Top NHL Online Sportsbooks for Canadians in 2024

Find all of the best online NHL sportsbooks, betting news, picks, and guides so you can hop the boards and score on the National Hockey League today!

Top NHL Online Sportsbooks in Canada

Canada’s favourite sport, the NHL is where you can find the highest level of hockey in the world. With incredible skill and talent on display on a nightly basis, playing with the best NHL betting sites is a thrilling way to inject some added intensity into any matchup.

At Canadian Sports Betting we’ve searched high and low for all of the best NHL betting sites and we’ve got a easy-to-use list where you can find the best NHL sportsbooks in Canada that are right for you.

Below you’ll find all of the best NHL betting sites with detailed reviews of each sportsbook’s services, features, hockey betting markets, and more.

Each of the best NHL betting sites listed are a trusted and safe option for wagering on NHL games. Placing bets with any of the best NHL betting sites found below provides you with a chance to score a win that’ll have you feeling like you’ve won the Stanley Cup Finals.

Any of the NHL betting sites in Canada listed below will be sure to meet all of your hockey betting needs, find the one that’s right for you, and place your first NHL wager today.

Best NHL Betting Sites

What do the Best NHL Sportsbooks in Canada have to Offer?

Now that you’ve sifted through our catalog of the best NHL betting sites in Canada, let’s break down how you can start making money hand-over-fist while watching NHL games.

A crucial part in ensuring you are maximizing your winning potential on your hockey bets is by downloading the sports betting app connected to your preferred NHL betting site.

Once you’ve signed up and made a deposit with the featured NHL betting app of your choosing, you’ll instantly gain access to a plethora of online sports betting markets revolving around NHL games.

NHL bettors can get some skin in on the game in a variety of ways, including daily picks, futures bets, and more all at your fingertips through the NHL betting app that satisfies your sports betting needs.

NHL Betting apps make sports betting on the latest hockey odds a breeze, allowing you to place live bets as the action unfolds in real-time. The best NHL betting sites make finding the best NHL odds simple thanks to their user-friendly interface.

Sign up today with the best NHL betting apps found below and learn how you can boost your bankroll with our NHL betting sites FAQs and sports betting tutorial found below.

How to Bet on the NHL

Placing NHL bets with the top online sportsbooks in Canada has never been easier. With the best NHL betting sites just a tap away, you can get in on the top hockey betting action in the world in seconds whether you want to place a bet live or pre-game of any NHL matchup from the pre-season all the way to the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

There’s no shortage of betting options available on hockey games so let’s walk through the major NHL betting markets and learn the best ways to place your wagers this season.

NHL Moneyline

Moneyline bets are as simple as it gets when it comes to placing an online NHL bet. Moneyline wagers are a great hockey betting option whether you’re a novice or an advanced NHL bettor. Betting the moneyline means wagering on the winner of a specific matchup.

For example, if you were to bet on the Toronto Maple Leafs to defeat the Montreal Canadiens, you would bet on the Maple Leafs moneyline.

Moneylines can be particularly juicy when wagering on underdogs but also eliminate wiggle room for those weary of backing a favourite on the NHL betting odds.

Be sure to sift through the latest odds available on your NHL betting site, find the most competitive NHL betting lines available, and net our first big win with some simple, yet sweet NHL moneyline bets.

NHL Puckline

A terrific betting option for the NHL, a puckline is wagering on the final outcome of an NHL game to fall within a specific point spread.

For example, if you head to any of our Canadian NHL betting sites found above and wagered on the Calgary Flames puckline when they are favoured by -1.5 goals over the Edmonton Oilers, the Flames would need to win by two goals or more for your puckline bet to cash.

Inversely, the Oilers don’t need to win the game to win you your NHL bets. If you were to bet on the Oilers puckline at +1.5 goals, if the Oilers were within one goal of the Flames, or win the game outright, your wager would hit.

Betting underdogs on the puckline is a great strategy to implement in matchups you anticipate will be close in scoring as the typical +1.5 goal spread essentially gives the underdog a one-goal insurance in the bet.

Head to your favourite NHL betting site, find a profitable puckline wager, and throw down your next winning wager with this unique hockey betting market.

NHL Over/Under

Over/Under bets, also known as point totals, is a hockey betting market where the winners and losers of a matchup are irrelevant, all that matters is how many times the lamp lights red. Betting on the total number of goals in a matchup can be just as exciting as backing a single team to win as you either cheer for the offences to start buzzing on the ice or root for a defensive tilt that pits both teams in a gridlock.

For example, if you were to bet on the Winnipeg Jets and Vancouver Canucks matchup to go Under 5.5 total goals, as long as the final combined score of the game remains under five goals, your bet would win. But, if six or more goals are scored, the over hits, and your bet would lose.

Over/Under NHL wagering is a great betting market, with goals coming at a premium in some matchups, point totals provide bettors with plenty of wiggle room throughout a game, and can be a great live-betting method after you see how the pace of a game is being played early on.

NHL Prop Bets

A hockey betting market that focuses on the specific events within a matchup rather than a final outcome, NHL props are a fun way to get in on the action provided by your preferred Canadian NHL sportsbook.

NHL player/game props allow for NHL bettors to wager on specific events transpiring within a game such as a specific player to score a goal, a goalies total saves, and everything in between.

NHL player props give bettors the chance to wager on all their favourite players from around the league, whether they think their team will ultimately perform well or not

For example, if you place a bet on Ottawa Senators defenceman Thomas Chabot to record Over 0.5 points, if he’s able to record a goal or an assist in his upcoming matchup, you’d win your bet. If Chabot is held off of the scoresheet, your wager would result in a loss.

Another one of the reasons that player prop bets are great is that you could possibly win your bet instantly depending on how a matchup shakes out. The quicker the pay, the better, with no sweat needed, player props can be one of the best ways to bet.

NHL Parlays

One of the most useful NHL betting options, parlays can earn you massive paydays at a low cost. Parlays are one of the most popular online NHL betting strategies as it allows bettors to combine several betting markets such as moneylines, pucklines, and Over/Unders, into one bet slip. By merging all of these bets into one wager, the NHL betting odds increase with each bet added.

The catch with parlaying is that for your bet to win, you must be correct on every single wager included. This means if you create a five-leg parlay and four bets hit and the fifth bet loses, the entire ticket loses. Parlays are much harder to win as you need to be perfect with your picks.

Available in several online betting markets and regions (but not all) same game parlays are one of the hottest sports betting trends currently. Just like a normal parlay, instead of wagering on multiple games, same game parlays allow NHL bettors to wager on multiple events to transpire within a singular matchup including but not limited to moneyline, Over/Unders, and prop bets.

Parlays are available across several NHL betting sites and will have your bet slip chock-full of juicy betting odds thanks to this profitable NHL bet type.

NHL Futures

If you think you can predict the future, then bust out your crystal ball and place an NHL Futures wager. Futures bets are specific prop bet wagers placed on a major event, such as Stanley Cup playoffs Odds, Player Award Odds, total team wins, and more!

Depending on when you place a futures bet, you could win big before the oddsmakers are wise to a team or players’ potential performances. If you think you can see ahead to the finish line before you’ve even left the blocks, NHL Futures betting might be for you!

2023-24 NHL Stanley Cup Odds

Florida Panthers+750
Edmonton Oilers+800
Boston Bruins+850
Colorado Avalanche+850
Carolina Hurricanes+900
Dallas Stars+1000
New York Rangers+1000
Vancouver Canucks+1200
Toronto Maple Leafs+1300
Vegas Golden Knights+1300
Winnipeg Jets+1400
Los Angeles Kings+2200
Tampa Bay Lightning+2500
New Jersey Devils+2800
Pittsburgh Penguins+5000
Detroit Red Wings+6000
New York Islanders+7000
Philadelphia Flyers+7000
Nashville Predators+9000
Minnesota Wild+10000
Calgary Flames+12000
Seattle Kraken+12000
St. Louis Blues+15000
Washington Capitals+15000
Arizona Coyotes+25000
Buffalo Sabres+30000
Ottawa Senators+30000
Montreal Canadiens+50000
Columbus Blue Jackets+60000
Anaheim Ducks+100000
Chicago Blackhawks+100000
San Jose Sharks+100000

Odds as of February 28th, 2024, Courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook

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