Complete MLB Playoffs Betting Preview

Who Will Win the 2022 MLB World Series?

MLB Playoffs Preview

Another MLB regular season has come and gone as we were treated to historic moments, jaw-dropping plays, and bench-clearing brawls, but all of this action gets taken to new heights once the playoffs begin. There’s nothing quite like playoff baseball and we want to take the unparalleled drama and thrill of each matchup to the next level by giving you the best bets for the 2022 MLB Playoffs.

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MLB Wild Card Odds

To open the MLB playoffs, the first round is the Wild Card round. With the top two teams from each league receiving a bye to the second round, seeds three through six will face off in a three-game series to see who will move on to the next round of the postseason.

In this round, the higher-seeded team will have the home-field advantage in each matchup which can be a major difference-maker down the stretch of a ball game.

Below you will find our picks for the Wild Card round of the MLB Playoffs as well as our predictions for who will come out of the American and National League, and ultimately who will reign as the 2022 World Series Champions.

(6) Tampa Bay Rays VS (3) Cleveland Guardians

  • Tampa Bay Rays (+105)
  • Cleveland Guardians (-125)

The first matchup to break down also happens to be our pick with the most value for the Wild Card round. The Tampa Bay Rays are an exceptional defensive team, with a terrific bullpen and athletic outfielders, the Rays are a difficult matchup for any team.

The Cleveland Guardians put together a strong showing this season, but largely benefitted from playing in one of the weakest divisions in baseball, with the Chicago White Sox being the only other team to have a .500 record in the AL Central.

In the regular season, the Guardians won four of the six games played against the Rays. Even with a home-field advantage for all three potential games, don’t expect to see the Guardians score at a high clip, instead struggle to produce and find their way to a Wild Card elimination.

Our Pick: Tampa Bay Rays

(5) Seattle Mariners VS (4) Toronto Blue Jays

  • Seattle Mariners (+140)
  • Toronto Blue Jays (-170)

In what could be an incredibly close series, there will be no shortage of drama and action in the Wild Card series between the Mariners and Blue Jays. Both teams have well-rounded squads that could propel them further into the playoffs but the Blue Jays are the far deeper roster.

One of the best hitting teams in baseball, the Jays have reliable batters from top to bottom in their rotation. With their ability to be a scoring threat at any time, the Blue Jays dynamic play and major upside could be too much for the Mariners to combat.

In the regular season, the Mariners largely got the best of the Blue Jays in several closely contested contests, but when it matters most look for the Blue Jays to come out swinging and move on to the next round of the MLB Playoffs.

Our Pick: Toronto Blue Jays

(6) Philadelphia Phillies VS (3) St. Louis Cardinals

  • Philadelphia Phillies (+115)
  • St. Louis Cardinals (-135)

We don’t normally like to throw phrases like “team of destiny” around loosely, but if any team was to fit that mould in this year’s postseason it has to be the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Red Birds have compiled a tremendous season, featuring stellar play from star players Adam Wainwright and Nolan Arenado as well as a resurgence from Cardinals legends like Albert Pujols and Yadier Molina. With so much potential surrounding this motivated roster, the Cardinals look poised to do quick work with the Phillies.

In the regular season, the Phillies got the better of the Cardinals, but when the lights shine brightest look for the Cards to take their game to the next level and secure their entry to the next round of the MLB Playoffs.

Our Pick: St. Louis Cardinals

(5) San Diego Padres VS (4) New York Mets

  • San Diego Padres (+145)
  • New York Mets (-175)

In a matchup between two teams that have faced their fair share of adversity this season, the New York Mets are still in a great position to keep their winning ways alive.

After plummeting down the NL East standings in the closing weeks of the season to the Atlanta Braves, the sensational Mets will need to exercise their demons and take out some frustrations on the Padres in the Wild Card Round.

With stars like Max Scherzer and Jacob DeGrom throwing heat from the mound as well as heavy-hitters like Pete Alonso on deck ready to swing the tide of any matchup, the Mets are prepared for a deep playoff push. They may not have finished strong to close out their season, but this is still a Mets team that won over 100 games this season, back them to win their Wild Card matchup against the Padres.

Our Pick: New York Mets

AL Winner: Toronto Blue Jays (+550)

After getting past the Wild Card round, the Toronto Blue Jays will need to go through a murderer’s row to win the American League title, but they have the talent to do it. Loaded with talent from top to bottom the Blue Jays have a terrific mix of young stars and proven veterans to help push their World Series aspirations.

With major upside on any given night, the Blue Jays can hang with any of the top teams in the American League. It’s going to be a hard-fought road to get there, but we’ve got the Blue Jays to punch their ticket into the World Series as the AL representative. At (+550) the Blue Jays possess great value as a pick to come out of the AL and could be ready to leave their mark on the history books.

NL Winner: Los Angeles Dodgers (+170)

A no-brainer pick, the Los Angles Dodgers are a star-studded squad. With depth at each position, playoff experience, and plenty of swagger to go around, the Dodgers are a force to be reckoned with in the MLB Playoffs.

After falling to the Atlanta Braves in the 2021 postseason, the Dodgers loaded up in the offseason and have had their eyes set on reaching the World Series from day one of training camp. The Dodgers will not be denied and watch for them to cruise their way through the National League side of the bracket as they look to claim their second World Series victory in three seasons,

World Series Winner: Los Angeles Dodgers (+340)

Again, what more can be said about the LA Dodgers? They’re the be-all and end-all of the MLB, easily the best team in the entire league.

The Dodgers opened the season as betting favourites to win the World Series and have never wavered from that top position. Entering as the odds-on favourite to win this year’s World Series, don’t start doubting them now, bet on the Dodgers to go all the way and claim the 2022 World Series at a bountiful (+340).

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