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PointsBet Ontario: Signup Details for Sportsbook & Betting App

One of the sleekest, well designed sportsbooks on the Ontario market, PointsBet Ontario sportsbook is a top-tier online betting service.

PointsBet is a fast-growing organization that is sure to meet and exceed expectations, and become a regular addition to any avid sports bettors lineup.

If you are an Ontario resident that is over 19 years of age, betting with PointsBet is a fun, exciting, and easy way to get some skin in on all the of the biggest matchups, events, and more through their user-friendly service. Whether you are signing up through the PointsBet mobile app or through their main site, the process is simple and will have you placing your first winning bet in a matter of minutes.

Sign up today, make your first deposit, and start winning at PointsBet today!

What is PointsBet Sportsbook Ontario?

PointsBet made it debut in the United States in 2019 and hasn’t looked back since. With rapid growth within the North American market, PointsBet was one of the first operators to take its service to Ontario.

Priding themselves on their creativity and innovation, PointsBet has continuously made strides to set themselves apart from the competition and is an attractive sportsbook in all areas.

With its move North of the Border made official, all avid sports bettors within Ontario may rejoice with PointsBet now becoming available. PointsBet is going to be a sportsbook to watch moving into the future but is already a primetime player today.

How to Sign Up at PointsBet Ontario

Getting started with PointsBet betting site Ontario couldn’t be an easier process. With their easy-to-use service you’ll be ready to place your first bet in no time.

First, head to PointsBet.ca and once you are on the homepage select the “Sign Up” section. Once that has been selected you will be taken to a new screen which will prompt you to enter some personal details to ensure that you are legally able to use the PointsBet Ontario service. To legally place sports bets online in Ontario you must be an Ontario resident that is over the age of 19.

Once you have entered your personal details such as your legal name, age, and address, you must check off that you agree to the PointsBet Ontario Sportsbook terms and conditions of service. Once this step has been completed you are ready to go!

The only step left now is to choose a deposit option so you can become locked and loaded to place your first bets.

How to Download PointsBet Sportsbook Ontario Betting App

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4
Search “PointsBet SportsBook Ontario”Once the app has been downloaded, select “Sign Up”Begin entering your personal details to confirm your eligibility to play (Ontario Resident, Over 19 years old)Select your preferred banking method and make your first deposit.

Downloading and registering with the PointsBet Ontario app is virtually the same process as registering through their main site, but gives users the ability to play through their mobile devices.

Whether you use an iOS or Android device, the PointsBet Sportsbook app Ontario is available to download on your app store. Open your app store on your mobile device head to the search bar and enter “PointsBet Sportsbook Ontario”. Hit the download button and wait for the application to finish installing, once it is ready for use, select the app and follow the instructions as mentioned in the step-by-step walkthrough mentioned above.

Having the PointsBet Ontario Sportsbook app is essential for maximizing your winning potential through their service. Their user-friendly app allows players to wager while on the go or on the fly, so you can take advantage of any swing in momentum live, or hit the betting market while its hot.

PointsBet Ontario Sportsbook App Review

Now that we’ve established a familiarity with PointsBet and its service, its time to get in-depth. PointsBet is a deep site with several unique features and perks to keep all of their users satisfied during their time using the app.

Below you will find detailed analysis on all of the most important aspects of the PointsBet Ontario Sportsbook so you can make an informed decision before signing up and taking your sports betting talents to the PointsBet Ontario Sportsbook.

Sports Betting Markets

At PointsBet Ontario there is no shortage of sports betting markets to choose from. Whether you want to bet the mainstream such as the NHL or NFL, to the downright obscure like Aussie Rules Football, Snooker or Volleyball, PointsBet Ontario has got you covered.

All of the sports betting markets on PointsBet Ontario are easily accessible and laid out in an organized structure so you don’t get led on a wild goose chase trying to find the bet you want to place.

While there are several different sports betting markets to choose from, PointsBet’s market is not the largest available with other Ontario sportsbooks possessing a great array of betting market options. All-in-all however, PointsBet has a serviceable and well put together sports betting market that all users can easily navigate and enjoy while betting on their platform.

Sportsbook Features

Sportsbook features are what can make or break a sportsbook and PointsBet Ontario has strong features to keep users coming back.

One of the top features available on the PointsBet Ontario Sportsbook is their “Name a Bet” feature. Name a Bet allows any user to send in requests for specific bets (within reason) to be added to their sports betting market, and the oddsmakers at PointsBet will provide users with live odds on the requested wager.

This function truly allows bettors to bet the way they want, giving them full control over what they want to wager on. It is easy to request a bet, all you have to do is select the Name a Bet feature on the PointsBet sidebar, select the “Request Your Bet” tab, and submit the wager you believe will generate your next big payday on PointsBet Ontario Sportsbook.

While you sweat out your wager, PointsBet provides another top-notch feature that allows users to follow along with their bets through their live streaming service. This feature gives a whole new meaning to live betting as players are able to watch the action unfold in front of them while wagering. PointsBet also supplies bettors with live stats and updates through their streaming service, something sports fans have dreamt of having for years.

On top of this already great live betting platform, PointsBet also offers a fantastic cash out option. Generally when cashing out on a bet in-progress it is an all or nothing affair, but with PointsBet they offer partial cash out’s so you can opt-out to a certain percentage instead of bailing on your wager entirely.

This means you can decide to accept 50% of the cash out value, keep your bet alive, but have 50% of your potential winnings taken away from the original wager. This is a great feature as it allows players to guarantee that they will receive some sort of return on their wager, even if their bet loses.

These features are just a few of the many factors that keep players coming back to PointsBet Ontario for their sports betting services.

Banking Options

When you’re deciding on where to place your bets with, it is essential that you review any sportsbooks banking options to ensure they fit your financial needs.

At PointsBet Ontario Sportsbook they offer several reliable and trusted deposit & withdrawal options on their platform so that you can bet what you want, how you want. Some of the banking options included at PointsBet Ontario include Credit & Debit (Visa/Mastercard), Interac, Trustly, & PayPal.

Interac and debit options are a huge bonus for players looking to make a deposit as these banking options are easy to process for both the user and the sportsbook, and don’t come with any hidden fees or service charges.

All of these banking options are safe to use, able to get your funds deposited or withdrawn from your account quickly without worry of jeopardizing your sensitive information. PointsBet Ontario takes protecting all banking information seriously, keeping all information private and encrypted so your information remains safe.

Customer Service

No matter what sports betting service you decide to use, you will likely at one point or another run into an issue that needs assistance. At PointsBet Ontario they are here to help whenever it is needed. With several resources in place to help users troubleshoot any potential problem that may arise, you never have to worry about dealing with an issue on your own when using their service.

If you need to access customer service when using PointsBet, simply scroll to the bottom of the home page and at the bottom you will see a tab labeled “Help”. After selecting this tab you will be brought to a new screen with several categorized issues that may pertain to the problem you are dealing with.

Inside of these tabs are step-by-step guides on how to fix the issue you are dealing with. These guides are well-written and detailed as to provide the best assistance possible to all users. If after reading through their guide you are still experiencing difficulties you will be prompted to either send an email to their customer support team or you can use their 24/7 live chat to speak directly to PointsBet support and they will assist you through the problem you may be facing.

No matter the issue, big or small, the PointsBet Ontario customer service team is there to help assist you and find a resolution to your problem.


At the end of the day, if you are looking for a reliable, easy-to-use, and fun sports betting platform, PointsBet Ontario is the sportsbook for you. Simply one of the best product designs on the market equipped with fantastic features and odds only amplifies PointsBet Ontario’s strengths.

Don’t waste time, head to PointsBet Ontario Sportsbook, sign up and start winning today!

PointsBet Ontario FAQ

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Can you Play PointsBet in Ontario?

Yes, you can play PointsBet in Ontario. All you need to do is signup on PointsBets main site or through the free PointsBet mobile app, make a deposit, and you're off to the races and free to bet as you please! To play at PointsBet Ontario you need to meet the legal requirements as well (Over 19 year old, Ontario Resident).

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Does PointsBet Ontario have an App?

Yes, PointsBet Ontario does have an app. Whether you are on iOS or Android, simply search PointsBet Ontario on your mobile device, hit download, and once it has finished installing you are all set to play using the PointsBet Ontario App.

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Is PointsBet Available in Canada Outside of Ontario?

At this current time no, PointsBet is not available outside of Ontario within Canada. Ontario is the only province that currently has legalized and regulated sportsbooks. This could change in the near future with provinces such as Alberta already moving closer to opening up their own legalized sportsbooks and PointsBet would likely open up shop in the province when the time comes.

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Who is PointsBet Partnered with in Ontario?

PointsBet has some unique partnerships within Ontario. One of the major partnerships they currently have is with Maple Leafs Sports Entertainment (MLSE). MLSE oversees the majority of Toronto-based sports teams including but not limited to the Toronto Raptors, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Toronto FC. PointsBet also works in collaboration with Canadian comedy icons, the Trailer Park Boys who are featured heavily in PointsBet marketing & advertising campaigns.

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