the spread according to the sports books, and while the majority of experts are picking the Patriots to win the game straight up, there are quite a few that feel the Falcons can get things done this weekend with that very slim head start.

    If you're interested in betting on Super Bowl 51, we have spread, total, money-line, and first half odds on our Super ...

    by Published on 02-01-2017 10:44 PM
    Article Preview

    The New England Patriots will be 3.0 point betting favourites on the spread for this Super Bowl Sunday when they take on the Atlanta Falcons. This article contains a betting preview as well as betting trends for the upcoming game and all of the odds within are provided by Bet365. They include both spread, total, and money-line odds for the entire game as well as spread, total, and money-line odds for the first half of the game. If you sign up a new account at Bet365 this week you will receive a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to $200. That's $200 in free cash to bet with on Super Bowl Sunday. Just follow the banner link below to be eligible for that bonus. You can also read more about them on our Bet365 Review page.

    by Published on 01-31-2017 07:39 PM
    Article Preview

    Betting on the Super Bowl isn't just about making that one single spread bet or money line wager so online books like Pinnacle Sports offer a ton of different prop bets for the game. Most of the prop bets are scoring related, but there are a lot of statistics bets as well with even a few random fun ones thrown in. One of the most popular bets is the coin toss prop. This year Pinnacle is offering both the coin toss bet as well as a bet on whether or not the team that calls it gets it ...

    by Published on 01-25-2017 07:46 PM
    Article Preview

    The Super Bowl MVP award is by far the most popular prop bet for Super Bowl Sunday. The award is given out based on votes gathered from both a panel of experts and the general public. The panel vote is gathered from 16 writers and broadcasters that will be present at the game. That panel will make up 80% of the deciding vote. The other 20% is gathered from the general public through web voting. Despite the fact that it's in the hands of the people, the winner of the Super Bowl MVP is almost always a quarterback. A quarterback has been voted the Super Bowl MVP in six out of the last eight years. Last year was one of those rare exceptions as Denver's Von Miller took the award. He made two spectacular defensive plays in last year's Super Bowl,however, and they were both crucial to the Bronco's victory.

    Tom Brady is the favourite to win the Super Bowl MVP award in 2017 and there's some history to back up his status. He is one of just two individuals to have already won the MVP award three separate times. Brady won the award in 2015, 2004, and 2002. Sitting just behind him on the odds table is Matt Ryan. The Falcons quarterback might not breath the same thin air as someone like Tom Brady, but he had an exceptional season and is well positioned to win the MVP award should the Falcons take the game. Ryan finished the season with 38 touchdown passes and just 7 interceptions this year and he's continued his strong play straight into the post season. In just two playoff games, he's racked up another 7 touchdown passes.

    If we look outside of the quarterbacks we come up with Julio Jones and LeGarrette Blount. Jones finished up second in the league this year in receiving yards and he was crucial for the Falcons in their win over the Packers in the Conference Championships. He racked up 180 receiving yards in that game which put his two game post season total at 247. Blount is next in line on the odds table and his votes next weekend might come more from his showcase of determination than anything else. He finished the regular season with a fairly pedestrian 1,161 rushing yards for the year, but he showed some real spark in the Patriots playoff win over the Steelers. In the third quarter of their AFC Championship game, he rushed for 18 yards on one carry while bringing about four Pittsburgh defenders along for the ride. That's the kind of play that can get the fan vote on your side.

    Super Bowl MVP Odds at Bet365

    The Super Bowl MVP Odds that you see below are provided by Bet365. Bet365 is offering hundreds of different prop bets for this year's Super Bowl. Along with betting on the MVP market at Bet365, customers can also bet on the coin flip, which team will score first, what the longest and shortest touchdowns will be, and much much more. If you sign up a new account there today, you can receive a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to $200. Follow the banner link above to get that bonus. If you want to know more about them, you can read more on our Bet365 Review page.

    by Published on 01-18-2017 09:09 PM
    Article Preview

    The AFC and NFC Conference Championship games will get underway this Sunday and that means that we have just four Super Bowl contenders left. The New England Patriots, the Atlanta Falcons, the Green Bay Packers, and the Pittsburgh Steelers are all still in contention to carve their team name into the Vince Lombardi trophy. Leading the way on the Super Bowl Futures odds table at the moment are the New England Patriots. They are paying out just above even money to win the Super Bowl this year according to Bet365.

    All of the odds in the Super Bowl Futures betting preview are provided by Bet365. If you register a new account at Bet365 by follow the banner link below, you can receive up to a $200 deposit bonus T&C apply (18+). You can also read more about them on our Bet365 Review page.

    NFL Odds at Bet365

    New England Patriots Super Bowl Futures Betting

    The New England Patriots get a lot of credit here as favourites due to their performances this past season, but also due to their strong playoff record. The Pats have been to the Super Bowl in six of the last fifteen years and they've managed to win the the grand prize of NFL football on four of those occasions. Their most recent victory came back in 2014 when they beat the Seattle Seahawks and they'll be taking the field with a lot of the same players that they had back then. Tom Brady, of course, is still part of the Patriots' roster and Rob Gronkowski will be another one still wearing the uniform. As for their season, they began 2016 without their starting quarterback, but still managed to rack up fourteen wins. What makes them particularly dangerous is that they have an incredibly robust defence to go along with the abundance of scoring that they get from players like Brady and Gronkowski. They led the league this regular season in points against average.

    Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl Futures Betting

    The Atlanta Falcons have never managed to win a Super Bowl and they've only been to the big show once in their history, but they are most certainly a force to be reckoned with this year. After stringing together three relatively poor seasons that left them down and out of the playoffs, the Falcons have re-emerged in 2016 and done so with an incredible amount of success. Most notably that success has come on offence. They led the league this season in points, averaging more than 35 per game and racked up eleven wins. And when it comes to those eleven wins, what is really compelling is that they took down some pretty heavy hitters to get them. They beat the Raiders when Oakland was still healthy. They beat the Broncos handily back in October. They even took down the Packers in week 8; the very team they'll be facing in their conference game this Sunday. They are, admittedly, a little weak defensively, but they have been showing improvements in that category as recently as last week.

    Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Futures Betting

    The Green Bay Packers have been to the Super Bowl twice in the last 20 years and their most recent win came in 2010 when they defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers. And even though those numbers might not be overwhelmingly convincing, what might be more convincing for bettors is just how often the Packers have seen post season action. Green Bay has been to the post season for the last eight seasons in a row. That means that they have an abundance of playoff experience on their side going into these last two weeks. They also still have the same quarterback that they had when they won the Super Bowl back in 2010. Aaron Rodgers won the MVP award that year and he is performing very well in the latter half of this 2016 season. The biggest problem for the Packers as things stand right now is that they have an extremely difficult conference game ahead of them. They're facing the Falcons and the with Atlanta's offence working so well these days and Green Bay's defence circling the drain, it's tough to think that Green Bay can get themselves to the Super Bowl this year, let alone win it.

    Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Futures Betting

    It is probably very safe to say that the Pittsburgh Steelers are the most dangerous underdog in this years final four teams. They've won the Super Bowl twice in the last eleven years and they've been to the final game three times. What makes the Steelers particularly dangerous is that they are healthy. They have their three most important offensive players back on the roster and they've managed to get to this point in the season with them rarely coming together on the field all at the same time. That trio of players includes Ben Roethlisberger, Le'Veon Bell, and Antonio Brown and what makes the case for the Steelers even more convincing is that they still won last week even they got absolutely zero offensive point production out of that set of players. Just imagine what they can do when they finally get them to task. The Steelers, like the Packers, however, pulled an extremely difficult draw for the conference game. It's really hard to imagine the Patriots not making their way to the Super Bowl this season and they do already have a win over the Steelers under their belt in 2016. They beat them 27 to 16 back in week number seven.

    by Published on 11-13-2016 11:16 PM
    Article Preview

    The Seattle Seahawks owned the top of the Super Bowl 51 Odds table when we posted them before the start of the season, but it's the New England Patriots that now own that spot and do so by a long shot. The Patriots are tied atop the league standings with 7 wins and just a single loss and with the return of Tom Brady to the lineup in week 5, they seem absolutely unstoppable. Brady has played just four games so far in the 2016 regular season and in those games he's managed to rack up 12 touchdown passes and not a single interception. In total, the Patriots have averaged more than 27 points per game on the season while giving up just a little more than 16. Of course, Brady isn't doing it all on his own. He's getting a lot of help from Rob Gronkowski and the Patriots' defence. What seems clear at the moment, however, regardless of who's doing the work, is that New England is far and away the best team in the NFL right now.

    Seattle is not completely out of the running, though, as they are still second in line on the Super Bowl Odds table. History will help the Seahawks as they march forward during the second half of the regular season. They've been to the Super Bowl in two out of the last four seasons and they even managed to bring home the top prize on one of those occasions. Their record took a dip a few weeks ago after they came down with some serious offensive issues, but things seem to be back on track for them after their win over the Bills in week 9. The 31 points they scored in that game showed that they can do more than just play defence. They meet the Patriots in week 10 and that should give us a good indication of just where they really stand in the grand scheme of things.

    Super Bowl Odds for Canadians at Bet365

    The biggest move we've seen towards the top of the Super Bowl Odds table so far, however has been from the Dallas Cowboys. With Dak Prescott taking over at the quarterback position, the Cowboys' stock dropped severely and they started out this season at odds of 26.00 to win Super Bowl 51. With Prescott performing well and the Cowboys rusing department picking up a lot more than just a bit of the slack, Dallas is now tied atop the NFL standings with 7 wins and 1 loss. The biggest contributions have come from rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott who has racked up nearly 900 rushing yards on the season and 7 touchdowns. The Cowboys have also been excelling defensively. Their stats are not quite as impressive as what we've seen from New England or Seattle, but they have managed to keep their opponents to an average of just 17.5 points per so far during the regular season.

    If you're looking for a good long shot, look no further than the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders made a big move of their own, starting out the season at odds of 41.00 and now going off at Bet365 at odds of 23.00. The Raiders haven't seen the post season since their Super Bowl loss in 2002 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but they've made a lot of progress this season, leading the AFC West with a 7-2 record. Quarterback Derek Carr has already racked up 17 touchdowns and more than 2,500 passing yards on the season and he's helped keep the Raiders in the top five of the total offence stats on the 2016 season thus far.


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