Top Online Ontario Sportsbooks to Bet on the UFC

Find the Best Online Sportsbooks in Ontario for Betting on the UFC

Best Online UFC Sportsbooks in Ontario

After a brief time being banned in the province, Ontario has lifted betting restrictions against the world leader in combat sports and sports bettors can once again place wagers on the UFC. There are plenty of fantastic bouts on the horizon in 2023, so don’t miss out on your chance to bet on all the upcoming UFC cards.

To help you get started with your UFC bets, we have compiled the top online Ontario sportsbooks available to bettors so you can have the best possible experience while wagering on these thrilling fights. Each sportsbook provides its own unique features, betting options, and banking methods, so you can get the most out of your UFC betting experience.

Find the online Ontario sportsbook that works best for you with our in-depth reviews featured below, sign up, and place your first winning wager on the UFC today!

Best Ontario SportsbooksOnline Betting Site Links
FanDuelBet Here
NorthStar BetsBet Here
CoolbetBet Here
DraftKingsBet Here
BetMGMBet Here

FanDuel Sportsbook Ontario

FanDuel Sportsbook ON Sports

Signup & Download FanDuel Today

An online sportsbook that provides bettors with terrific features and odds daily, FanDuel Ontario Sportsbook is easily one of the top UFC betting sites in the province. Providing users with a multitude of unique betting markets, FanDuel Ontario supplies its users with plenty of wagers to keep help you maximize your winning potential.

One of the best features you can take advantage of at FanDuel Ontario comes from their featured odds boosts. These select boosted odds markets provide UFC bettors with increased potential payouts on select bouts so you can earn yourself a payday that’ll have you doing the Millionaire Strut.

Sign up with FanDuel Ontario today using any of the links found above or below and place your first winning wager on the UFC using their available odds boosts.

NorthStar Bets Ontario Sportsbook

NorthStar Bet Ontario Sports

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One of the best Canadian-made online sportsbooks on the market, NorthStar Bets has been an instant heavy hitter since launching in 2022. NorthStar Bets has sensational betting features and options that will have you clambering for more as you navigate through their clean and crisp user interface.

A fantastic sportsbook feature available on the NorthStar Bets platform that can help take your UFC betting strategies to the next level is through their “Sports Insights”. NorthStar Bets expert sports bettors provide their players with terrific betting analysis to help you score your next big win while gambling with their online sportsbook.

Head to NorthStar Bets today and see for yourself why they’re one of the top online sportsbooks in Ontario and make use of their Bet Insights ahead of placing your next UFC bets.

SignUp & Download NorthStar Bet Ontario Today

Coolbet Ontario Sportsbook

If you’re new to online sports betting then Coolbet Ontario Sportsbook is a great starting point for any aspiring UFC bettor. Coolbet has an easy-to-use interface that makes placing bets as simple as can be. With terrific betting options, juicy lines, and exciting sportsbook features, Coolbet Ontario is a terrific addition to any bettor’s sportsbook inventory.

One of the best features found on Coolbet’s platform comes from their “Bet Builder” function. Also commonly known as a same game parlay, with Coolbets bet builder feature they make crafting your multi-bet wager simple and fun, providing all the top picks you could ever ask for in one place.

Craft your own personalized parlay using Coolbets bet builder feature and net yourself a 10-8 win on your next wager placed on the UFC.

DraftKings Sportsbook Ontario

DraftKings Sportsbook Ontario Sports

Signup & Download DraftKings Today

As the official betting partner of the UFC, it’s a no-brainer to bet on all the featured upcoming fights with DraftKings Ontario Sportsbook. DraftKings is one of the best all-around sportsbooks on the market, providing sensational sports betting features, services, and odds so you can get the most out of your UFC bets.

On top of their massive sports betting library, with each individual UFC bout, DraftKings also provides a plethora of juicy prop bets for you to wager on. From round-by-round moneylines, method of victory, over/under on total strikes landed, and everything in between, you can wager on every aspect of the action at DraftKings Ontario.

Sign up and place your first bet at DraftKings Ontario today and be sure to take advatage of their deep betting catalog available on each UFC fight.

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BetMGM Ontario Sportsbook

A trusted and reliable online bookmaker in the province, BetMGM Ontario Sportsbook has made a name for itself as one of the top UFC betting sites on the market. With a deep selection of bets to choose from on the UFC, bettors will never run out of options while using their service. One of the best ways to bet on the UFC at BetMGM Ontario is through their easy parlay feature.

By using this sportsbook feature, bettors can create a parlay on the UFC in a matter of seconds, getting fantastic odds and placing their bets with ease. Creating parlays has never been better than with BetMGM Ontario and their easy parlays.

Place your next UFC parlay with BetMGM Ontario and their easy parlay feature and score a knockout blow over the oddsmakers, securing yourself a champions payout on your next bet.

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