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NorthStar Bets Ontario: Signup Details for Sportsbook & Betting App

As Canadian as a sportsbook can be, NorthStar Bets is here to service all sports bettors located in Ontario. NorthStar Bets comes equipped with a variety of terrific betting options and features that are sure to satisfy all users on their online betting platform.

If you’re looking to get started with NorthStar Bets you came to the right place. Here, we are going to review the ins and outs of the NorthStar Bets service and how to sign up with them so you can start winning today.

Its easy to get things cooking with NorthStar Bets, just head to NorthStar Bets Ontario through a web browser or via their mobile app, register your account, and place your first bet today.

What is NorthStar Bets Sportsbook Ontario?

New to the online sports betting scene, NorthStar Bets has made an immediate impact in the Ontario sports betting market and established themselves as one of the industries heavy hitters. NorthStar Bets Ontario provides its users with top notch service, unique betting markets & features, all wrapped up in a sleek, user-friendly platform.

Whether you’re fresh to online sports betting or are an experienced handicapper, betting with NorthStar Bets provides a fun and exciting experience. Don’t wait, add NorthStar Bets to your sportsbook rotation today.

How to Signup at NorthStar Bets Ontario

Creating an account with NorthStar Bets Ontario is a simple process but can take some time depending on how much account verification you are asked to provide.

First, head to NorthStar Bets Ontario and select the “register” option at the top of your screen. Once you’ve selected this you will be brought to a new screen where you will be asked to provide some initial information to ensure you are eligible to play within the province (over 19 years of age, resident of Ontario). This information includes your gender, occupation, and legal name.

After you have provided this information you will be asked to enter your address. Finally, you will be taken to the last window for the account creation process where you will provide your phone number, email address, and your preferred password for your NorthStar Bets account. Additionally you will be asked to confirm that you agree to all the outlined terms & conditions attached to the usage of the NorthStar Bets Ontario service.

Once this final step is completed you may be asked to provide further verification of your identification. This comes in the form of a photograph as well providing NorthStar Bets with a form of valid legal ID.

Once you’ve completed this last step you are as good as gold and can officially star placing bets at NorthStar Bets Ontario.

How to Download NorthStar Bets Sportsbook Ontario Betting App

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4
Search “NorthStar Bets SportsBook Ontario” on the app storeDownload the NorthStar Bets Ontario Sportsbook app and wait for it to finish installing.Begin entering your personal details to confirm your eligibility to play (Ontario Resident, Over 19 years old)Select your preferred banking method and make your first deposit.

Downloading the NorthStar Bets Sportsbook Ontario app is quick and easy process. Whether you use an Android or iOS device, this process remains the same regardless.

First, head to your mobile app store and search for North Star Bets Sportsbook. Once you’ve done this you should see the NorthStar Bets app appear at the top of your search page. Select the download option and wait for the application to finish installing.

Once the installation process is finished, open the app and login or sign up following the step-by-step process outlined above. Once you’ve successfully logged in, you’re set to begin placing bets with NorthStar Bets Ontario all from the luxury of your mobile device.

NorthStar Bet Ontario Sports

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NorthStar Bets Ontario Sportsbook App Review

Now that you’re familiarized with the NorthStar bets platform and know how to create your account with their sportsbook, its high time we dive into some in-depth analysis.

In this sportsbook review all of the burning questions you may have about the NorthStar Bets Ontario platform will be answered, and you’ll have all the information you need to head to NorthStar Bets and start placing bets today.

Sports Betting Markets

The first thing you want to look into when joining an online sports betting site is the sports betting markets available. You always want to ensure that there’s a diverse range of betting options for users to choose from so that you can always find something interesting or you to wager on.

At NorthStar Bets they have a great catalog of sports betting markets featuring the most popular sports and leagues including the NHL, NFL, and NBA, as well as some of the more obscure and niche sports such as Water Polo and Field Hockey.

Betting with NorthStar Bets always leaves the door open for new betting opportunities thanks to their wide-variety of betting markets for players to select. NorthStar Bets has something for all of their users to enjoy and provides bettors with a plethora of options when betting.

Sportsbook Features

Every online betting service comes equipped with their own unique and satisfying sportsbook features and NorthStar Bets Ontario is no different. Each feature outlined on NorthStar Bets is used to enhance bettors winning potential, adding value to your betslip on a daily basis.

One of the long awaited additions to the Ontario sports betting market and currently one of the hottest sports betting strategies available, same game parlays (SGP) are a terrific feature to take advantadge of when betting with NorthStar Bets.

A SGP is easy to create, just like a traditional parlay wager but each leg of comes from the same game/event. This means stacking traditional lines such as moneylines or point spreads with prop bets to create a unique wager that not only enhances a players betting odds, but keeps focus on one singular betting market.

Working hand-in-hand with SGPs, NorthStar Bets Ontario also offers Daily Bet Boosts for all players. These boosts appear when users pull up their betslip and prior to placing a wager, opt-in to your daily boost and voila, your winning potential just reached a new ceiling. Daily Bet Boosts is a fantastic sportsbook feature that can help bettors maximize their winning potential every time they login to their NorthStar Bets account.

The final sportsbook feature to cover comes from NorthStar Bets detailed and helpful Sports Insights section. Here players can find some of the best sports betting advice and analysis so that they have the best information available before placing a wager. From providing odds, to straight up picks and parlays, NorthStar bets has got you covered.

NorthStar Bets Ontario truly aims to give you amazing value on all of your bets and places its players in the best situation to win their wagers thanks to their sportsbook features.

Banking Options

Arguably the most important factor when deciding if an online sportsbook is right for you is to ensure that they provide banking options that fit your financial situation. If you’re unable to bank and bet with your preferred financial institution/methods, you could be left feeling stressed or upset when trying to deposit or withdraw funds.

At NorthStar Bets Ontario players are able to choose from several safe and reliable banking options so you can deposit and withdraw with ease. NorthStar Bets takes all necessary precautionary methods to ensure that your sensitive information (both personal and financial) are kept completely confidential and will not be at risk of being compromised.

Players can select from a variety of banking options such as credit cards, e-wallets, and debit options when betting with NorthStar Bets sportsbook.

Customer Service

NorthStar Bets takes great pride in maintaining a positive relationship with its users not just by providing a stellar sports betting service, but by supplying top of the line customer service for its players. When your money is on the line, making sure that you can talk to a knowledgable customer support representative is essential if you ever encounter a problem or confusing situation while betting.

From the hours of 8am - 1am EST, NorthStar Bets provides several different customer service options for its players such as a toll-free helpline, customer support email, and live chat functionality so that you can connect with customer service right away.

Knowing your sportsbook has your back in the event of any possibly issue you may face is always a plus when betting on sports, and with NorthStar Bets Ontario you’ll always have ways to find the solution to your issue in a timely manner.


From top to bottom, NorthStar Bets Ontario is a must-have online sportsbook. With terrific betting markets and sportsbook features, coupled with terrific customer support and banking options, players will have no shortage of positive experiences while betting on this platform.

Don’t just take our word for it, head to NorthStar Bets today and sign up and make your first deposit and see for yourself why they’re one of the top ranked sportsbooks available on the Ontario sports betting market.

NorthStar Bets Ontario FAQ

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Can you Play NorthStar Bets in Ontario?

Yes, you can play NorthStar Bets in Ontario. North Star Bets Ontario sportsbook is available to play in Ontario through either a web browser or through their online mobile betting app.

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Does NorthStar Bets Ontario have an App?

Yes, NorthStar Bets Ontario does have a mobile app. The NorthStar Bets mobile app is free to download on both iOS and Android devices. It's a great tool for any sports bettor to have so that you can bet, bank, and win while on the go, or from the comfort of your own home via your mobile device.

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Is NorthStar Bets Available in Canada Outside of Ontario?

No, NorthStar Bets is not available in Canada outside of Ontario. Currently, Ontario is the only province in Canada that has legalized sportsbooks from entering the provincial market, but other provinces are quickly moving toward following Ontario in legalizing and regulating gambling within their own respective province.

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