Top NFL Online Sportsbooks for Canadians in 2024

Find all the best online NFL sportsbooks, betting news, picks, and guides and lay the boom on oddsmakers by winning your next bet on the NFL.

Best NFL Betting Sites in Canada

One of the most popular sports in North America to bet on, the National Football League offers no shortage of fantastic NFL betting sites in Canada to take your action to in the 2023 NFL season.

Whether you want to place bets on a primetime matchup or any other NFL games scheduled to create a wild Sunday slate parlay, you can find all of the best NFL betting sites in Canada and best NFL betting apps below.

Each of these NFL betting sites offer competitive odds on their NFL live betting lines so you can redeem sensational value throughout your online sports betting experience.

Each sports betting site featured here is safe and reliable to use, allowing for several different banking options to choose from each online betting site, so you can deposit and withdraw funds with ease.

These NFL betting sites for football games come fully equipped with their own unique features, interface, and odds, so you can have a new experience with every wager.

Shopping for your best bet online is a great betting strategy and with all of the best NFL betting sites all in one place, NFL line shopping has never been easier.

Sign up today using the links provided on-site to any of the top sports betting apps in Canada and start winning your football bets from opening day kickoff, all the way to the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl.

Best NFL Betting Apps in Canada

Super Bowl 58 Odds

If you want to bet on the NFL, you couldn’t have asked for a better time to get started as Super Bowl 58 is just around the corner. With the 2023 Super Bowl set to kick off on February 11th from Las Vegas, Nevada, there’s no shortage of NFL betting opportunities waiting to be wagered on ahead of the Big Game.

That’s why we’ve compiled the latest NFL odds available on Super Bowl 58 so you can stay informed and ready to win your next wager at your preferred NFL betting app. Below you can find the latest NFL betting lines available on Super Bowl 58 between the San Francisco 49ers VS Kansas City Chiefs.

Take a look at the latest Super Bowl odds found below and be sure to take your action to one of the NFL betting sites found on-site, and score your next big win on one of the biggest NFL games of all-time.

Super Bowl ParticipantsMoneylinePoint SpreadOver/Under
San Francisco 49ers-120-2 (-102)Over 47 (-112)
Kansas City Chiefs+100+2 (-118)Under 47 (-108)

2023 Super Bowl MVP Odds

Not only can you bet on the outcome of Super Bowl 58, but you can also wager on a variety of prop bets and novelty bets surrounding the Big Game with these exclusive Canadian sports betting market wagers.

At the best sports betting sites in Canada, you can find a wide array of bets to place on the 49ers VS Chiefs, offering you the ability to bet on every aspect of the upcoming tilt at any top NFL betting app.

Whether it’s for Travis Kelce to score a touchdown, or if he’s going to purpose to Taylor Swift, there’s NFL odds available so you can bet on any aspect of the Super Bowl with any of the top NFL betting apps in Canada.

Check out the latest NFL odds on the 2023 Super Bowl MVP, see who’s favoured to help his team cement their spot in football history, and back them to earn you a big win behind their spectacular play with these NFL bets.

Patrick Mahomes+120
Brock Purdy+225
Christian McCaffrey+475
Travis Kelce+1200
Deebo Samuel+2000
Isiah Pacheco+3000
Rashee Rice+5000
Brandon Aiyuk+6000
George Kittle+6000
Nick Bosa+7500

What do the Top NFL Sportsbooks in Canada have to Offer?

Now that you’re familiar with the best NFL football betting apps in Canada, let’s take a deep dive into how you can start raking in the wins with your new sports betting account. There’s something for all Canadian NFL bettors to enjoy with our best NFL betting sites in Canada.

Whether you’re new to online sports betting or are an experienced handicapper, NFL betting is a great way to crank up the intensity and excitement of any game scheduled. That’s why it’s imperative to sign up with one of the best NFL betting sites in Canada so you can start winning cash while watching the action unfold.

There’s no shortage of ways to get some skin in on the game at any of the top NFL betting sites and apps in Canada thanks to their multitude of NFL betting options. Below we’ve outlined how you can place wagers on any of the best NFL betting sites on the market.

How to Bet on the NFL in Canada

If you’re looking to get in on the excitement and intensity of the National Football League, but aren’t sure how to bet on it, you came to the right place! While it may seem daunting at first, NFL betting is simple and easy to get started with.

Once you’ve signed up with one of the best NFL betting sites in Canada, there will be no shortage of ways to get some skin in on the game this NFL season.

There are several NFL betting markets for you to wager on at any of the best Canadian betting sites found on-site. Whether it’s on the outcome of a game, the points scored within it, or the performance of your favourite player, you can bet on it.

Follow our NFL betting guide found below to learn more about each NFL betting strategy and discover how you can start winning with NFL betting today!

Be sure to use one of the featured Canadian NFL betting sites located above to start your NFL betting journey with and secure your first win on an NFL game today!

NFL Moneyline

As easy as it gets when it comes to NFL betting markets, wagering on moneylines is a great way to start betting on the National Football League.

A moneyline wager is simply betting on who you think will win a game. For example, if you bet on the Dallas Cowboys moneyline when they play the New York Giants, if the Cowboys win the game, you would win your wager.

Each moneyline wager will have varying odds attached to them depending on how favourable a matchup is for one side which is decided by the oddsmakers. If you bet on a favourite their odds will be displayed with a “-” symbol and a underdog will be shown with a “+” symbol.

Place your first moneyline wager today on any matchup taking place and sweat out the game like you’re on the field yourself at any of our top NFL betting sites.

NFL Point Spreads

Another simple way to wager on the NFL are through point spreads. Similar to a moneyline, in this NFL betting market you will wager on the outcome of the game, but in this instance the point differential is the key to winning your bet.

Before you get started with this betting market, let’s review how to read NFL betting lines when you want to place a point spread bet.

A point spread will indicate how much a team is favoured to win or lose by within a specific matchup, with a “-” symbol used to represent favourites and a “+” symbol used to represent underdogs.

For example, if the New England Patriots are favoured as -3.5-point favourites over the Los Angeles Rams, they would need to win by a final score of four-points or more. However, if the Patriots win by less than 3 points, or the Los Angeles Rams win outright, they would fail to cover the spread resulting in a loss on your bet.

Inversely, by wagering on the Rams who would be displayed as +3.5 underdogs, if they win the game or lose within 3 points, they would cover the spread and win your wager. This means even if your team loses or wins the game, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve won your bet depending on which side you decided to back.

Point spreads typically are set to have even value between both sides to entice NFL bettors to wager a point spread rather than a moneyline wager.

Try your hand at betting against the spread today and see if you can cover the spread and win some bread on one of the most popular NFL betting markets at any of our recommended online NFL betting sites.

NFL Over/Under

Instead of worrying about wins and losses effecting your bet slip, Over/Under wagers on NFL games allow you to bet on the final score rather than the outcome. Whether you expect any NFL games scheduled to blow up the scoreboard or to be methodical and defence-oriented, you can bet on where the final point total of a game will fall within.

Similarly to point spreads, be sure to learn how to read NFL betting lines for point total wagers below so you can place an Over/Under wager on NFL games today.

For example, let’s say the Washington Commanders are facing the San Francisco 49ers and they have a projected point total of 45.5 total points, you would wager on whether you think the final combined score would be Over or Under the total.

If you feel the Over is the right bet at least 46 total points would need to be scored between each squad, if you bet the Under, 45 or less would need to be scored in order for your bet to win.

Over/Under wagers are a great bet as they typically hold even value, similarly to point spreads, which gives NFL bettors great winning potential. This betting market also provides users with a great betting alternative to a matchup they feel could go either way as a final outcome, and instead allows you to focus on the teams scoring output.

Place an Over/Under wager on the NFL at one of the top-ranked Canadian NFL betting sites found above and win your first point total wager today!

NFL Prop Bets

One of the most exciting ways to bet on an NFL game, prop bets allow you to bet on multiple aspects of a matchup as well as hone in on all of your favourite players performances and statistical totals from a matchup.

Prop bets come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, allowing you to tackle your bet slip from a variety of angles outside of the main NFL betting odds and markets available. Featuring NFL betting markets such as “Race to X Points”, longest touchdown, and more, there’s no shortage of ways to win with prop bets.

Player prop bets are another great way to bet on any NFL game, instead of focusing on a teams success, all you need to worry about is the performance on an individual player.

For example, you could bet on quarterback Justin Fields of the Chicago Bears to hit or miss on several different performance totals.

Using Over/Under betting markets similar to what we aforementioned above, you could bet on Fields to pass for Over/Under a certain amount of passing yards or passing touchdowns, rushing yards and touchdowns, and more.

If Fields has his rushing yards total set at 30.5 by oddsmakers, he would need to run for 31 or more yards in order to hit the Over. For the Under to hit Fields would need to rush for 30 or less total yards.

Player prop bets are available on every matchup and can be used to create major upside on any NFL bet slip. Place a NFL prop bet today and back your favourite NFL superstar to put on a phenomenal performance to win you your next NFL bet.

NFL Parlays

Now that you understand how each NFL betting market works, now it’s time to step up your NFL betting game and start placing parlays.

A parlay is a string of multiple bets (two or more) all on one bet slip, with each bet added increasing your total NFL betting odds, thus increasing your total amount paid if your bet wins. This means you can wager a smaller amount on multiple events for a higher payout.

But, there’s a catch with parlays. In order for a Parlay to hit, you need to bet each leg of your parlay correctly, if even a single wager is incorrect, your bet loses.

For example, on NFL Sunday you place a parlay on the wild action that is waiting instore for you and you bet the moneyline on the New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles, & Denver Broncos, in order for your bet to win, all three NFL teams would need to be victorious. If only the Jets and Eagles win but the Broncos lose, so does your bet.

While multi-game parlays are a great way to throw down a wager with your NFL betting app, same game parlays are just as thrilling and profitable. Allowing sports bettors to combine game lines and prop bets into a single bet slip, you can earn increased odds for each NFL bet included.

Just like in a traditional parlay, your picks must all hit in order to be paid out a winner on this NFL bet.

Parlays are tougher to win but allow for a higher winning potential on a lower amount wagered compared to single-game betting. Give parlays a shot with one of the top NFL betting sites Canada found above and maximize your winning potential on the NFL.

NFL Futures

Another fun NFL betting market for Canadian bettors that may require you to have both patience and a crystal ball on hand. NFL Futures wager are exactly as they sound, betting on the future/yet to be decided event in the NFL. The most popular example of this would be placing a bet on a team to win this years Super Bowl.

NFL Futures can hold amazing value depending on when you decide to place your bet. With so many bumps in the road to the end of the season, a futures bet on the nfl being placed prior to Week 1 will likely hold higher odds than a bet placed in Week 17 depending on the state of the team wagered on.

Super Bowl odds aren’t the only futures NFL betting market you can wager on, you can also bet on team win totals, end of season player awards, divisional winners, and more.

Be sure to check out the available futures markets at each of the top NFL betting sites as each of the top online bookmakers offer their own unique odds & lines.

Get in on the fun and look to predict the future with NFL betting Futures today at the sports betting platform that works best for you! Be sure to check back on all the latest Super Bowl and other Futures NFL betting odds featured here on Canadian Sports betting.

If you’re looking for NFL bets to aid you in your NFL betting journey, get the latest NFL odds, expert predictions, and more below for all the latest NFL betting tips, news and updates!

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