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What do the Top Ontario Sportsbooks Offer for the Sweet 16?

Find the Best Online Sportsbooks in Ontario for Betting on the 2023 Sweet 16

Best Online Betting Sites in Ontario to Bet on the 2023 Sweet 16

If the opening weekend of the 2023 NCAA Tournament was any sign of what’s to come, the Sweet 16 is sure to be one for the history books! With non-stop action slated to begin this Thursday, there’s no time to waste in finding the best online betting sites in Ontario to bet on the Sweet 16!

That’s where we come in. At Canadian Sports Betting, we provide expert betting advice to help you find the the top online sportsbooks available in Ontario. We’ve thoroughly reviewed and vetted all of the best online bookmakers in the province for their safety and reliability so we can bring you the best betting options for this weekend’s action.

Check out the featured Ontario sportsbooks found below, sign up using one of the links provided on-site, and place your first winning wager on the 2023 Sweet 16 at one of the best online betting sites in Ontario.

Best Ontario SportsbooksOnline Betting Site Links
FanDuelBet Here
NorthStar BetsBet Here
BetRiversBet Here
DraftKingsBet Here
BetMGMBet Here
Bet365Bet Here

FanDuel Sportsbook Ontario

FanDuel Sportsbook ON Sports

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One of the most reputable oddsmakers on the Ontario market, FanDuel Ontario is easily one of the top online sportsbooks available in the province. Packing a punch with their competitive odds and deep betting library, FanDuel Ontario provides its users with everything they could need throughout their sports betting experience.

One of the best sportsbook features found at FanDuel Ontario comes from their odds boost market. Here, FanDuel Ontario provides its users with increased odds daily on some of the biggest sporting events of the day, often with a focus on Ontario-based teams and major primetime games.

Score your first odds boosted win at FanDuel Ontario today by signing up using any of the links found above or below, and get an increased wining potential on your Sweet 16 bets.

NorthStar Bets Ontario Sportsbook

NorthStar Bet Ontario Sports

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An online sportsbook that truly looks out for its players, NorthStar Bets Ontario is a terrific betting option for anyone looking to get involved in sports gambling. With terrific sportsbook features that will satisfy the needs of avid sports bettors, NorthStar Bets also does a great job at helping bring new players up to speed in terms of their sports handicapping ability.

One of the best examples of how NorthStar Bets helps you become a better bettor comes from their Sports Insights section found on their online betting platform. Here, their team of expert sports bettors provide helpful guides, daily picks, and more, so you can find the best way to hit paydirt while betting with their service.

Get the latest sports betting advice when you sign up with NorthStar Bets, and take your betting skillset to the next level just in time for the Sweet 16.

BetRivers Ontario Sportsbook

BetriversONT-P4R Casino

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An easy-to-navigate sportsbook that provides you with the best ability to boost your bankroll, BetRivers Ontario is a spectacular sportsbook to add to your lineup. Possessing markets on all the biggest leagues and events you can get some skin in on the game for all the biggest matchups of the day with some of the best odds available.

BetRivers is not afraid to offer its players with juicier odds that for sharp bettors, can lead to massive profits as a result. Often increasing the value on their lines from the average (-110) in spreads, all the way up to (-105) instead, providing you with a better bang for your buck every time you throw down a wager on BetRivers Ontario.

Stop placing bets with mediocre odds and star bringing home the bacon with BetRivers Ontario and their impressive sportsbook odds. Place your first bet with these industry leading odds on the Sweet 16 and watch your account balance sky rocket.

DraftKings Sportsbook Ontario

DraftKings Sportsbook Ontario Sports

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A recognizable name in the sports betting industry, DraftKings Ontario is a no-brainer must-have for both newcomers and experienced sports handicappers alike. Providing odds & lines on all the biggest sporting events from across the globe, DraftKings Ontario supplies you with the greatest variety of prop bets available.

With their vast prop betting market, players can wager on nearly every aspect of an upcoming game, allowing you to find your perfect wager ahead of the action. This can come incredibly handy when creating same game parlays or when searching to find value in a futures bet.

See for yourself why DraftKings Ontario is undisputedly one of the top online sportsbooks in the province, sign up today and secure your first win using their deep prop betting market when you bet on the 2023 Sweet 16.

BetMGM Ontario Sportsbook

BetMGM Sportsbook Ontario Sports

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A mainstay in the sports betting world, BetMGM Ontario continues to bring bettors top-end service for all of their sports gambling needs. With terrific betting options, features, and odds, BetMGM makes placing a winning wager a breeze.

Easily one of the best ways to bet with BetMGM Ontario is through their One Game Parlay functionality. Also known as a same game parlay, BetMGM Ontario makes crafting your customized parlay simple, providing a deep betting market for each matchup, all within a streamlined process for building your bet.

Sign up with BetMGM Ontario today and take their one game parlay feature for a spin on one of the Sweet 16 matchups taking place this week, and see why same game parlays have never been better than they are with BetMGM Ontario.

Bet365 Ontario Sportsbook

Bet365 Ontario Sports

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An oddsmaker that has made waves across the globe, Bet365 Ontario allows bettors within the province to take advantage of their stellar sports betting service. Bet365 as a brand is international, allowing for them to provide odds & lines on events from all around the world.

This is evident through their expansive betting markets available. From the mainstream such as the NHL, NFL, and NBA, to the obscure like Sumo, Table Tennis, and Badminton. Having such a great variety of betting markets allows for bettors to find new and exciting ways to bet on sports through all hours of the day.

Check out the massive betting library offered by Bet365 Ontario and see what kinds of exclusive wagers they posses on the Sweet 16.

Bet365 Ontario Sports

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