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What is Canadian Sports Betting? is the top authority for sports betting apps and sites in the Great White North. We give Canadian sports bettors all the information they need to bet responsibly and offer comprehensive sportsbook reviews, up-to-date news, and expert-written guides to help facilitate a smooth and enjoyable betting experience.

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How To Bet on Sports in Canada

Whether it’s pre-match, live betting, or futures markets, there’s an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to sports betting in Canada. With no shortage of reliable and trustworthy online Canadian sports betting sites at your disposal, find the online sports betting site that works best for you, sign up using the links provided on our site, and you’ll be ready to score your first win today!

Whether you’re new to sports betting or are an advanced handicapper, there’s something for everyone to take advantage of at Canadian Sports Betting. We cover a number of Canadian sports so you can find the best betting advice around to fill your bet slip with ahead of the action set to unfold.

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At Canadian Sports Betting, we are always looking for the best online sports betting sites in Canada so you can find the oddsmaker that's right for you.

With our in-depth sportsbook reviews you can easily find the Canadian bookmaker that fits your betting needs from all angles including available betting markets, sportsbook features, as well as a deep dive into the banking methods and customer support offered by each oddsmaker.

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Top Betting Guides

New to betting or just want to brush up on your sports betting knowledge? Then our online betting guides are sure to assist you in placing your next bet with one of the best online sports betting sites in Canada.

Below you can gain access to our thorough, yet concise sports betting guides that can help you traverse through the ever-changing betting landscape in Canada. Learn about which sports you can bet on in Canada, the biggest rule breakers in sports history, as well as detailed timelines of the legalization of sports betting in Canada.

Are you Eligible to Bet on Sports in Canada?

Before you go ahead and jump the gun on your betting experience, make sure that you fit the criteria of eligibility to bet on sports in Canada. All Canadian sports betting sites require you to provide personal information to verify your credentials to ensure you’re legally able to participate in sorts betting.

Sports Betting eligibility varies from province to province so make sure that you review the latest betting rules and guidelines set in place by the governing gambling body in your region prior to creating an account with one of the top online sportsbooks in Canada.

See if you meet the eligibility requirement to bet on sports in your province with our easy-to-use criteria list found below. Once you’ve verified you’re legally able to bet on sports, check out our latest sportsbook reviews and start winning today!

Online Sports Betting Eligibility by Province

  • Ontario - Must be 19+ years of age, legal resident of Ontario.
  • Alberta - Must be 18+ years of age, legal resident of Alberta.
  • British Columbia - Must be 19+ years of age, legal resident of B.C.
  • Manitoba - Must be 18+ years of age, legal resident of Manitoba.
  • New Brunswick - Must be 19+ years of age, legal resident of N.B.
  • New Foundland & Labrador - Must be 19+ years of age, legal resident of N.L.
  • Nova Scotia - Must be 19+ years of age, legal resident of N.S.
  • Prince Edward Island -Must be 19+ years of age, legal resident of P.E.I.
  • Quebec - Must be 18+ years of age, legal resident of Quebec.
  • Saskatchewan - Must be 19+ years of age, legal resident of Saskatchewan