Top MLB Online Sportsbooks for Canadians in 2024

Find all of the best online MLB sportsbooks, betting news, picks, and guides so you can make your next bet on Major League Baseball a homerun!

MLB Online Sportsbooks

From home run prop bets to wild parlays, MLB betting is a lucrative market with tons of exciting ways for you to win. Before you go ahead and place your next MLB bet, make sure you are wagering with only the best and most reliable sportsbooks first.

At Canadian Sports Betting, we can help you find your next grand slam wager, all just by checking out our best MLB betting sites list below.

All of the sites found below are terrific options for MLB betting and can help you add value to your upcoming baseball bets from Opening Day to the MLB playoffs. Don’t wait, sign up and learn more about what the best MLB betting sites have to offer you, so you can start building up your bankroll.

Best MLB Betting Sites

How to Bet on the MLB

If you’re looking to bet on the MLB but don’t know where to start, no sweat. At Canadian Sports Betting, we are here to walk you through each of the best betting markets and strategies so you can start wagering like a expert baseball handicapper in no time.

The best MLB betting sites can take the intensity and anticipation of every pitch, swing, and throw to the next level, with each play possibly a gamechanger for your bet. Having strong knowledge of the game will only get you so far as the world of MLB betting can be much more convoluted than you would initially think.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled all the best advice and analysis on how to get started with online sports betting so you can win big on the 2024 MLB season.

All of the methods, techniques, and resources listed below will serve you well in your online MLB betting journey, equipping you with all the knowledge needed to place pre-game, future, and live baseball betting wagers this season.

Check out our MLB betting tutorials found below and once you have a firm grasp of how to bet on the MLB, grip it and rip at one of our best MLB betting sites found above and knock your first MLB bets out of the park.

MLB Moneyline

Let’s start with the basics. An MLB moneyline is as simple as picking the winner of a game. For instance, if the Toronto Blue Jays are facing off against the Los Angeles Dodgers and you think the Blue Jays are going to win the game, you would wager on the Blue Jays moneyline.

Moneyline MLB bets will have varying odds depending on how close or lopsided a game is set to be. This means picking the obvious favourite might win you your bet, but the return will be far smaller. Inversely, if you back the underdog, you’re payout could be spectacular, but the bet is unlikely to hit.

You can tell apart the underdog from the favourite by the accompanying symbol next to their odds. When it comes to MLB betting odds, an underdog will be represented on with a “+” symbol, while the favourite will be shown with a “-” symbol. These symbols are used in American odds display which shows how much you would win if you bet $100 (+) or how much you would need to bet in order to win $100 (-).

For example, if the Blue Jays are favoured to win the game they may have odds of -190 while the Dodgers odds are displayed as +160. If you wanted to win $100 betting on the Blue Jays, you would need to wager $190, while if bet $100 on the Dodgers you would win $160.

Understanding the basics of a moneyline wager will set the stage for your MLB betting success and will open the door for more betting markets and starategies.

MLB Runline

Another simple way to place bets with the best MLB betting sites in Canada is through runlines. Runlines are similar to a point spread which you might find when betting on sports such as football or basketball. A Runline represents how much a favoured team must win by or how close the underdog must be within the game.

Just like a point spread, if a runline is set at 1.5 runs when the favoured Boston Red Sox take on the underdog Atlanta Braves, the odds would be displayed Red Sox (-1.5) and Braves (+1.5). If you bet on the Red Sox to cover the runline, the Sox would need to win the game by at least two runs in order for your bet to win. Alternatively, if you bet on the Braves, they would need to either win the game outright or lose within one point of the Red Sox.

The odds on runline are generally very close as even if the underdog doesn’t win the game, they could still cover the runline making it an even wager. Place a runline bet on an MLB game today and take the excitement level of the MLB up a notch.

MLB Over/Under

One of the most popular ways to bet on the MLB, Over/Under wagers on the run total of an MLB game can be a great way to get some skin in on the game. An Over/Under bet on an MLB game entails that you are wagering whether the final score will be Over or Under the set line.

For example, if the Chicago Cubs are squaring off against the Houston Astros with the run total set at 6.5 runs, you would bet on whether you think the combined final score will equate to Over or Under 6.5. If the final score is Under seven, that means the Under hit, but if the total score reaches seven or higher, the Over would hit.

Place an Over/Under bet on the MLB today and cheer for the score to rise or for a pitching clinic to be on display depending on where you decide to lean in order to win your next MLB bet.

MLB Player Prop Bets

Instead of betting on the outcome of an MLB game, player prop bets allow MLB bettors to wager on the performances of their favourite players. Whether you bet on a player to exceed expectations or fail to meet them, player prop bets are one of the most exciting ways to bet on the MLB.

From homerun hitters to strikeouts thrown, you can wager on any of the major statistical milestones that could occur within an MLB game. You can bet both on players to exceed the line set on their individual stat line or to fall short in order to win your bet.

Place a MLB player prop bet today and keep your eyes glued on a single player rather than the outcome of the game.

MLB Parlays

Now that you know how to place bets on any MLB game, it’s time to kick it up a notch. With MLB parlays, bettors can combine game lines and prop bets into a single bet slip for increased odds and fantastic potential payouts.

Parlays allow you to bet on multiple events from various games or you could try your luck at a same game parlay and wager on multiple events to transpire within a single matchup. With every additional bet selection added the odds on the bet will increase and so will the payout. But there’s a catch.

In order to win an MLB parlay, each bet included needs to be correct. That means if you bet on the Texas Rangers, San Francisco Giants, and Los Angeles Angels all to win moneyline, if the Rangers and Giants are victorious but the Angels come up short, your entire bet loses.

MLB parlays are high-risk but high reward and can provide bettors with terrific bang for their buck as a low wager amount could net you a massive payday. Combine your favourite bets of the day into an MLB parlay and score the biggest win of your MLB betting career today.

MLB Futures

A crystal ball isn’t a requirement for MLB future bets, but it might help. MLB futures bets are exactly as they sound, placing bets on the future. The most popular example of an MLB future bet is betting on the MLB World Series Odds.

Futures betting odds can hold amazing value depending on the time they are placed, if you can get in on the ground floor of an under the radar World Series hopeful, you could be investing in a big time long-term payout. MLB futures extend far beyond the World Series and can include but aren’t limited to, division winners, individual awards, win totals, and more.

Place a bet on what’s to come in the MLB season and see if you can see into the future with this MLB betting market.

2024 MLB World Series Odds

Los Angeles Dodgers+350
Atlanta Braves+450
Houston Astros+800
New York Yankees+1000
Baltimore Orioles+1200
Texas Rangers+1400
Philadelphia Phillies+1500
Minnesota Twins+2000
Seattle Mariners+2000
Toronto Blue Jays+2000
Chicago Cubs+2500
Arizona Diamondbacks+3500
St. Louis Cardinals+3500
Tampa Bay Rays+3500
Cincinnati Reds+4500
New York Mets+4500
Boston Red Sox+5000
San Francisco Giants+5500
Detroit Tigers+6000
San Diego Padres+6000
Cleveland Guardians+7000
Miami Marlins+7000
Milwaukee Brewers+9000
Kansas City Royals+13000
Los Angeles Angels+15000
Pittsburgh Pirates+15000
Washington Nationals+20000
Chicago White Sox+25000
Colorado Rockies+40000
Oakland Athletics+40000

(Odds as of February 28th, 2024, Courtesy of DraftKings Ontario)

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