Best Online Sportsbook Deposit Methods in Ontario

Learn How you Can Deposit into your Ontario Sportsbook Account Safely and Securely

What are the Best Deposit Options for Online Sportsbooks in Ontario?

At Canadian Sports Betting, we believe that how you bet is just as important as what you’re betting on. That’s why we’ve compiled all of the best online sportsbook deposit methods in Ontario so you can find a trusted and reliable way to load funds into your account, and secure your winnings the way that’s best for you.

If you’re going to start betting on sports with any of the top online sportsbooks in Ontario, it’s important to know the best deposit options available to you before signing up. Below we’ve provided several reliable banking options for Canadian sports bettors so you can stuff your account with plenty of ammunition to fire off winning wagers with today.

Each individual Ontario betting site offers their own variety of deposit methods so it’s paramount to your sports gambling experience that you research what banking options are available before creating your sportsbook account. You can find this information for any of the best sportsbooks in Canada with our in-depth reviews found on-site.

Each banking option listed below has their own unique pros and cons and it’s important to learn how each method works so you can place bets in the most ideal way possible.

There isn’t one deposit option that is better than the rest, it truly depends on your financial situation and how you like to handle/transfer your money.

See the best online sportsbook deposit methods below and see how you can make your first deposit today in an easy, stress-free, and quick manner so you can start betting on all your favourite sports.

Best Sportsbooks that Accept Interac e-Transfer

  • Playing with Real Money

  • Quick Deposit Timeframes

  • Direct Transfers

  • Smaller Deposit Limits

One of the most popular ways for Ontario sports bettors to deposit into their online sportsbook accounts, interac e-transfer makes for a quick and easy banking process.

To make a deposit into your sportsbook account, users simply need to add their preferred oddsmaker as a e-transfer contact, then simply follow the steps outlined by the oddsmaker in order to ensure that your funds correctly make it to your sports betting account. This process may include you adding a unique code into the message section of your e-transfer so that your funds are delivered to the right spot.

Interac e-transfers are proven to be safe and secure, negating any risk or worry of having your deposit transaction tampered with our put at risk from an external threat.

Allowing users to deposit money directly from their bank account, this deposit method ensures that you are playing with real-money in your possession, preventing yourself from wagering more than you have.

One downside to making deposits by e-transfer comes from their deposit limits. If you are looking deposit anything over $4,000, interac e-transfer will not work for you as this is their set 24-hour limit. For bettors looking to wager in large units, I recommend making deposits with another banking option.

In my opinion, e-transfer is one of the best ways to deposit at any of the top online sportsbooks in Ontario as it allows for a safe and direct user-to-sportsbook transaction, allowing you to play with real-money, and is done in a timely manner so you can deposit and bet all within a matter of minutes.

Check out the best online sportsbooks in Ontario that offer Interac e-Transfer and find the oddsmaker that’s right for you that offers this banking method.

Best Sportsbooks that Accept Online Bank Transfer

Similar to an e-transfer, online bank transfers allow for Ontario bettors to move funds directly from their bank account to their sportsbook account. An easy to navigate deposit option, Ontarians can move funds to their sports betting account with ease through online bank transfers.

In order for this method to be used bettors will need to provide information regarding their financial institution, account numbers, and other banking details so that you are directly linked to your online sportsbook.

Once this has been done, money transfers are incredibly easy to make, but the setup time can take longer when compared to an interact e-transfer.

Still functioning as a debit deposit option, bettors will only be able to play and wager with real-money, negating the risk of playing with funds outside of your possession.

If online bank transfers are the best deposit method for you, be sure to check out the top Ontario sportsbooks below that offer this reliable banking option so you can place your next bet with ease.

Best Sportsbooks that Accept Credit Cards

CIBC Select Visa review
  • High Deposit Limits

  • Quick Deposit Timeframes

  • Playing with "Borrowed" Money

  • Additional Deposit Fees


The most popular form of credit cards in Ontario, VISA/MasterCard allow for safe, seamless transactions that allow for funds to be deposited into your account in a matter of minutes. Depositing via credit card is done by providing your card information the same way you would if you were making an online purchase by inputting your card number, expiry date, and CVV number.

An attractive reason to use credit cards to make deposits into your online sportsbook comes from the ability to make large deposits. With high deposit limits, credit card users can input heaps of funds into their sportsbook account so that they can play with large units.

For serious bettors with experience in sports gambling, this banking method may work best for their online sports betting needs.

While this method is quick and easy to do, we do not recommend it as a deposit method for betting on sports in Ontario.

One major downside to depositing with credit cards at your online sportsbook comes from their deposit fees. Varying from sportsbook-to-sportsbook, you could be dinged with a deposit fee for using this banking method, adding an unnecessary charge that has you losing money without placing a bet.

Another reason that I believe credit cards to be an inferior way of making deposits at an online sportsbook is due to the form of money being wagered. With all deposits made coming in the form of “credit” you are essentially playing with fake funds.

This can be incredibly dangerous if proper deposit limits are not set within your account as you could rack up considerable debt if you are not abiding by safe sports betting guidelines.

Personally, I feel that credit cards are not the way to go if you’re looking to make a deposit at any of the top Ontario sportsbooks, instead fund a real-money option with zero deposit fees in order to get some skin in on the game.

If you want to load up your online sportsbook account through credit card, be sure to see the best online sportsbooks in Ontario that provide the best user-experience when banking through this method below.

Pre-Paid Credit Cards

While traditional credit cards are not a recommended way of making deposits into your online sportsbook account, pre-paid credit cards allow for you to avoid overspending, as well as keeping your financial information secure.

Pre-paid credit cards may still be applicable to varying deposit fees, but in this variation you are pulling from a pre-set amount of money, rather than whatever your credit limit is set to. This banking method does not effect your credit rating, nor can it leave you in any form of debt.

Most pre-paid credit cards allow bettors to reload their cards so that you can make safe-and-secure payments online without having any of your sensitive information put at risk.


For users playing with their preferred online sportsbook app on an iPhone, ApplePay can act as a speedy deposit option for Ontario bettors.

Allowing you to process the transaction immediately through your mobile device, ApplePay can be a quick deposit option for bettors looking to make a quick wager. While this betting option still pulls from the credit card saved on your device, it is a faster and more reliable banking method than using your credit card company directly.

Best Sportsbooks that Accept for E-Wallets

  • Safe and Secure Money Transfers

  • Playing with Real Money

  • Multi-Step Deposit Process

Looking to take the safety of your online deposit to the next level? Then e-wallets are the deposit method for you when banking at your favourite online sports betting site in Ontario.

With terrific e-wallet options such as PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill all available deposit options in Ontario, you can make secure deposits using any of these third-party deposit methods. These deposits can be made quickly directly from your e-wallet to your online sportsbook account in a matter of minutes.

By depositing this way your financial information is kept safe as it is separated from the transaction being made, using only the funds you’ve added to your e-wallet, or by pulling funds directly from the bank account connected whether it is a debit or credit platform.

While this is a quick deposit option and also comes equipped with extra security measures, it can take longer to set up in comparison to an e-transfer, but works in a very similar manner.

E-wallets are easily one of the best ways to deposit at an online sportsbook in Ontario as it is safe, fast-acting, and allows bettors to play with both debit or credit funds depending on their betting preferences.

Find an e-wallet that works best for you, sign-up, link your accounts, and make your first deposit into your online sportsbook account with ease today!

Looking to make your next deposit with your preferred e-wallet? Then make sure to check out the best online sportsbooks in Ontario below and see which betting site allows for an easy deposit process through e-wallets below.

Can I Deposit with Crypto Currency in Ontario?

sbd bitcoin

Unfortunately, in Ontario you are not able to place bets with any form of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or any other popular form of crypto.

The reason for this is due to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) having outlined that in order to make a deposit into an online sports betting account, it must come from an authorized financial service provider.

With crypto not being viewed as an authorized and regulated form of currency as it is not legal tender, you are unable to make deposits or gamble with crypto in Ontario.

Another reason that many sportsbooks do not want allow users to play with crypto stems from the fact that their value is subject to change daily. With the value you initially deposited with potentially able to drop in price, this makes for a complicated and messy banking experience for users attempting to bet using cryptocurrency options.

Users located outside of Ontario are able to use cryptocurrency at other top online sportsbooks outside of the provincial market, but I don’t recommend this as a banking method if you’re looking to bet on sports.

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