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Nothing has officially been announced in regards to the opening of privately-operated sportsbooks within the province of Quebec, but it’s sure to make strides to rectifying this in near future. Quebec is a sports-crazed province that is sure to become a successful sports betting market for any online betting service that’s able to enter the province.

Below you can find a list of legal sportsbooks that will welcome Quebec residents to their sports betting platforms. Each sportsbook has been carefully reviewed to ensure they are legitimate and serviceable for all players.

Currently for residents of Quebec, you are also able to bet with LottoQuebec and Mise o Jeu.

Don’t wait, add these terrific sportsbooks to your lineup, and start placing your first winning wager today.

A sports-crazed province, look for Quebec to quickly shift the Canadian sports betting landscape as they expand and open their doors to more sports gambling entities. With multiple major sports markets such as the Montreal Canadiens of the NHL, the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL, and CF Montreal of the MLS all live within the borders of the province, sports betting will be a natural fit.

With no shortage of sports to wager on within Quebec as well as outside of it, residents will quickly become a driving force in the Canadian sports betting space.

While no major developments have come from the province recently, this will not be the case for the foreseeable future. With several reputable and trusted online sportsbooks such as DraftKings and FanDuel itching at the opportunity to continue expanding into Canada, Quebec will be on the forefront of this action.

While Quebec is behind its neighbours to the West in Ontario in terms of developments in sports gambling and how they can bet on sports, there are still great betting opportunities for Quebecers. Betting with the sportsbooks featured above is a great place to start for all Quebec sports bettors.

On top of this, Quebec bettors are also able to wager on sports both online or in-person with Mise-o-jeu. Mise-o-jeu is the go-to spot for all sports bettors as it allows you to bet on both parlays as well as single-sports betting as this was legalized in the province in June 2021 after the passing of Bill C-218.

As Quebec continues to expand its sports betting opportunities, stay up to date with the latest news and information surrounding the provinces betting regulations at Canadian Sports Betting.

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