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    BetMGM Ontario: Signup Details for Sportsbook & Betting App

    One of the most reputable sportsbook & casinos on the Ontario sports betting market, BetMGM Ontario is a top of the line service that is sure to meet and exceed players expectations.

    With a longstanding history of being a reliable, fun, and intuitive sportsbook, BetMGM Ontario provides sports bettors with an easy-to-use platform with terrific gestures and odds to fit their betting needs.

    Signing up with BetMGM is an easy, stress-free process, that will have you ready to place your first wager in just minutes. You are only required to sign up with BetMGM Ontario once, this will allow you to bet on their main site as well as through their free to download BetMGM Ontario app. All you have to do is enter your personal details, verify your eligibility, (Ontario resident, over 19 years of age) and choose your preferred banking method to make your first secure deposit with BetMGM.

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    What is BetMGM Sportsbook Ontario?

    Operating since 1987, MGM Resorts International has been a primetime player in the sports betting and casino industry since its conception. With top of the line service and their ability to evolve and transition flawlessly to ever-changing times, MGM Resorts International has continued provided top of the line service for all of their users.

    After successfully launching BetMGM sportsbook in the United States in 2019, with the legalization of sports betting within Ontario, BetMGM quickly moved their operations into the Great White North.

    Open to all qualifying residents in the province, BetMGM has asserted themselves as a dominant force in the Ontario sports betting market and will only look to continue innovating and upgrading their sports betting platform.

    How to Signup at BetMGM Ontario

    Whether you are looking to sign up with BetMGM Ontario on their main site or through the BetMGM Ontario betting app, joining their sports betting platform is a simple process.

    In order to sign up with BetMGM Ontario Sportsbook you first need to head to their betting site, there you will see the option called “register”. Once you have selected the register option you will be taken to a new screen where you will be asked to provide an email and password that will be used to keep you connected to your account.

    The next step will require you to enter some personal information such as your legal name, date of birth, citizenship, and occupation (if applicable).

    Lastly, you will be asked to verify your current address, phone number, and mailing options. On this final screen you will also need to check off a few boxes to confirm you are legally able to use their service as well as understand the terms & conditions of using the Ontario BetMGM Sportsbook.

    Once you finish this final step your account is ready to go! The next and final step is to head to your banking options, pick your preferred deposit method, and start placing your first bets with BetMGM Ontario.

    How to Download BetMGM Sportsbook Ontario Betting App

    Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4
    Search “BetMGM SportsBook Ontario”Once the app has been downloaded on your mobile device, select “Register”Begin entering your personal details to confirm your eligibility to play (Ontario Resident, Over 19 years old)Select your preferred banking method and make your first deposit.

    The process of downloading the BetMGM Ontario App is nearly identical to the step-by-step walkthrough above but will be done through your mobile device.

    Simply search for BetMGM Sportsbook Ontario on your app store whether it is iOS or Android, hit the download button, and once the application is finished installing, open the BetMGM app and follow the outlined instructions in app or as mentioned previously in our BetMGM Ontario Sportsbook review.

    Betting through the BetMGM Sportsbook Ontario App is a great way to place bets on the go, only needing a stable internet connection to deposit, withdraw, and throw down wagers whenever you want to get some skin in the game.

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    BetMGM Ontario Sportsbook App Review

    Now that you’re familiar with the BetMGM Ontario product, it’s history, as well as how it works, it’s time to take a deep dive into the features that make this sportsbook one of a kind.

    Below you will find in-depth analysis regarding all of the major functions, services, and features that are attached to the BetMGM Ontario Sportsbook so that you can become as informed as possible before signing up and placing your first bet with BetMGM Ontario.

    Sports Betting Markets

    BetMGM Ontario has a solid sports betting market that features competitive odds on all of the most popular sports and leagues from around the world including but not limited to the NHL, NFL, MLB, & more. With BetMGM there is no shortage of events to wager on, providing bettors a worthwhile experience where they can find their perfect bet.

    With an easy to navigate layout, the BetMGM Betting Ontario App is incredibly user-friendly, allowing for players to find the betting market they are interested in wagering on in a matter of seconds.

    While they have a large variety of sports to wager on, the sports betting market at BetMGM Ontario Sportsbook is somewhat lacking when directly compared to other top sportsbooks available in the province. This could possibly change moving forward but at this current time the sports betting market for BetMGM does leave something to be desired.

    Sportsbook Features

    On top of their competitive odds and easy-to-use application, BetMGM Ontario is equipped with some of the sports betting industry’s most sought after and unique betting features.

    One of the areas BetMGM Ontario truly excels in is their focus on parlays. The sportsbook has several different features that can assist users in maximizing their bets potential as well as adds a variety of new betting strategies open for users to play with.

    To start, let’s talk about arguably one of the biggest draws for Ontario sports bettors, the One Game Parlay (OGP) feature at BetMGM Ontario. The OGP feature allows for players to include multiple bets on a single betslip that all pertain to a single event or matchup.

    This feature is terrific as it allows bettors to stack several prop bets together that can provide a massive amount of value to their bets while adding to the excitement of the game they are wagering on. Another parlay feature that can be used on the BetMGM Ontario Sportsbook is their Parlay Generator.

    The Parlay Generator is a useful tool for new bettors that are still learning the ropes as well as can give ideas to experienced bettors looking to place a wager. This feature generates unique parlays based on events taking place that day.

    Bettors are given the option to customize the specifications of the generated parlay such as the max odds per-pick, whether it should be exclusive to one league/sport, as well as gives the option to re-spin the generator if the user isn’t satisfied with the original generated parlay.

    Lastly for parlays, a unique feature on the BetMGM Ontario Sportsbook is the Edit Bet function. This allows for players to alter parlays made to increase their odds as the bets included unfold.

    This means if you make a four-bet parlay and 3/4 bets have won, you can edit this betslip and add two more wagers to increase the odds and continue playing even further into the betslip. This feature can be risky for players as it takes you further away from a winning bet, but can give you a chance at winning a larger total amount.

    Aside from their betting features, BetMGM Ontario makes sure that their players experience is a positive one. A phenomenal feature to ensure this is the BetMGM Ontario Media Player.

    The media player allows users to watch along live to select event through their sportsbook app so that regardless of where you are or what kind of sports media subscription you may have, you can follow the matchup and cheer on your wager through the BetMGM betting app Ontario.

    If video is unavailable BetMGM Ontario also has a live play-by-play function as well as a stats page for players to track the action of their wagers with.

    Overall, as far as sportsbook features go, you would be hard-pressed to find a sports betting service that can top BetMGM Ontarios selection.

    Banking Options

    What you bet is just as important as how you bet, that’s why you should always take careful consideration into the banking options offered by a sportsbook. In the case of BetMGM Ontario, their banking options and system are fantastic.

    BetMGM users have multiple options when it comes to depositing, able to choose from credit options (Visa/MasterCard), E-wallets (PayPal/MuchBetter), and the most popular and cost efficient option, debit options (Interac/Online Banking).

    Debit options have increased in popularity due to its easy deposit & withdrawal process, allowing users to send and receive funds quickly with no added transaction fees. BetMGM Ontario withdrawals provide a safe and secure banking service through their app so players don’t ever have to worry about having their banking information compromised.

    Customer Service

    It’s paramount to any sports bettors experience to have a sportsbook with great customer service. Just like any service you are bound to run into at least a few roadblocks along the way so having a smart, well informed, customer service team to help users navigate through these problems is a major selling point for most players.

    At BetMGM Ontario Sportsbook players are provided stellar customer service. With multiple self-help guides included to aid users in troubleshooting their issues, if the problem still persists BetMGM Ontario has a team of well-trained individuals to provide 24/7 customer support through their BetMGM live chat feature for any issues that may arise during your sports betting experience.

    The BetMGM live chat allows for you to receive immediate assistance, communicate with a real person, and find a solution to your problem as quickly as possible. Able to provide support regardless of the area you are experiencing troubles within, BetMGM live chat is a fantastic customer support tool for all bettors.

    Players may also take advantage of BetMGM Ontario’s customer service email located on their platforms “Support” section at the bottom of the home page. Lastly, if you want to speak to a BetMGM Ontario customer service representative directly, they provide a contact number for their phone helpline that is operational from 12pm - 9pm EST.

    BetMGM Ontario has you covered through thick and thin and their reliable customer service is a testament to that fact.


    To summarize, BetMGM Ontario is the total package when looking for an online sportsbook & app. With a variety of betting options, incredible features to increase bet value, and a support team to help you through any and all possible issues that may occur, BetMGM Ontario comes highly reccomended and is a must have for any Ontario-based sports bettor.

    Don’t wait around any longer, get the BetMGM Ontario Sportsbook , and start winning today!

    BetMGM Ontario FAQ

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    Can you Play BetMGM in Ontario?

    Yes, you most certainly can play BetMGM in Ontario. BetMGM meets the standards and requirements set by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) and is 100% legal to play within the province.

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    Does BetMGM Ontario have an App?

    Yes, BetMGM does have an app. BetMGM has a terrific app that is user-friendly and simple to download. The app is available to both iOS and Android users so you can bet from your phone anytime, anywhere.

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    Is BetMGM Available in Canada Outside of Ontario?

    No, BetMGM is not available in Canada outside of Ontario. Currently, Ontario is the only province within Canada that has legalized sportsbooks from entering the provincial market, but other areas such as Alberta are quickly moving to follow in their neighbour to the East's footsteps.

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    Who is BetMGM Partnered within Ontario?

    BetMGM is the official partner of the NFL within Canada and of course has the support and backing of MGM International.

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