Toronto Blue Jays VS Kansas City Royals Top Player Prop Bets

Find the Best Player Prop Bets Available on the Blue Jays VS Royals Matchup

Best Toronto Blue Jays VS Kansas City Royals Player Prop Bets

After yet another high-scoring contest, the Toronto Blue Jays have now dropped three games in a row and are in desperate need of a momentum booster. Facing a Kansas City Royals squad that was able to light up the scoreboard for nine runs scored in their last matchup against the Jays, look for both teams to go for broke in order to pick up the much-needed win in tonight’s matchup.

Don’t just watch tonight’s Blue Jays VS Royals tilt, put yourself in the middle of the action by placing a player prop bet on the action. Player prop bets allow bettors to wager on the individual performances of the athletes competing within tonight’s game as they attempt to exceed expectations set by oddsmakers, or fall short of them.

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Matt Chapman Over 0.5 Hits (-220)

One of the few players providing consistent production for the Blue Jays early on this season, Matt Chapman has been a reliable force when he steps up to the plate. Having notched eight hits in four games, back Chapman to once again make contact and get on base against the Royals this evening.

Chapman has only been held hitless once this season in the brief sample size provided, but look for this trend to become a constant as the 2023 MLB campaign continues. A terrific hitter that packs plenty of power into each swing, Chapman can find the perfect spot to crack any pitch toward in order to put himself as well as his team in the best possible scoring scenario.

Bet the Over on Chapmans hit total and watch as he once again makes contact with a pitch, scoring you an easy win on your Blue Jays VS Royals bet slip.

Bobby Witt Jr. Over 0.5 RBIs (+155)

A ferocious hitter whenever he steps up to bat, Bobby Witt Jr. will look to replicate his terrific output from last night’s matchup, recording Over 0.5 RBIs against the Blue Jays this evening.

The 22-year-old designated hitter has demonstrated he is a phenomenal batter, able to go deep as well as place the ball with pin-point accuracy in order to get his teammates across home plate. Considering his place in the batting order and his world-class talent, Witt is a fantastic bet to record at least one RBI against the Blue Jays.

At plus money you won’t find many bets better than this one in tonight’s battle, bet the Over on Witt’s RBIs as he looks to make it back-to-back outings with at least one recorded.

Yusei Kikuchi Under 4.5 Hits Allowed (-140)

Making his season debut for the Blue Jays, look for Yusei Kikuchi to limit the scoring chances of the Royals, allowing Under 4.5 hits to go against him in tonight’s matchup. Kikcuhi is a force on the mound when he gets hot, able to keep batters guessing as to what he will throw at them next.

With a strong exit velocity and the ability to change up looks on the fly, Kikuchi can be a burden to even the most skilled hitters. Look for Kikuchi to bounce back from a poor performance against the Royals last season, putting it behind and exorcizing his demons by keeping his pitches out of reach from the oppositions batters.

Kris Bubic Over 3.5 Strikeouts (-115)

Looking to extend his clubs winning ways against the Jays this evening, look for Kris Bubic to wheel and deal tonight, striking out Over 3.5 pitchers before this game comes to a close. After struggling mightily to produce last season in a tumultuous Royals season, look for Bubic to bounce back in a big way in tonight’s matchup.

Last season Bubic put on a strong showing in a losing effort, pitching seven innings against the Blue Jays in which he tallied four Ks. In a great position to replicate his successes from a season ago, look for the young pitcher to continue carving out his role with his team, throwing Over 3.5 strikeouts and providing you with a solid payday on this Blue Jays VS Royals player prop bet.

Bo Bichette Over 1.5 Total Bases

Whenever Bo Bichette steps to the plate, you already know he is gearing up to make an impact on the game. One of the most effective batters for the Blue Jays, look for Bichette to have no trouble recording Over 1.5 total bases in tonight’s matchup.

Having recorded a hit in each game played so far this season, look for Bichette to extend his hit streak to five games while making his way past two or more bases over the course of this evenings action.

Bichette has never seen a pitch he didn’t like, able to make contact on even the wildest of pitches. Look for Bichette to use his superb athleticism to get on base and land you a winning ticket on tonight’s Blue Jays VS Royals matchup.

Salvador Perez Over 0.5 Home Runs (+300)

It wasn’t long ago that Salvador Perez was putting up a career-high in home runs, and coming off a season in which he lead his club in total balls knocked out of the park, why not place a bet on the legendary catcher to record his first homer of the season against the Jays?

With the Blue Jays pitching rotation looking suspect so far this season, look for the former-World Series MVP to put his experience and power to good use when he steps to the plate, crushing a pitch well out of the field of play in tonight’s matchup.

There’s plenty of value attached to Perez’s home run scoring chances this evening, so why not take a swing alongside the veteran slugger, and watch as he goes yard to land you a massive payday.

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