Toronto Blue Jays VS Miami Marlins Same Game Parlay

Find the Best Same Game Parlay on the Blue Jays VS Marlins Tonight!

Best Blue Jays VS Marlins Same Game Parlay

After finally snapping their three-game losing streak, the Toronto Blue Jays will look to finish their series against the Miami Marlins strong as they face off in one final rubber match. Both teams have been shutout during this series, demonstrating how evenly matched these two ball clubs are.

With so much anticipation surrounding todays early first pitch, why not throw down a same game parlay on the Blue Jays VS Marlins?

At Canadian Sports Betting, we’ve constructed a juicy same game parlay ahead of todays action so you can start your day off with a win. Below you can find each pick featured in our Blue Jays VS Marlins same game parlay along with accompanying expert analysis on each leg of this bet.

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Blue Jays Moneyline (-135)

After rallying back from the humiliating defeat suffered in their first meeting of this series, the Blue Jays looked stellar in last night’s contest. Snagging the narrow 2-0 win, the Jays took advantage of a strong pithing day from Yusei Kikuchi to propel them to an easy victory.

Looking to build off the blue print established in yesterdays clash, expect to see the Jays once again make defence their top priority, limiting scoring chances of the Marlins, letting their bats pick up steam as the game progresses.

Back the favoured Blue Jays to take the series victory this evening, once again shutting down the batters of the Marlins, and securing themselves back-to-back wins for the first time since sweeping the Houston Astros earlier this month.

George Springer 2+ Total Bases (+130)

One of the Blue Jays top producers thus far in their current season series, expect to see George Springer pile up total bases in order to provide you with a successful leg of your Blue Jays VS Marlins same game parlay.

Beginning to build momentum as the season progresses, Springer has been one of the Jays most reliable batters in recent weeks. With game-changing power in each of his swings, Springer could easily crush this leg of your same game parlay in no time flat.

Having racked up at least two total bases in two of his last four appearances, back Springer to make an immediate impact on todays game.

Matt Chapman to Get a Hit (-165)

While his output has dwindled since his red hot start to the 2023 MLB season, look for Matt Chapman to produce for his team, recording a hit against the Marlins.

A terrific option for the Blue Jays whenever he steps up to the plate, Chapman excels at picking on the weak points of the oppositions outfield in order to generate scoring chances for his team. Coming off of a two hit outing against the Marlins last night, expect to see a repeat of his efforts this afternoon as he labels a hit in todays tilt.

Keving Gausman 7+ Strikeouts Thrown (-115)

Seemingly having come back down to earth after his explosion of output from the mound, look for Blue Jays ace, Kevin Gausman to pack heat with each pitch thrown this afternoon, racking up 7+ strikeouts thrown in the process.

Gausman has been sensational for the Blue Jays this season, sporting a solid 6-3 record as a starter and currently leads the American League in strikeouts thrown. Looking to build upon his lead, expect to see Gausman leave the Marlins batters frustrated as they are unable to touch any pitch sent their way.

Back Gausman to pile up 7+ strikeouts against the Marlins, using his brilliant skillset to bring you one step closer to a sizeable payday.

Blue Jays VS Marlins Same Game Parlay

Now that we’ve taken a deep dive into each of the legs featured in our Blue Jays VS Marlins same game parlay, it’s time to see what kind of value you can expect in return with this juicy bet.

  • Blue Jays Moneyline
  • George Springer 2+ Total Bases
  • Matt Chapman 1+ Hits
  • Kevin Gausman 7+ Strikeouts

Total Odds: (+675)

If all four picks featured above are successful, you could net yourself a +675 payout with our Blue Jays VS Marlins same game parlay! That means if you threw down $20, you could win a return of $155!

Don’t wait, take advantage of this incredible same game parlay today and score yourself a big win on this early window matchup!

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