How to Bet on the 2023 NBA Draft in Ontario

Find the Best Online Sportsbooks in Ontario for Betting on the 2023 NBA Draft

Best Online Betting Sites in Ontario to Bet on the 2023 NBA Draft

Thursday night we are set to usher in the newest crop of NBA talent as the 2023 NBA Draft will be taking place live from Barclays Centre in Brooklyn, New York. With some of the highest-touted prospects of the past decade up-for-grabs in this years draft class, the stakes are high for every franchise this offseason.

With so much spectacular talent on the board, why not put yourself in the shoes of an NBA General Manager and place a bet on the 2023 NBA Draft?

At Canadian Sports Betting, we’ve compiled the top Ontario sportsbooks into one place so you can find a reliable and trustworthy oddsmaker to place your next winning wager with. Each of the Ontario sportsbooks featured below provide exclusive odds & lines on the 2023 NBA Draft so you can get the most out of your draft night experience.

Not only will you see where the best places to bet on the NBA Draft are below, but you will also learn how to bet on the 2023 NBA Draft using popular betting strategies and markets on Thursday night.

See what the top Ontario NBA sportsbooks are offering on the 2023 NBA Draft and score your next big win at this year’s event.

To bet on the 2023 NBA Draft in Ontario you must be legally eligible (19+, legal resident in Ontario).

Best Ontario SportsbooksOnline Betting Site Links
FanDuelBet Here
NorthStar BetsBet Here
BetRiversBet Here
DraftKingsBet Here
BetMGMBet Here
Bet365Bet Here

FanDuel Sportsbook Ontario

FanDuel Sportsbook ON Sports

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Set to bring you an unforgettable NBA Draft betting experience, FanDuel Ontario is a fantastic online sports gambling option. Providing competitive lines and unique betting markets to wager on, there’s no shortage of terrific bets waiting to be place on the NBA Draft at FanDuel Ontario.

Want to score an easy win on the 2023 NBA Draft? Then head over to FanDuel and bet on Victor Wembanyama to become the first overall draft pick. Nearing as close to a lock as a bet can be, you can wager on the French phenom to be handed the keys to the San Antonio Spurs at -50000 odds.

Want to tempt fate and think the Spurs will avoid the consensus first overall pick? Head to FanDuel Ontario today and see the latest odds on who else is in the running to be takes numero uno.

NorthStar Bets Ontario Sportsbook

NorthStar Bet Ontario Sports

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As reliable as they are Canadian, NorthStar Bets sportsbook is a fantastic betting option for anyone in Ontario interested in betting on the 2023 NBA Draft.

With a variety of terrific NBA Draft betting markets available, NorthStar Bets provides unique betting opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. Allowing bettors to place their focus on the college hoops side of things rather than the NBA, you can bet on how many players will be drafted from each NCAA conference at NorthStar Bets.

Check out the terrific betting markets available on the NBA Draft and score yourself a win by placing a bet on the amount of 2023 draftees by their former college conference at NorthStar Bets.

BetRivers Ontario Sportsbook

BetriversONT-P4R Casino

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An online sportsbook that is known for their exceptionally generous odds, you can always score the best bang for your buck at BetRivers Ontario. BetRivers supplies a safe and exciting sports gambling experience for their users thanks to their easy-to-use interface and attractive odds.

Whether it’s placing a bet on where a player will be drafted or whether they will be selected earlier or later than their projections, BetRivers has plenty of action to sink your teeth into. Score yourself the best possible payday on the 2023 NBA Draft by placing a wager with BetRivers Ontario and their NBA Draft odds!

DraftKings Sportsbook Ontario

DraftKings Sportsbook Ontario Sports

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Arguably the best online sportsbook for anyone interested in placing a prop bet on any sport, DraftKings Ontario provides a plethora of betting options on the 2023 NBA Draft. Always looking to provide their players with fun and exciting ways to bet on their favourite sports, DraftKings excels at finding ways to get some skin in on the game in a number of ways.

While you can’t place parlays on the 2023 NBA Draft, bettors can find pre-built bets at DraftKings that allow you to wager on the exact order of the top draft choices. Whether it’s the exact order of the Top 3 or Top 5, DraftKings Ontario allows you to maximize your winning potential on the NBA Draft.

Check out the DraftKings NBA Draft betting markets and place a bet on the exact order of this year’s top draft selections.

BetMGM Ontario Sportsbook

Easily one of the best online betting sites in Ontario, BetMGM Ontario comes highly-regarded for their massive betting library and slick user interface. Packing a punch when it comes to value, you can find a number of great bets on the 2023 NBA Draft at BetMGM Ontario.

Listing odds for the exact pick for each of the Top 10 draft picks, you can hone in on a player you know is destined to land in a particular spot and score yourself a juicy win with their profitable odds & lines.

Place a bet on the landing spots for the top prospects in the 2023 NBA Draft at BetMGM Ontario.

Bet365 Ontario Sportsbook

Bet365 Ontario Sports

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Always providing bettors with a fresh assortment of betting markets to choose from, Bet365 Ontario hosts exclusive betting markets you won’t want to miss out on for the 2023 NBA Draft.

Expanding on what the competition is offering, Bet365 allows bettors to not just place bets on prospects to be selected in the Top 10, but they also supply odds & lines on whether a player will be drafted int he Top 20 or first-round entirely.

Place a bet on who you think is an under the radar first-round pick with Bet365 Ontario today a net yourself a hefty payout thanks to their tremendous betting markets.

Bet365 Ontario Sports

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Who Will the Toronto Raptors Draft Based on the Odds?

As a new age begins to bloom within the walls of the Scotiabank Arena, the Toronto Raptors currently hold the 13th pick in the 2023 NBA Draft and their selection could be pivotal toward their future success.

By the odds, there are several viable candidates to be taken by the Raptors once it’s officially there time on the clock.

Popular names to keep an eye on on Draft night based on the latest 2023 NBA Draft odds would be Bilal Couliaby, Carson Wallace, and Keyonte George. All three of these prospects hold odds that would place them just shy of the Top 10 picks, but still not the the first or second off the board as the lottery comes to a close.

Only time will tell what the Raptors ultimately decide to do as they take the next step into their latest chapter. With rumours swirling of possibly trading up toward the top of the draft, nothing is off limits when it comes to the outcome of the Raptors 2023 draft decisions.

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