Top NBA Online Sportsbooks for Canadians in 2024

Find all the best online NBA sportsbooks, betting news, picks, and guides and make your next bet on the National Basketball Association a slam dunk.

Top NBA Sportsbooks in Canada

Slam dunks, three-pointers from deep, and buzzer beaters, nothing beats the action of the NBA. The only way the NBA could get any better, is by winning money while you watch.

Well, if you want to make this dream a reality, get started at Canadian Sports Betting using our best NBA betting sites list. Below you’ll find all of the most reliable and trusted online sportsbooks for betting on the NBA. Using any of these NBA betting sites is easy, whether you’re placing a simple moneyline wager or a stacked same game parlay.

Whether you’re betting on the Toronto Raptors or any other NBA franchise, there’s never a dull moment betting on basketball.

Along with each NBA betting site site listed you can find in-depth analysis on all the oddsmakers platform features and more with our sportsbook reviews.

Get off the bench and into the game, sign up using the links provided to the NBA betting site that’s right for you, and place your first winning wager on the NBA today!

What do the Best NBA Betting Sites & Apps Have to Offer?

Now that you’ve browsed through some of the best NBA betting sites in Canada, it’s time to take a deep dive into what these top-notch oddsmakers have to offer you. Providing their own unique and exciting sports betting experience, these trusted and reliable sportsbooks make betting on the NBA easy and fun to do.

Possessing deep betting libraries including game lines, prop bets, futures, and more, there’s no shortage of wagers waiting to be placed with any of the top NBA betting sites in Canada. Whether you’re looking to throw down a simple moneyline wager or want to cook up a juicy NBA parlay, each of the top NBA betting sites found above have got you covered.

Each of the best NBA betting sites found on-site also make placing your bets a simple process, allowing for Canadian bettors to choose from a variety of deposit & withdrawal methods. By providing their players with plenty of banking options, any NBA bettor can easily find a way to get some skin in on the game with the best NBA betting sites.

Always looking out for their players, the best NBA betting sites in Canada provide a sports betting experience thanks to their safe & secure user-interface, as well as top of the line customer support staff at the ready to assist you through any and all challenges.

Sign up today with any of the best NBA betting sites found above and learn about how you can win your next wager with our NBA betting tips found below.

How to Bet on the NBA

Now that you are familiar with the best NBA betting sites in Canada, let’s dive into the best ways to bet on the NBA. Basketball betting can be incredibly fun and profitable for NBA bettors and each of the betting strategies/markets featured below are the best ways to build your bankroll by betting on the NBA.

Whether you place your bets live or pre-match, there’s plenty of wagers to make on the NBA during the season that are sure to add to the excitement of the National Basketball Association.

Below you can learn all about NBA betting rules and how you can generate your next winning NBA bet slip today. Any sports betting site featured within this article provides a multitude of NBA markets for you to win with.

Learn more about basketball betting below and place your first wager at one of our top online betting sites and start racking up wins from the season opening tip-off, all the way through the NBA playoffs.

NBA Moneyline

As simple as it gets when it comes to single game sports betting, placing moneyline wagers are a great way to start betting on the NBA.

A moneyline wager is simply betting on who you think will win the selected NBA games. With varying NBA betting odds based on the matchup both in level of talent, season record, and injuries, there is plenty of value to be found from NBA moneylines.

Moneyline wagers are a great way to begin sports betting on the NBA and can also be used well when packaged together to create a parlay.

NBA Point Spread

NBA box scores come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from buzzer beating wins, to 30-point blowouts. With such a wide range of final results on NBA games, point spreads are a great way to place NBA bets.

First, in order to get started on this sports betting market, you’ll need to learn how to read the NBA betting lines attached to point spreads. For point spread bets, the favourite will be represented with a “-” symbol and the underdog show with a “+” along with the applicable point spread.

These symbols indicate how much the favoured team will need to win by in order to pay out your NBA bets as a winner, or where the underdog needs to finish relative to the final score in order to cover the spread.

For instance, if the Toronto Raptors are favoured over the Philadelphia 76ers by 2.5 points, the Raptors would be (-2.5) point favourites while the 76ers would be (+2.5) underdogs.

In order for your bet to win, you need to wager on the team that will cover this point spread. That means if you bet on the Raptors, they’d need to win by three points or more, while if you bet on the 76ers your bet wins in the 76ers win, or lose within two points of the lead.

Go and check out the latest point spreads on todays NBA odds and place a wager using any best NBA betting site found within this article.

NBA Over/Under

Instead of betting on the winners and losers of a matchup, wagering on the final score of an NBA matchup can be just as exciting and can pack plenty of value. Over/Under bets are when you wager on the set line for a projected point total of an NBA game.

For example, if the Los Angeles Lakers are playing the New York Knicks with a projected point total of 220.5 points, if you think the combined score will exceed that total you would wager the Over, if you think it would be lower, bet the Under.

Over/Under wagers can be a great way to win your bets, with scores higher than ever, there’s a boat load of buckets to count when you wager on NBA point totals.

NBA Live Betting

Allowing any NBA bettor to get off the couch and into the game at a moments notice, NBA live betting is a great way to score your next big win when you bet on the NBA. Providing bettors with the ability to place wagers on a matchup as the game unfolds, live betting allows you to capitalize on a shift in momentum as it happens in real-time.

NBA live betting gives bettors the chance to bide their time and get a feel for where the direction of the game is going before placing a wager. These live NBA betting lines are constantly shifting as the game plays out so you need to be quick in order to snag a juicy line as it becomes available.

Each of the best NBA betting sites on the market offer live betting lines on the NBA so you can get in on all the action at anytime during any NBA games.

Start live betting on the NBA today with any of the best betting sites in Canada and knab your next big win as the action unfolds with one of the most profitable NBA markets available in the sports betting industry.

NBA Prop Bets

Aside from betting on the outcome of NBA games, you can also place wagers on individual moments within an NBA game or performances of players on any given matchup.

NBA Prop bets provide Canadian bettors with the opportunity to hone on a specific aspect of a matchup asides from the final outcome of the game. These prop bets come in a plethora of shapes and sizes including but not limited to whether or not a game will go to overtime, who will score “X” amount of points first, the final box score being odd or even, and more.

Another great way to place prop bets is with player props. Thanks to NBA player props you can bet on a player to reach a specific mark over the course of a game whether it’s points, assists, rebounds, or any other major statistic.

Player props are great as you don’t have to worry about how an entire team is performing, instead only honing in on the ability of a single player within the 48-minutes of play.

Typically player props will come in the form of Over/Under wagers in regards to a players stat totals, but can also be more specific such as a player to record a double double or triple double.

For example, if you think that Lakers superstar, LeBron James is poised for a big outing this evening, you could place a wager on any of his NBA player props for him to exceed his projected total in points, rebounds, assists, or any other statistical output that could occur within the contest.

Place your bets on all your favourite players from around the NBA, and get in on prop bets today.

NBA Parlays

Looking for a way to get the best bang for your buck while NBA betting? NBA Parlays might be for you. Also known as bet builders, NBA parlays are created by combining multiple wagers onto one bet slip. By doing this, with each wager placed the potential payout continues for every leg that is added to the parlay. This allows NBA bettors to place smaller bet amounts but receive large wins.

There is a catch however, in order to win an NBA bet builder/parlay every single bet included needs to hit in order for you to receive a payout and win the wager. This means if you create a four-leg parlay and three of your selections win but the fourth is a loss, your bet would lose.

Another great way to place NBA bet builder wagers is through same game parlays. Same game parlays are just like typical parlays but are only focused on a single-event. This means instead of dividing your attention among several NBA games you can put your focus on one matchup and still win big as a result.

Place a NBA bet builder/parlay on the latest NBA betting lines and score your next big win on the top basketball action on the globe.

NBA Futures

Think you can predict the future well in advance? Betting NBA Futures can be a great way to win big for opportunistic bettors ready to play the long game on their wagers. Whether you want to place your futures bets in the preseason or during the NBA Playoffs, there’s always winning NBA bets to be placed and insane profits waiting to be secured.

Futures bets can range from division winners, end of season award winners, all the way to the NBA Finals, their are several amazing betting markets available for NBA futures.

For example, if you want to place a bet on the Boston Celtics to become the 2024 NBA Champions, you can place a futures wager with one of the best NBA betting sites, making every game they play a sweat throughout your NBA betting journey.

If you’ve got a crystal ball on hand now’s the time to use it, start betting today, and place your wagers on an NBA Future to invest in a long-term payout.

2024 NBA Championship Odds

Looking for the latest odds on this year’s NBA Championship odds? Check out who’s favoured to claim this year’s Larry O’Brien Trophy and use this odds table to help you decide where you want to place your next wager on the 2024 NBA Championship odds today.

Boston Celtics+255
Denver Nuggets+475
Los Angeles Clippers+475
Milwaukee Bucks+650
Phoenix Suns+1600
Minnesota Timberwolves+2000
Oklahoma City Thunder+2000
New York Knicks+2200
Philadelphia 76ers+2200
Dallas Mavericks+2800
Los Angeles Lakers+2800
Cleveland Cavaliers+3000
Miami Heat+3000
Golden State Warriors+3500
New Orleans Pelicans+7000
Sacramento Kings+7000
Indiana Pacers+15000
Orlando Magic+25000
Atlanta Hawks+80000
Chicago Bulls+80000
Houston Rockets+80000
Brooklyn Nets+100000
Charlotte Hornets+100000
Detroit Pistons+100000
Memphis Grizzlies+100000
Portland Trail Blazers+100000
San Antonio Spurs+100000
Toronto Raptors+100000
Utah Jazz+100000
Washington Wizards+100000

(Odds as of February 28th 2024 Courtesy of DraftKings Ontario)

Looking for NBA best bets throughout the season? Then be sure to check out our latest betting news, to find NBA best bets as well as the best betting odds, NBA betting FAQs, and more!

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