How to Bet on Super Bowl 57 in Canada

Learn All of the Best Ways to Bet on this Year’s Big Game

Super Bowl Betting in Canada Explained

Even North of the United States border, the Super Bowl is a massive event circled on thousands of Canadians’ calendars every year. With exciting action on the field and a thrilling and exciting spectacle off of it, the Super Bowl is a sporting event that simply cannot be replicated.

With the game’s biggest stars set to do battle between the Chiefs and Eagles, the NFL’s best will look to cement themselves in history all under the bright lights of the Super Bowl. With no shortage of action set to take place, there’s never been a better time to place a bet on Super Bowl 57.

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If you’re new to sports betting or are unsure of how to bet on the Super Bowl, we’ve outlined all of the best ways to place wagers on this year’s game so you can bet with confidence on the Eagles VS Chiefs.

Game Lines

The standard way to bet on the Super Bowl is through game lines. Game lines encompass all betting markets that focus on the big game’s outcome. Learn about this simple yet fun way to bet on Super Bowl 57 and be sure to include these game line wagers in your next Super Bowl bet slip.

Moneyline Betting

A moneyline is a betting term to describe picking the winner of the game. For instance, if you wanted to place a bet on the Chiefs to win the game, you would place a bet on the Chiefs moneyline.

Moneyline wagers will be separated into a favourite and an underdog with varying odds attached to both teams. This is a great way for anyone new to sports betting to get started or can be a terrific wager to include in any parlays you want to create prior to kickoff of the big game.

Point Spread Betting

Similar to a moneyline, a point spread wager allows you to bet on the outcome of the game, but in a more balanced approach. For example, the Eagles are favoured to win this year’s Super Bowl by 1.5-points (displayed as -1.5) and the Chiefs enter as 1.5-point underdogs (displayed as +1.5).

When you place a wager on the point spread of the Super Bowl you are either backing the favourite to win the game by a certain amount of points or for the underdog to win outright or lose within the allotted amount of points. Based on the example given above, this means if you were to bet on the Eagles to point spread or “to cover” the spread, that means they would need to win by at least two or more points, where as the Chiefs only need to win the game or lose within one point.

Point Total Betting

Still allowing you to wager on the outcome of the game but not forcing you to pick sides, point total bets (also known as an Over/Under) allows you to place a bet on how many total combined points will be scored in the Super Bowl.

For example, this year’s big game has a line set at 51 points. If you feel the game will be high-scoring and you take the Over, the combined final score of the Super Bowl needs to be 52 points or greater in order to win your bet. If you think defence is going to win championships and the score will stay low, you would bet the Under and to win your bet, the combined score would need to be 50 points or less.

If the combined final score results in exactly 51 points, this is called a PUSH. This would effectively void your bet, refunding your wager amount back to your account.

Prop Bets

A terrific way to add an extra layer of fun and excitement to your Super Bowl wagers, prop bets allow you to place wagers on even the smallest detail of the big game. From the opening coin toss to how many touchdowns Patrick Mahomes passes for, prop bets allow you to bet on it all.

Game Props

Expanding on what we’ve covered in game lines, game props allow you to take a deeper dive into your bets, placing wagers that are far more specified. Popular game props include but are not limited to total touchdowns scored in the game, whether the first scrimmage play will be a run or pass, and predicting the exact score of the game.

Game props provide bettors with a multitude of juicy bets for you to sink your teeth into on this years Super Bowl.

Player Props

Instead of wagering on the outcome of the game, player prop bets allow you to wager on the performance of the athletes competing in this year’s big game. From anytime touchdown scorers, to yardage totals, or even how many field goals the kicker makes, you can bet on any players performance in the biggest game of the year.

Whether you back them to exceed expectations set by oddsmakers or to fall short, player prop bets are one of the best ways to bet on the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Exclusive Props

With the Super Bowl being the most bet-on sporting event of the year, online sportsbooks make sure to add as many betting options as possible to quench your sports betting thirst on the big game.

These exclusive props are often unrelated to the game itself and are more focused on the extravaganza and media frenzy surrounding the event. Popular super bowl exclusive prop bets include how long will the National Anthem be, whether the coin toss will be heads or tails, the colour of the winning teams Gatorade, and everything else in between.

Super Bowl prop bets make the game so much more exciting, making every second must-see television as you enjoy all the glitz and glamour that goes into creating this world-class event.

Top Online Sportsbooks to Bet on Super Bowl 57

If you are looking to place a bet on this year’s Super Bowl but aren’t sure where to get started, be sure to read our comprehensive online sportsbook reviews to help you find the online betting site that’s right for you.

Below we have included a few of the top-ranked online sportsbooks for you to bet with that can help kickstart your online sports betting journey, and will help you win big on all of your Super Bowl 57 bets.