Top Ontario Sportsbooks, Sites & Apps for 2024

Looking for the best online betting sites in Ontario? Find all the top online sportsbooks in Ontario at Canadian Sports Betting.

As of April 4, 2022, Ontario has welcomed privately-operated sportsbooks to open their operations within the province of Ontario! Overseen by the Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission, Ontario sports betting is one of the fastest-growing industries in the province.

This means an increase in betting market options, features, and a variety of lines offered when placing a sports bet in Ontario. With so many great online sports betting Ontario sites available to legal residents of the province, here at Canadian Sports Betting we have sifted through the waters, and come up with the top betting sites in Ontario.

All of the Ontario betting apps & sites below have been carefully reviewed, with supplied analysis on every aspect of each sportsbook. Every sportsbook listed here is safe and reliable, so you can play with confidence while using their services,

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Best Ontario Online Sportsbooks & Apps

Best Ontario Sports Betting Sites

Sports betting apps in Ontario are one of the best advantages available for Ontario sports bettors as it provides you all the features of an online sportsbook on the go straight from your go-to mobile device. By downloading the best Ontario sportsbook apps you can place bets, deposit and withdraw funds, as well as take advantage of the action as it’s going down through live betting.

Check out the top online Ontario sports betting apps in the table featured below, find them on your iOS or Android app store, and download them to start winning on the go today!

SportsbookOntario Sports Betting App
DraftKings OntarioDraftKings Sportsbook & Casino
BetMGM OntarioBetMGM: Ontario Sports Betting
Sports Interaction OntariSports Interaction
Bet365 OntarioBet365 Sports Betting
Caesars OntarioCaesars Sportsbook
PowerPlay OntarioPowerPlay Sportsbook & Casino
NorthStar BetsNorthStar Bets Ontario
BetRivers OntarioBetRivers Casino Sportsbook
888Sport Ontario888Sport Ontario: Live Bets
Pinnacle OntarioPinnacle Ontario Sportsbook & Casino
TonyBet OntarioTonyBet Ontario Sportsbook

No need to wonder is online sports betting legal, sports betting is legal in Ontario! Ontario is the first province to welcome legalized privately-operated sportsbooks and has a multitude of fantastic sports betting options for Ontarians to choose from.

With no shortage of trusted and reliable online bookmakers readily available to take your action, legal sports betting in Ontario has never been easier.

As the only province that has legalized and allowed for privately-operated sportsbooks within its borders, the failures and successes of Ontario sports betting will influence the trajectory of the other provinces’ sports betting industry as their gambling ambitions continue progressing.

Interested in learning about the history of sports betting Ontario legalization within Canada? Check out our in-depth “Canadian Sports Betting Legalization Timeline” to learn more about the events that led up to Ontario’s groundbreaking decision to open its doors to privately-operated sportsbooks.

Ontario Sports Betting Options

With the world of online sports betting currently expanding rapidly within Ontario, it’s important to learn about the various forms of betting markets offered by the top online sports betting sites.

Each of these unique online sports betting markets are available for you to wager on so you can get some skin in on the game and win big. Each of these sports bets come with their own unique odds & lines, winning procedures, and more to boost your bankroll with your sports betting account.

Whether you want to bet on the Toronto Maple Leafs VS Ottawa Senators, or perhaps you want to expand your betting options to niche sports such as rowing or cricket, the Ontario market is chock-full of sensational betting markets.

Learn how you can start winning today alongside other Canadian bettors and place your first bet on these terrific sports betting options available on the Ontario market.

Single-Game Sports Betting

After the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario made single-game sports betting legal within Ontario, a multitude of winning online betting markets have opened up within the province.

Single-game sports betting is readily available from any Ontario sportsbook found on-site, providing you with the ability to place wagers on all your favourite sports online. Whether you are using a mobile sports betting app or desktop version, you can take advantage of all the sports betting market options found below.

See what exciting single-game sports betting opportunities are available to you from the top online sportsbooks in Ontario and score your next big win today.


As simple as it gets, moneyline wagers are the best starting point for anyone looking to place their first sports bets. This sports betting market is used by placing a wager on the side of a matchup you believe will win.

For example, if you wanted to back the Toronto Maple Leafs to defeat the Montreal Canadiens, you would bet the Maple Leafs moneyline. If the Leafs are able to emerge victorious against the Habs then your bet results in a win, if they are unable to secure the win, your wager will lose alongside them.

Be sure to head to your favourite sports betting platform and see the moneyline betting options available for you to wager on and net your next winning wager today.

Point Spread/Runline/Puckline

Expanding from the moneyline wager, users at any Ontario sportsbook are able to place a wager on point spreads an a variety of sports. Also known as a runline in baseball, and a puckline in hockey, this betting market allows for Canadian bettors to wager the margin of victory in any clash.

With favourites denoted with a “-” symbol and underdogs represented with a “+” symbol, point spread bets are settled by the margin of victory within the game.

For example, if the Toronto Raptors are favoured by 5.5 points against the New York Knicks, then they would need to win the game by six points in order for you bet to win. If the matchup finishes with the Knicks taking the win or losing by five-points or less, then they would cover the spread resulting in a winning wager.

Point spreads are a great way to generate increased value when betting a favourite, or providing yourself some wiggle room when betting on an underdog that you aren’t sure can fully pull off the upset.

Head to your favourite Ontario online sports betting site today and find your next winning wager with the available point spread markets, and land yourself a big payday.


Another great way to get some skin in on the game, Over/Under wagers are an exciting way to score your next win while watching your favourite sports. Without having to worry about the winner of a matchup, Canadian bettors can wager on the expected final score within a game.

For example, if the Toronto Blue Jays are taking on the New York Yankees and the expected run total is set at 7.5 runs, you can wager either side of the final score betting either Over or Under.

If the final score results in eight or more combined runs scored between the Blue Jays and Yankees then the Over would hit. If seven or fewer runs are scored, then the Under would be the winning side of this betting market.

Watch your bankroll rise alongside the scoreboard as you secure your latest payout at any Ontario sportsbook that works best for your sports betting needs.

Prop Bets

Adding a new layer of excitement to your sports betting opportunties, bettors can score themselves a big win through prop betting on their favourite sports. Coming in the form of both game props as well as player props, these bets are more specific in what needs to transpire within a matchup.

From betting which team will score first, to a specific player to record a goal in the contest, prop bets allow you to dive deep into the action that transpires within a matchup, offering juicy odds for this bet type.

Prop bets are a great way to add some excitement to your bet slip, be sure to check out the latest prop betting markets available at any of the top Ontario sports betting sites feature above and place your first prop bet today.

Live Betting

Taking all the action of the betting options featured above to the next level, live betting is one of the most exciting ways to bet on sports in Ontario. By allowing bettors to get off the couch and into the game with a single click, live betting allows bettors to wager on events taking place in real-time in order to secure their next winning wager.

Whether it’s a moneyline, point spread, or Over/Under pick, live betting allows you to get some skin in on the game live, taking advantage of any shift in momentum as the action unfolds.

It’s never too late to score your next winning wager, don’t hesitate to earn your big-time payday, and start live betting with any Ontario sports betting site found on this page that works best for you.

Parlay Betting

Looking to get the best bang for your buck while placing bets at your preferred mobile sports betting app? Then parlay betting may be the betting market for you!

Having been common place for several years in Ontario through legal sports betting outlet PROLINE provided by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, parlays have never been better thanks to online Ontario sports betting sites.

Allowing bettors to combine game lines and/or prop bets into a single bet slip for increased odds on each additional leg added, parlays are easily one of the most exciting and popular ways to bet on sports in Ontario. In order to be paid out as a winner on your parlay bet, each pick must hit, if any come up short the entire wager results in a loss.

With the ability to stack the odds for a major payout if successful, parlays are a great way to win big on a small wager size, but are more difficult to win due to the fact multiple bets must hit in order to be successful.

Craft your next parlay carefully as you take your action to your favourite Ontario sports betting site and watch as your account balance skyrockets with this profitable betting market.

Same Game Parlays

Expanding upon traditional multi-game parlays, same game parlays provide Ontario bettors with the ability to combine several game lines and prop bets from the same contest into one bet slip.

By diving deep into a single matchup, same game parlays offer bettors with the ability to hone in on every aspect of an upcoming match. Just like a traditional parlay, bettors will receive an increased payout for every wager added to their same game parlay, meaning the more bets you include, the more you stand to gain.

Some of the best Ontario sportsbooks on the market also offer their players with the ability to parlay same game parlays, this is called SGPx or SGP+ depending on the oddsmaker.

Check out how you can win big with same game parlays today and continue expanding your sports betting repertoire with this juicy sports betting market available at any Ontario sportsbook found above.

What Sports Can I Bet Online in Ontario?

Even though it is still in its infancy, betting on sports in Ontario is rapidly expanding and becoming more lucrative with each passing week. With more and more sporting leagues and other various competitions being added to the Ontario betting market, there’s never a dull moment betting on sports inside the province.

Ontarians betting habits and usage are going to greatly impact the rest of Canada as the world of sports betting begin to spread its roots into other provinces & territories in the coming years.

Home to the most professional sports teams in Canada, sports betting in Ontario has fit seamlessly into the province’s culture and added an extra layer of excitement for its fans. Whether it’s the NHL, NBA, NFL, or MLB, all the biggest sporting events in the world are at your fingertips in terms of betting in Ontario.

Check out our helpful “What Canadian Sports Can You Bet On?” guide and learn more about which sports are available to you to bet on in Ontario.

Best Ontario Sportsbooks Deposit & Withdraw Options

One of the most important factors any sports bettor needs to take into account prior to signing up with one of the top online sportsbooks in Ontario is the available deposit & withdraw options. How you bet is just as important as what you’re betting on. If your online sportsbook doesn’t allow you to place wagers with your preferred currency, it could lead to a troublesome betting experience.

Check out the most popular deposit & withdraw options at the best online Ontario sports betting sites, how they work, and why they are a safe and reliable option for banking. Be sure to check out our Ontario sportsbook reviews found above to see what deposit & withdraw options are currently available with each bookmaker.

E-Transfer/Debit Deposit Options

Easily the best way to bank with an online sportsbook, debit deposit options cut out the fluff and get you in the game in no time flat. Through methods such as Interac e-transfer, sports bettors in Ontario can deposit and withdraw directly through their debit accounts.

Not only does this drastically speed up the time it takes for funds to be credited to your account, but there are also no hidden fees or hassles that come along with this deposit method. This is also a smart and safe way to bet on sports as you are only betting with funds that you have, rather than betting with credit or other intangible funds.

Credit Card

A simple way to quickly deposit and withdraw when betting on sports in Ontario, credit cards are a reliable banking option for bettors. Able to add funds to your account or withdraw your balance directly to your account, banking with credit cards at a top Ontario betting site is a solid option.

Offering users with accepted credit cards to bank on the top online sportsbooks (VISA/MasterCard) makes moving funds from your bankroll to your credit balance a breeze. One downside to this banking method stems from fees that may be attached when making deposits to your online sportsbook.


E-Wallets are one of the best ways to keep your sensitive information secure and protected when banking with the top online Ontario sportsbooks. Whether it’s a debit or credit account, e-wallets provide a quick and easy transaction capability since your financial information is safely stored within your e-wallet.

The most popular accepted e-wallets available to use with the best sports betting sites in Ontario are PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill.

Other Things to Look for in the Top Ontario Sportsbooks

Now that you’ve signed up with one of the top Ontario sportsbooks found above and made your first deposit, it’s time to take a deep dive into what the best Ontario sports betting sites have to offer you.

It’s important to take into account all aspects of each individual Ontario sportsbooks so you can find the best Ontario sports betting sites that works best for your sports betting needs.

Check out our detailed list on what to look for in the best Ontario betting sites and start scoring big wins today!

Ontario Sports Betting App

Allowing bettors to place bets, make deposits, and withdraw winnings from anywhere, any place, anytime, the best Ontario sports betting apps are a gamechanger in your sports betting experience.

Available on both iOS and Google Play Market, the top Ontario sports betting apps come equipped with all of the fun and excitement of their respective sportsbook. Mobile betting provides you with quick access to all your favourite sports betting markets in a sleek, user-friendly platform, Ontario bettors can score big wins at their fingertips with their preferred mobile device.

Check out our Ontario sports betting app reviews and see what each of the top Ontario betting sites have to offer in 2023 for all your mobile betting needs.

Ontario Sports Betting Market

One of the most important aspects of any Ontario sports betting site is learning what Ontario sports betting markets are available with the best sportsbooks in the province. Ontario sports bettors need to be sure that their preferred oddsmaker provides them with no shortage of betting markets to wager on.

From single game betting to wild same game parlays, having variety in your online sports betting operators is crucial to your gambling success. Finding an Ontario sportsbook that offers Ontario sports fans with a wide range of sports betting markets is easy, just check out any of the top Ontario sports betting sites found on-site, and learn you how can net your next sports bet win.

Each of the top legal sports betting sites in Ontario provide sports bettors with a multitude of betting markets to choose from so you can never run out of ways to bet on their favourite sports.

Whether you want to bet the mainstream such as Major League Baseball or the Toronto Maple Leafs, all the way to niche sports such as Gaelic Hurling and handball, you’ll never run out of things to bet on.

Check out the best sports betting options available in Ontario at any of the best sports betting sites and find out how you can bet and win today.

Competitive Odds

Make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck in your Ontario sports betting experience by placing your wagers with the oddsmakers offering competitive odds on all your favourite sports betting markets.

The Ontario sports betting market ranges from sportsbook-to-sportsbook as each betting site offers their own unique competitive odds. Be sure to shop around for the best Ontario sports betting lines & odds and give yourself maximized winning potential on all your bets placed with the most competitive odds on the market.

Customer Support/User Experience

Crucial to the enjoyment of your sports betting experience, each of the top Ontario sports betting sites offer trusted and reliable customer support staff to their players. Always having their sports bettors backs, the customer support team at the best sports betting apps in Ontario make navigating through any and all issues faced a stress-free experience.

The best Ontario sports betting sites provide Ontario bettors with a multitude of customer support options such as 24/7 live chat, support phoneline, and email in to help find a solution to any problem faced.

One of the best ways to find solutions to any potential issues faced is through the provided Ontario sports betting FAQ. Each of the best Ontario betting sites supply their sports bettors with a list of the most asked questions so you can find an easy fix for any problem you may be dealing with.

Make sure to see what customer support resources are available at the top Ontario betting sites and make sure you’ve got all the support needed to succeed.

How We Rate Ontario Sports Betting Sites

When rating the top online Ontario sportsbooks we take many factors into consideration. From the betting markets available, to unique sportsbook features, as well as banking options and customer support, we take a deep dive into all the most important aspects that factor into what makes an Ontario sports betting site worth using.

We ensure all of the Ontario betting sites provided on our site are top of the line in terms of quality, reliability, and safety when placing your bets. Each Ontario sportsbook has clearly defined pros and cons so you can find the online betting site that best satisfies your Ontario sports betting needs.

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