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  • Superbowl Odds

    After a near perfect 14-2 season in 2016, the defending champion New England Patriots will be the far and away betting favourites to win Super Bowl 52. Visit Pinnacle Sports or read our Pinnacle Sports Review.

    New England Patriots3.25
    Minnesota Vikings6.50
    Pittsburgh Steelers7.00
    Philadelphia Eagles10.00
    New Orleans Saints11.00
    Los Angeles Rams11.00
    Jacksonville Jaguars15.00
    Carolina Panthers19.00
    Kansas City Chiefs19.00
    Atlanta Falcons21.00
    Baltimore Ravens34.00
  • NFL - Over/Under Team Win Odds

    The New England Patriots are at the top of this list as well with an over/under number of 12.5 wins for the 2017 season. The Seattle Seahawks managed 10 wins last season and their over/under is 10.5 wins this season and the Steelers are also at 10.5 wins. The Steelers beat that mark last year, but had to win their last seven games in a row to do so. All of the odds are provided by Pinnacle Sports.

    Team (Wins)Odds
    Patriots - 12.5 WinsOver(2.040) - Under (1.826)
    Seahawks - 10.5 WinsOver(1.869) - Under (1.990)
    Steelers - 10.5 WinsOver(1.704) - Under (2.210)
    Raiders - 9.5 WinsOver(1.917) - Under (1.934)
    Chiefs - 9.0 WinsOver(1.917) - Under (1.934)
  • 2017 NFL Week 16 Betting Odds and Expert Picks for Canadians

    The holiday season has the schedule a bit shifted this week. There will be no games played this Thursday, but we get two on Saturday and then another double up on Monday. The Colts and the Ravens will get things started this Thursday along with the Minnesota Vikings facing the Green Bay Packers. Below you will find expert picks and predictions for every game taking place in week 16 as well as spread, total, and money line odds from Pinnacle Sports Canada. They are one of the premier places for Canadians to bet on NFL football. They consistently offer the best odds online and they also offer the highest betting limits of any sports book online. If you are interested in betting on NFL football with Pinnacle Sports, please follow the banner link below.

    NFL Odds at Pinnacle Sports

    NFL Week 16 Key Game Previews

    Indianapolis Colts vs. Baltimore Ravens - The very first game of NFL's week 16 will feature the Indianapolis Colts visiting the Baltimore Ravens as enormous betting underdogs. Right now Pinnacle Sports has begged them as 13.5 point dogs on the spread and that number is actually higher than where it started. Seemingly there isn't a lot of confidence in the Colts at the moment. And, of course, there is good reason for this line of thinking. The Colts haven't recorded a win in any of their last five starts and they own just three wins on the season. The biggest problems for the Colts recently, and over the entirety of the season, has been the absence of Andrew Luck. Their back up, Jacoby Brissett has done a decent job of racking up passing yards, but has only managed to connect with his receivers eleven times for touchdowns this season. The result of this is that the Colts have averaged just 16 points per game this season. As for the Ravens, things are looking very different for them. They've won four out of their last five starts and if they can manage to win their next two games, they will assure themselves a spot in the post season. They've been boasting a particularly stout defence, but should also have an easy time overpowering the Colts offensively. They've averaged more than 24 points per game this season and in their last five starts they've averaged 31. Of course, there's always history to be considered and that history is falling on the side of the Colts. They've won 9 of their last 11 starts against the Baltimore Ravens straight up and 9 of their last 10 against the spread. No one seriously considers this history to have much of an effect on the game given the absence of Andrew Luck, but it's something to consider none the less.

    Minnesota Vikings vs. Green Bay Packers - The Minnesota Vikings will be visiting the Green Bay Packers in the second Saturday game of week 16 and as they do so they will be 9.0 point betting favourites on the spread. The Vikings are not used to being favoured over a team like Green Bay, but given the recent play of both teams, there's really no surprise with this result. The Vikings bounced back last week with an impressive win over the Cincinnati Bengals and they have now secured themselves a spot in the post season. Their case this week is further helped by the fact that they've already dispatched with the Packers once already this season. Back in October the two faced each other and Minnesota was able to clear the win by a score of 23 to 10. Of course, when they clinched that victory the Packers weren't in ownership of their starting quarterback for the entirety of the game. Hopefully Green Bay will have Rodgers from start to finish in this one and that can help the outcome. What's not helping the Packers right now is the fact that they are out of the playoff picture. This is very unfamiliar territory for Green Bay as they've made the post season in each of the last eight seasons. There's no real way of telling just how the Packers will play under this kind of scenario. One thing we can be certain of, however, is that they'll have a better offence running than they have at other times this season. They may have lost their most recent outing with Rodgers back at the helm, but he didn't disappoint in bolstering their offensive production in that start. He locked up three touchdowns right out of the gate and will likely be even more well honed for Saturday's game. Look for Green Bay to have a good chance of covering this week.

    Seattle Seahawks vs. Dallas Cowboys - The Seattle Seahawks are in for an especially difficult match up this Monday as they travel to Dallas to take on the Cowboys. This game opened up with the Cowboys as 3.0 point favourites on the spread, but things have quickly changed and they are now 5.0 point betting favourites. A big reason for the change is the triumphant return of Ezekiel Elliot. After missing a large chunk of the latter half of the season Elliot will be returning to a line up that is already doing a good job of pulling down wins. The Cowboys have now won their last three starts in a row and they are looking strong on both sides of the ball. They've averaged more than 29 points per game during that three game stretch and in that span they've also kept their opponents to just 13.6 per game. On the other side of things Seattle is looking worse all the time. They failed to win again last week, falling to the LA Rams by a wide margin. Russell Wilson was serviceable in that game, but not quite productive enough to keep the Seahawks afloat. He notched a single touchdown on just 142 passing yards and the Seahawks will need a lot more fire than that from their offence if they want to come close to touching the Cowboys' recent numbers. In fact, there are still experts out there that believe the 5.0 point margin is not wide enough for the Seahawks to win against the spread. As for the history between these two teams, things have been falling in favour of the Cowboys more often than not. They've won five of their last seven starts against the Seahawks when facing them at home and they've accomplished this both straight up and against the spread.

    Expert Against the Spread Picks for Week 16 - CBS Sports

    Ryan Wilson and Jamey Eisenberg were the best against the spread pick and prediction experts at CBS Sports last week, each of them correctly picking 8 games with the spread involved. Wilson and Eisenberg aren't agreeing on very much this week if you want to pin them together to make your own selections, but there are a few match ups where they see eye to eye. A couple interesting ones where they do include picking the Jets over the Chargers and picking the Texans over the Steelers.

    Pete PriscoJason La ConforaWill BrinsonJared DubinRyan WilsonJohn BreechDave RichardJamey Eisenberg

    2017 NFL - Week 16 Odds from Pinnacle Sports

    TeamsMoney LineSpreadTotal 
    Indianapolis Colts7.380+13.5 @ 1.909Over 41Under 41
    Baltimore Ravens1.125-13.5 @ 2.0001.9431.961
    Minnesota Vikings1.263-9.0 @ 1.952Over 40.5Under 40.5
    Green Bay Packers4.300+9.0 @ 1.9521.9521.952
    Detroit Lions1.454-5.0 @ 2.02Over 43.5Under 43.5
    Cincinnati Bengals2.969+5.0 @ 1.8921.9521.952
    Los Angeles Chargers1.357-6.5 @ 1.925Over 42Under 42
    New York Jets3.480+6.5 @ 1.9801.9092.000
    Los Angeles Rams1.363-6.5 @ 1.925Over 48Under 48
    Tennessee Titans3.440+6.5 @ 1.9802.0301.877
    Cleveland Browns3.300+6.5 @ 1.917Over 38Under 38
    Chicago Bears1.386-6.5 @ 1.9901.9251.980
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers4.460+10.0 @ 1.892Over 46.5Under 46.5
    Carolina Panthers1.250-10.0 @ 2.021.9521.952
    Atlanta Falcons3.110+5.5 @ 1.952Over 52.5Under 52.5
    New Orleans Saints1.423-5.5 @ 1.9521.9521.952
    Denver Broncos2.610+3.5 @ 1.934Over 40.5Under 40.5
    Washington Redskins1.558-3.5 @ 1.9701.9521.952
    Miami Dolphins4.850+10.5 @ 1.909Over 43.5Under 43.5
    Kansas City Chiefs1.222-10.5 @ 2.0001.9901.917
    Buffalo Bills5.620+12.5 @ 1.892Over 47Under 47
    New England Patriots1.181-12.5 @ 2.0201.9521.952
    Jacksonville Jaguars1.512-4.0 @ 1.98Over 42Under 42
    San Francisco 49ers2.750+4.0 @ 1.9251.9521.952
    New York Giants2.660+3.5 @ 1.925Over 40Under 40
    Arizona Cardinals1.540-3.5 @ 1.9801.9521.952
    Seattle Seahawks2.910+5.0 @ 1.884Over 47Under 47
    Dallas Cowboys1.469-5.0 @ 2.021.9002.010
    Pittsburgh Steelers1.259-8.5 @ 1.952Over 44Under 44
    Houston Texans4.340+8.5 @ 1.9521.9801.925
    Oakland Raiders4.420+9.0 @ 2.00Over 47Under 47
    Philadelphia Eagles1.253-9.0 @ 1.9091.8262.100
  • NFL - Most Passing Yards Odds

    Drew Brees racked up another passing leader victory last year bringing his streak to three in a row. He'll be the odds on favourite to lead the league again in 2017 with Tom Brady and Matt Ryan right behind him. These odds are provided by Bet365, where you can make Instadebit and iDebit deposits with ease.

    Drew Brees 4.50
    Tom Brady 6.00
    Matt Ryan 8.00
    Aaron Rodgers 9.00
    Kirk Cousins 13.00
    Jameis Winston 17.00
    Andrew Luck 17.00
    Derek Carr 19.00
    Philip Rivers 19.00
    Matthew Stafford 26.00
    Ben Roethlisberger 34.00
    Blake Bortles 41.00
    Andy Dalton 51.00
    Carson Palmer 51.00
    Eli Manning 51.00
    Russell Wilson 51.00
    Carson Wentz 67.00
    Dak Prescott 67.00
    Joe Flacco 67.00
    Ryan Tannehill 67.00
    Sam Bradford 81.00
  • NFL - Most Receiving Yards Odds

    T.Y. Hilton obliterated everybody in this category last year, picking up nearly 1,500 receiving yards along the way. He still sits a little ways down the odds table, however, as Julio Jones and Antonio Brown continue to be the odds of favourites. The odds below are from Bet365 where new customers get an inviting welcome offer. Visit Bet365 and get your bonus!

    Julio Jones 4.50
    Antonio Brown 5.00
    Odell Beckham 11.00
    AJ Green 11.00
    Mike Evans 11.00
    T Y Hilton 11.00
    Brandin Cooks 17.00
    Michael Thomas 19.00
    Amari Cooper 21.00
    Jordy Nelson 21.00
    Demaryius Thomas 21.00
    DeAndre Hopkins 26.00
    Allen Robinson 26.00
    Keenan Allen 34.00
    Emmanuel Sanders 34.00
    Dez Bryant 34.00
    Doug Baldwin 41.00
    Golden Tate 41.00
    Michael Crabtree 51.00
    DeVante Parker 51.00
    Alshon Jeffery 67.00
  • NFL - Most Rushing Yards Odds

    LeVeon Bell didn't win this category last year, but he did rack up more than 1,200 rushing yards in just 12 regular season games. That makes him the far and away favourite to win in 2017 with David Johnson and David Howard behind him. These odds are from Bet365 where you get a up to a 50% bonus on your NFL parlays! Visit Bet365 and get your parlay bonus!

    LeVeon Bell 3.75
    David Johnson 6.00
    Jordan Howard 9.00
    Ezekiel Elliott 9.00
    Jay Ajayi 9.00
    LeSean McCoy 12.00
    DeMarco Murray 17.00
    Todd Gurley 19.00
    Melvin Gordon 21.00
    Devonta Freeman 26.00
    Marshawn Lynch 26.00
    Adrian Peterson 26.00
    Lamar Miller 26.00
    Derrick Henry 34.00
    CJ Anderson 34.00
    Leonard Fournette 34.00
    Eddie Lacy 34.00
    Joe Mixon 41.00
    Carlos Hyde 41.00
    Dalvin Cook 67.00
    LeGarrette Blount 67.00