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888Sport Ontario

888Sport Ontario

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  • Mobile App Has Minor Technical Bugs

888Sport Ontario: Signup Details for Sportsbook & Betting App

A longstanding operator, 888Sport Ontario Sportsbook continues their expansive history within the sports betting world with their move into Ontario.

888Sport provides Canadian bettors with great odds, a user-friendly interface, and several unique betting features to add value to every bet placed using their sportsbook.

Signing up with the 888Sport Ontario Sportsbook & Betting App is an easy process. If you are an Ontario resident over the age of 19, you are qualified to sign up, make deposits, and most importantly, win bets. There’s no shortage of wagers to be placed on the 888Sport betting platform with a great betting catalog available to their users.

888Sport follows all the guidelines and regulations set by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to ensure fair play and regulated gaming.

Don’t get left behind, add 888Sport to your lineup today. Sign up, deposit, and start winning with 888Sport betting site Ontario.

What is 888Sport Sportsbook Ontario?

In partnership with Sports Illustrated, 888 Sportsbook Ontario is a reputable oddsmaker that is always finding new and exciting ways to bring you daily lines & odds.

Founded in 1997, 888 Sportsbook is one of the longest running online sportsbooks on the market. With their ample experience, 888Sport betting site is well equipped to meet all players expectations as well as provide fresh and innovative features to keep you coming back for more.

Now open to sports bettors in Ontario, 888Sport betting is as trusted as they come in the world of sportsbooks and is a great starting point for anyone new to betting.

How to Sign Up at 888Sport Ontario

In our 888Sport Ontario review, we provide you with a helpful step-by-step guide so you know exactly what to expect during the sign up process.

First things first, if you want to bet with 888Sport you will need to register with their service by opening an account. The sign up process is a breeze and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Once you are on the 888Sport homepage, select the “Join Now” button at the top of your screen and this will open a new window where you will be prompted to enter some personal information. The first screen you will need to enter your legal name, birthdate, and address to ensure you are legally able to deposit and bet with 888Sport. To bet with 888Sport Ontario you must bet 19 years old or older and an Ontario resident.

During this you will be asked to review and agree to the terms & conditions outlined by 888Sport Ontario.

Once you have entered the requested details you will be asked to create your account details which include your username & password, security question, phone number, and email.

The final step of the 888Sport login creation process is to enter your occupation & industry, as well as confirming you are creating the account for yourself, and that you are not a politically exposed person or the head of an international organization.

In order complete your 888Sport Ontario account creation you may be asked to provide a photograph of your government issued ID to verify your identity. This can be done with a drivers license or passport and is an easy process that will complete your account creation process.

After this final step you are all set! All that’s left to do is make your first deposit and place your first bet and begin your online sports betting experience with 888Sport Ontario.

How to Download 888Sport Sportsbook Ontario Betting App

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4
Search “888Sport Sportsbook Ontario”Once the app has been downloaded on your mobile device, select “Register”Begin entering your personal details to confirm your eligibility to play (Ontario Resident, Over 19 years old)Select your preferred banking method and make your first deposit.

Almost an identical process to signing up through their main site, downloading and registering your account on the 888Sport Ontario App is simple. Regardless if you use an iOS or Android device, the download and registration process follow the same step-by-step guidelines.

First, head to your devices app store and search “888Sport Sportsbook Ontario”. After this search you should see the application come up as the first option. Hit download, wait for the installation to finish, and then open the 888 Sportsbook Ontario app to begin the sign up process referenced in the step-by-step walkthrough mentioned above.

The 888Sport Ontario app is a fantastic asset to have for your online sports betting experience. By downloading the application you are able to bet on any event at any time. This is a huge perk that can help maximize your wins when betting with Bet 888Sport Ontario.

888Sport Ontario Sportsbook App Review

So far we’ve covered what 888Sport Ontario is and how to sign up, so its about time we get into the nitty gritty with an in-depth review on what makes 888Sport Ontario a must-have sportsbook.

In the section below we have outlined the most important factors to look at when assessing any sportsbook worth betting with. This extends from their betting markets, sportsbook features, banking options, and more. After reading through this review you will have a better sense of how 888Sport Ontario would work for you before you sign up and place your first wager.

Sports Betting Markets

888Sport Ontario has a wide array of betting markets to choose from, giving sports bettors from all backgrounds a variety of high quality options to wager on on any given day. From point spreads to Over/Unders, there’s never a dull moment with the deep range of betting options available at 888Sport.

With all of the biggest sports and leagues from around the world all included in their betting market, 888Sport Ontario has wagers that will satisfy any sports bettor.

The 888Sport Ontario sports betting market is easy to access and is laid out in a user-friendly manner so you can find the bet market and wager you would like to place in a matter of seconds. Equipped with live betting markets so you can win on the fly, there’s no shortage of winning wagers to place at 888Sport.

Providing their users with competitive odds, 888Sport makes winning big a breeze. All of their betting markets come equipped with a plethora of unique prop bets that can add some depth to your upcoming bet slip.

888Sport Ontario has several great betting markets and live betting options but is still lacking in betting market size when compared to other online sportsbooks in the province. Always updating their platform and staying fresh with their bet selections, 888Sport Ontario does a great job at staying topical and relevant with its sports betting options.

Sportsbook Features

Arguably the most important part of any sportsbook, the features included on 888Sport are unique and exciting, allowing all users to obtain their biggest payday yet each time they place a wager.

One of the best features on the 888Sport Ontario platform is their same game parlays also called the Bet Builder tool. Same game parlays have been long awaited in the Ontario market, and 888Sport has made this highly sought after betting strategy a simple to use, but highly valuable tool for its users.

All you have to do to use this feature is select the bet market you would like to wager on and the option for “Bet Builder” will appear. Select this option and you will be given several options for wagers to place on the selected event, where you can build out your own personalized SGP and wager on it in your bet slip afterwards.

Another great feature you can use to increase your winnings is by checking up on the 888Sport Ontario “BetFeed”. Located on the left-hand side of your home screen, BetFeed provides all users with the most popular/trending bets taking place on the platform.

This feature allows for sports bettors to get direct insights on how the public is leaning and whether they want to ride or fade the public before placing a wager. Knowing how the public is siding on a particular event can be a massive aid for experienced sports bettors and can help provide knowledge of how to bet for all those that are new to sports betting.

Lastly, 888Sport provides a great free-to-play feature called “Perfect 10″. Perfect 10 which is easily accessible from the users home screen, allows for users to make 10 selections that are provided by 888Sport Ontario for events taking place that day. If the player is able to hit on a minimum of six of the 10 picks, the user will be rewarded with free bets that they can use at their discretion on 888Sport Ontario.

It is rare to see a sportsbook allow users to play for free in any capacity so the Perfect 10 feature is truly unique in this sense.

Overall, 888Sport does a great job at setting themselves apart from the competition in terms of their sportsbook features, allowing for users to bet to the best of their abilities.

Banking Options

When betting with any online sportsbook, taking careful consideration of the provided banking methods is essential in making sure you have a good experience with any sportsbook. 888Sport Ontario does a great job at protecting all sensitive banking information when you make deposits or withdraws on their platform so you can deposit and play without a worry.

At 888Sport Ontario there are several banking options to pick from, including Credit Cards (Visa/MasterCard), Wire Transfer, and most notably, Interac. Interac and other debit transfers have become incredibly popular in sports betting due to its quick and easy method of payment, while still being secure, and has zero hidden fees or charges for using this banking option.

Regardless of your preferred banking method, 888Sport provides an easy-to-use banking service on their platform, while keeping your personal and financial details confidential.

Customer Service

Like any service, it is not uncommon to need assistance while using an online sports betting app. That’s why 888Sport has taken several precautionary measures to ensure any problems you may face while using their service, they’ll have your solution.

To access the 888Sport Ontario customer service team, scroll to the bottom of the homepage and you can select the “contact us” tab. There you will be brought to a new screen where you can send in your issue to the 888Sport Ontario support team.

On this screen you can also find a search bar at the top of the page that allows users to search the problem they are facing and can be provided with several guides on how to troubleshoot the plaguing issue. If you would like immediate assistance with your problem, 888Sport Ontario does not currently have a live chat function which can prove frustrating for users that are looking to fix an issue in a timely manner.

888Sport Ontario does many things well in their service but their customer service and support could use some retooling.


888Sport Ontario is a solid sportsbook that is great for both novice and experienced sports bettors. With a wide array of sports betting options, competitive odds, and unique features, all wrapped up in a easy to navigate and visually pleasing interface, 888Sport is a great option for sports bettors.

Head to 888Sport Ontario Sportsbook today, sign up, and get yourself in the win column.

888Sport Ontario FAQ

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Can you Play 888Sport in Ontario?

Yes, you can play 888Sport in Ontario. 888Sport meets all of the applicable standards and requirements set by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) and is legal to play within the province.

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Does 888Sport Ontario have an App?

Yes, 888Sport has an app. 888Sport has a great app that is free and easy to download to your mobile device. The 888Sport app is available to both iOS and Android users so you can bet from your phone at any time, from anywhere.

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Is 888Sport Available in Canada Outside of Ontario?

Unfortunately No, 888Sport is not available in Canada outside of Ontario. Currently, Ontario is the only province in Canada that has legalized sportsbooks from entering the provincial market, but other provinces such as Alberta are moving towards following in their neighbour to the East's footsteps.

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Who is 888Sport Partnered with in Ontario?

888Sport Ontario is partnered with Sports Illustrated. This has helped 888Sport Ontario reach a wide audience through the media conglomerate as well as giving themselves validity in the sports betting market thanks to this partnership.

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