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DraftKings Ontario Sportsbook

DraftKings Ontario Sportsbook

  • Banking Options

    Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal, Interac

  • Customer Support Contact

    X (@DK_Assist), 1-(855)-357-2377, support@draftkings.com

  • Mobile App

    iOS & Android

  • Unique Features

  • Plethora of Betting Options

  • User Friendly Interface

  • Debit Deposit Options

  • Allows Same Game Parlays

  • VIP Program Invite Only

DraftKings Ontario: Signup Details for Sportsbook & Betting App

DraftKings Sportsbook has launched in Ontario, providing both new and experienced sports bettors with some of the best action on the market.

One of the most reliable and proven sportsbooks established within the United States, DraftKings (DK) is loaded with unique props, bet tools, and is a must-have for any sports bettor located in Ontario.

Signing up with DraftKings is simple to do whether you want to use the sportsbooks main site or if you choose to download the mobile app. Enter your personal details, verify your Ontario residency, and of course, Place your first bet!

What is DraftKings Sportsbook Ontario?

DraftKings Sportsbook originally launched in 2018 in New Jersey and quickly built up a reputation as one of the best sportsbooks on the American market. Originally DraftKings began as a Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) betting site but quickly expanded and proved themselves as a top brand in the sports betting world.

With sports betting becoming legalized within Ontario in April 2022, DraftKings quickly moved their way north of the border and officially launched DraftKings Ontario in May of the same year.

Now open to all sports betting enthusiasts, DraftKings Sportsbook Ontario is one of the top-tier oddsmakers available with several unique features that set themselves apart from other sportsbooks launched in the province.

How to Sign Up at DraftKings Ontario

Now that you are familiar with DraftKings Sportsbook Ontario, let’s get started with opening your account. First, head to DraftKings and select “Sign Up” to create your official DraftKings account.

Once that has been selected you will be asked to fill out your personal credentials such as your legal name, address, and birthdate. For many giving out personal details such as this can be off putting, but rest assured, DraftKings is one of the most trusted and secure sportsbooks on the market. DraftKings ensures that it protects and keeps all sensitive information completely confidential.

Additionally, you may be asked to further verify your location and age (must be age 19+)to ensure you are legally authorized to bet within Ontario. This includes providing proof of identity (Drivers License, Passport) and proof of residence (Utilties bill, bank statement) to fully confirm you are legally eligible to play with DraftKings Sportsbook Ontario.

This process can take time to verify all of your credentials but DraftKings has a terrific customer service team that will help and keep you updated in a timely manner throughout the process.

Now that your account has been created and your credentials have been validated on the DraftKings Ontario betting site, you’re ready to make your first deposit. When you make your deposit there will be several banking options to choose from including Interac, Credit/Debit (Visa/MasterCard), Paypal, and Bank Transfer. Pick the deposit method that works best for you and start betting today!

How to Download DraftKings Sportsbook Ontario Betting App

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4
Search “DraftKings SportsBook Ontario”Once the app has been downloaded, select “Sign Up”Begin entering your personal details to confirm your eligibility to play (Ontario Resident, Over 19 years old)Select your preferred banking method and make your first deposit.

Similar to signing up using the DraftKings Sportsbook Ontario website, signing up through their app is an easy process. Whether you’re using the iOS Apple App Store or the Android Google Play Store, the DraftKings Ontario app is open to everyone regardless of your preferred mobile device.

Simply search “DraftKings Sportsbook” into your search bar and hit download, once it has finished configuring to your device you can follow the same process mentioned earlier to register with the DraftKings Ontario betting app.

DraftKings Ontario Sportsbook App Review

Now that we’ve established a brief background of DraftKings and how to register with them, it’s time to take a deep dive into the unique features, functions, and services that make DK one of the best sportsbooks available to use in Ontario.

In this comprehensive Ontario DraftKings Sportsbook review you will learn about everything from betting markets to customer service evaluation.

Sports Betting Markets

It’s safe to say that you can never be bored using the DraftKings sportsbook. With one of the deepest sports betting catalogues in the industry, you can wager on the biggest games of the year like the Stanley Cup Final, to the relatively obscure such as Chess or Politics betting.

With an expansive betting market, DraftKings users have the ability to place bets on any event both in real-time or through in-play betting so that you can take advantage on a swing of momentum in realtime. DraftKings allows users to place single-game bets (moneyline, point-spread, OVER/UNDER, etc) parlays, futures, and prop bets.

In my opinion, DraftKings Ontario has the best betting options on the market. With a plethora of betting options there is no shortage of wagers waiting to be placed on their service. With in-depth prop betting markets on each sport as well as offering lines on sporting events from across the globe, you can find a winning wager any day, any time, on any sport.

One of the biggest selling points for sports bettors to use DraftKings Ontario is the ability to create Same-Game-Parlays (SGP). SGPs are a fantastic way to add extra value your wagers, able to produce big paydays on smaller bets. For a long time SGPs were something Canadian sports bettors had been dreaming of and finally thanks to DraftKings Sportsbook Ontario, their dreams have become reality.

Additionally, DraftKings Ontario also offers “same game parlay extra” or SGPx which allows you to parlay same game parlays. This ability is sensational and is scarcely offered on the provincal market. SGPx is a fantastic way to secure a massive payday and only heightens the excitement and fun when placing same game parlay wagers.

The DraftKings betting market may be vast, but is incredibly easy to navigate. Users can easily find the league/event they are looking to place a wager on by scanning though the bet market section on the platform either through the pertaining sport or through the the type of wager they are looking to place such as “Championship Pages”.

Sportsbook Features

DraftKings Sportsbook Ontario has set itself apart from the competition in many ways but arguably their unique features on the platform may be the biggest selling point for avid sports bettors.

For all new sports bettors, DraftKings has an entire section of their platform built out to help you understand the ins and outs of itself betting world.

Instead of throwing you to the wolves like many other sportsbooks, DraftKings provides sports bettors with an expansive “how to bet” section on sportsbook where users can find guides to help them learn how to place specific bets, sports betting terminology, and even guides on how to effectively bet on a particular sport.

This service is a fantastic addition to the sportsbook and allows new users to quickly become familiar with sports betting principles.

On the platform DraftKings Sportsbook users are able find wagers created and shared b other DK users as they bet thanks to the “DK Social” feature. DK Social allows for bettors to get a better sense of how the public is leaning prior to placing their bets on a game/event. This allows for users to show off their betting expertise as well as give new sports bettors insight on advanced betting techniques available onsite.

DraftKings stays on top of all the biggest stories and trends within the sports betting world and it shows with their creative and fun custom props & parlays available to users whenever they login. These bets make every use of the platform a one-of-a-kind experience and adds spectacular value to user enjoyment when betting with their sportsbook.

And if that wasn’t enough, DraftKings is constantly updating their platform to allow for sports bettors to maximize their winning potential with various betting features that are all openly available to bettors. Check out the DraftKings sportsbook to learn more.

Lastly, to the top dogs of the sportsbook, you may be invited to join the DraftKings VIP program. Here you can earn access to exclusive contests, rewards, and more if you demonstrate you are one of the sites top bettors. While this feature is great for those who qualify, it can be incredibly hard to qualify as it is an “invite only” feature.

Banking Options

Making deposits and withdrawals at DraftKings is an easy process with several different options to fit your individual needs. DraftKings allows for users to deposit and withdraw with several different currencies so that the banking process goes as smoothly as possible.

Offering varying deposit methods such as Interac e-transfers, Credit/Debit deposits (Visa/Mastercard), as well as e-wallets (PayPal) you can truly play however you want. DraftKings is unable to accept Cryptocurrency as a form of currency within their platform as the Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission has not yet approved this banking option.

DraftKings utilizes safe and secure services to ensure all banking transactions made through their platform are risk-free, allowing customers to feel a sense of trust and ease when depositing with DK. Timelines may vary for deposits and withdrawals to reflect in your account depending on the method you choose.

Customer Service

When dealing with sensitive information such as personal details and banking information, having top-notch customer service is paramount to any sportsbooks success. Offering 24/7 customer support, DraftKings provides users with troubleshooting techniques and tools to help navigate through any possible bumps in the road while using their service.

If these pages do not help, DraftKings provides online supports through their live chat feature as well as provides users to send emails to the customer support team if they are unable to deal with the issue at that time.

The customer support team at DraftKings is well-trained and are well-versed in the sports betting world, able to help you navigate through most issues that will occur during your betting experience.


All-in-all, The Ontario DraftKings Sportsbook is easily one of the top platforms on the market within Ontario for anyone with an interest in sports betting. With a multitude of betting options, top of the line features, 24/7 customer support, and a diverse range of banking options, it is a perfect starting point for any Ontario sports bettors.

Open your account with DraftKings, and start winning today!

DraftKings Ontario FAQ

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Can you Play DraftKings in Ontario?

Yes, you can play DraftKings in Ontario. In order to do so, you must provide proof of your legal residence within the province, proof that you are of legal age to bet within Ontario, as well as enter your banking details so that you can deposit and withdraw funds from your DraftKings Sportsbook Ontario account.

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Does DraftKings Ontario have an App?

Yes, you can download the DraftKings Sportsbook Ontario App via the iOS or Android marketplace on your mobile device. Once you have downloaded the app you will be able to sign in to your account or create a new one so that you can place your bets whenever you want, wherever you are.

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Is DraftKings Available in Canada Outside of Ontario?

Currently no. As of right now the only legal way to bet with the DraftKings Sportsbook in Canada is within Ontario but both Alberta and Saskatchewan are quickly making strides to follow suit and can expect to have legal betting properties in the near future.

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Is DraftKings DFS Available in Ontario?

No, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is not available in Ontario. Prior to the launch of DraftKings Ontario, residents in the province were able to place bets when using the DraftKings DFS app but are no longer able to do so due to the new laws and legal restrictions within the province in regards to Daily Fantasy.

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Who is DraftKings Partnered within Ontario?

DraftKings is partnered with the NBA and NHL within Ontario but does not have an official Casino partnership at this time. DraftKings acts in accordance with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

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