Detroit Tigers VS Toronto Blue Jays Same Game Parlay

Find the Best Same Game Parlay on the Tigers VS Blue Jays Tonight!

Best Detroit Tigers VS Toronto Blue Jays Same Game Parlay

Coming off of a thrilling comeback win in extra innings last night, the Toronto Blue Jays are one game away from sweeping their first homestand of the season against the Detroit Tigers. As the Jays search for their fourth straight win, why not put yourself in the middle of the action by placing a same game parlay on the Tigers VS Blue Jays?

At Canadian Sports Betting, we supply the best bets and expert analysis to our users so you can score your latest payday while enjoying all the action of the MLB. Below we’ve compiled a juicy same game parlay that could help land you a winning wager on tonight’s Tigers VS Blue Jays showdown.

A same game parlay allows bettors to combine game lines and prop bets into a single wager with increased odds with each additional bet selection. In order to win your bet, each pick included needs to hit, if even one bet featured falls short, the entire wager is a loss.

Net yourself a sizeable win with our Tigers VS Blue Jays same game parlay and add a new layer of excitement to tonight’s contest!

Toronto Blue Jays Moneyline

With no shortage of drama already this season, never count out this years Blue Jays squad. Last night the Jays pulled off the win after being down 3-1 in the bottom of the ninth inning, proving they have an explosive offensive ability that can keep their winning chances alive in any situation.

Holding all the momentum in this matchup, look for the Blue Jays to once again secure the win against the Tigers. The Jays have proven that they are the superior team, able to limit the scoring chances of the Tigers while keeping their bats hot when on the offensive.

Back the Jays to pick up the win, keeping them in the hunt for the lead in the AL East as they approach a highly-anticipated season series against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Matt Chapman 1+ Hits

Off to a tremendous start to his 2023 campaign, Jays third-baseman Matt Chapman has been sensational when it comes to making contact and getting on-base. Tied for the the league lead in total hits, Chapman is always a great bet to register one or more whenever he steps up to bat.

Averaging 1.92 hits per game, look for Chappy to continue his incredible pace, finding the mark against the Tigers bullpen, and tallying a hit against the Tigers this evening to secure a successful leg on your same game parlay.

Vladimir Guerrero 2+ Total Bases

One of the top young stars on the Blue Jays roster, back Vladimir Guerrero Jr. to make a big play tonight, picking up 2+ total bases against the Tigers. The All-Star first baseman has had a strong start to the season, picking up Over two total bases after his fantastic performance in last nights victory over the Tigers.

Averaging 2.2 total bases per game, look for the Jays slugger to have no trouble rounding the bases and securing another stellar outing in tonight’s tilt.

Chris Bassitt 4+ Strikeouts

Coming off of an amazing performance against the Los Angeles Angels in his last start, look for Chris Bassitt to throw heat to the tune of 4+ strikeouts against the Tigers. Throwing for five Ks in his last time out on the mound, Bassitt has done a great job showcasing his skillset with his new ball club.

With the Tigers struggling to produce offensively against the Blue Jays, be sure to include Bassitt in tonight’s same game parlay as he gets the better of opposing batters all game long, racking up 4+ strikeouts in the contest.

Tigers VS Blue Jays Same Game Parlay

Now that we’ve broken down each pick individually, let’s dive into the total value of this same game parlay. With each bet successfully hitting this evening, our pre-built Tigers VS Blue Jays parlay will net you a +320 win, meaning if you wager $100, you would profit $320!

Ride with us tonight and beat the books with this profitable parlay, earning yourself a big-time win on your MLB bet slip.

  • Blue Jays Moneyline
  • Matt Chapman 1+ Hits
  • Vladimir Guerrero 2+ Total Bases
  • Chris Bassitt 4+ Strikeouts

Total Odds: (+320)

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