How to Bet on the 2023 NFL Draft in Ontario

Learn How to Win Big Betting on the 2023 NFL Draft

How do you Bet on the NFL Draft?

The 2023 NFL Draft is quickly approaching and at Canadian Sports Betting, we want to help you get ready for the drama and excitement of this year’s events by breaking down how to bet on the 2023 NFL Draft in Ontario. To bet on the NFL Draft in Ontario you must be 19+ years old as well as be a legal resident in the province.

There’s no shortage of wagers waiting to be placed on this year’s draft that could net you a big-time payday like you just got offered your first NFL contract. In order to place a bet on the NFL Draft you will first need to sign up with a reliable and trustworthy online sportsbook to take your action.

That’s why we’ve compiled all the top online sportsbooks in Ontario into one place so you can find the best online sports betting sites to place your NFL Draft wagers with. Each online bookmaker comes equipped with their own unique sportsbook features to help elevate your sports betting experience.

Check out our in-depth online sportsbook reviews, sign up with the oddsmaker that’s right for you, and place your learn how you can place your first bet on the 2023 NFL Draft.

Betting on the First Overall Pick

The most important, speculated, and debated pick of the entire draft, the first overall draft selection comes attached with not just bells and whistles, but pressure and pride as well. With expectations sky-high for the player taken at this spot, teams take every precaution necessary when making this pick. You should take the same steps as you formulate how you want to bet on who will be selected first overall.

Allowing you to pick from the top prospects in the draft, oddsmakers will provide you with varying values on each player in terms of how likely they are to be taken with the first overall pick. There are many elements you should take into account when deciding who you want to bet on to go numero uno.

Great ways to help determine who you think will go first overall are looking at the drafting team’s positional needs, depth of talent in the Draft Class, as well as the projections outlined by NFL Draft experts. By combining all of this information you will be able to formulate a good idea of who will be drafted first overall.

As of today, Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback, Bryce Young is projected to go first overall at the 2023 NFL Draft, currently listed with -1600 odds to be the first off the board. These odds are highly in favour of the Heisman winner and could make for an easy payday for all NFL Draft bettors.

Draft Pick Order

Not only can you place wagers on who you think will be drafted first overall, but you can also bet on the order of many of the other top prospects in the 2023 NFL Draft. These bets can certainly prove to be tricky as teams are busy on the phones wheeling and dealing as they try to land their guy on Draft night.

In this betting market, you can wager on a player to be drafted at a specific position or on the Over/Under of their projected draft spot. For example, Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson is currently slated to be drafted at pick 7.5, you can then wager whether you expect him to be drafted seventh or earlier, or eighth onwards.

Be sure to do your research on the top ten picks in the NFL Draft and see if you can find a juicy wager to place a bet on during this year’s draft selection show.

Drafted by Position Props

Another great way to bet on the 2023 NFL Draft, bettors can also wager by position in this year’s Draft. From wide receivers to defensive tackles, you can bet on the number of players drafted by position, as well as who will be the first player drafted at each position.

For instance, if you wanted to bet on who the first running back drafted will be, you can select any of the top upcoming draftees such as Bijan Robinson, Jahmyr Gibbs, Zach Charbonnet and more to help win you your bet.

If you don’t have a strong feeling on who will be the first by a specific position to be drafted but know there will be plenty of players taken from that group this year, you can bet the Over/Under by position as well on the 2023 NFL Draft.

There are also special player position draft picks that are waiting to be taken advantage of such as the first defensive player to be drafted as well as the first non-quarterback drafted. Find your next winning pick with these NFL Draft position prop bets.

College Draft Picks

After cutting their teeth in the NCAA, don’t expect these highly-touted prospects to stop bleeding their respective college colours even through the NFL Draft process. With some conferences churning out more talent than others, bettors can now place bets on which will produce the most draft selections.

While the SEC is always a safe bet as a manufacturer of NFL stars, the level of talent from around the NCAA has continued to rapidly expand over the years, now with small schools capturing elite talent and preparing them for life as a pro.

You can place bets on the Over/Under amount of each of the major conferences with players set to be drafted in the first round. Get your mock draft ready and place your bets accordingly as you decide what football conference will feature heavily in this year’s NFL Draft.

NFL Team Draft Picks

Instead of focusing on the players being drafted, turn your attention to the teams that are acquiring the latest crop of NFL talent.

Place a bet on your any of the 32 teams to draft by position, honing in on the area of need they are trying to improve. With each team receiving their own unique odds values based on need as well as expected talent available at their current draft spot, you can find plenty of value betting on a team’s draft choice.

If you want to break out your crystal ball for the 2023 NFL Draft, you can also place bets on a specific player to go to a team of your choosing. For instance, with plenty of hype and speculation surrounding Georgia defensive lineman, Jalen Carter, you can bet on any team to land the highly-touted prospect and could receive a generous payout for a correct guess.

Find the best bets for each NFL team at the NFL Draft and be sure to place a wager or two on this year’s event.

Position of Mr. Irrelevant

Set to keep you invested in the 2023 NFL Draft from start to finish, you can also place bets on this year’s “Mr. Irrelevant”. For those unaware, Mr. Irrelevant is a longstanding endearment for the last pick in the NFL Draft. We have seen plenty of talent come from the later stages of the NFL Draft in the past, including breakout star for the San Francisco 49ers, Brock Purdy, who was Mr. Irrelevant in 2022.

With so many players eligible and a plethora of picks set to be made, it would be nearly impossible to predict who will be taken with the last pick of the draft. But, to make things interesting, you can place wagers on what position grouping Mr. Irrelevant 2023 will be.

There are no definite trends with this pick but in the past 10 years, six of the last final picks have been an offensive player, with three of them being tight ends. Will we see another offensive player, wind up as Mr. Irrelevant this year? Why not place a bet and find out and win on your NFL Draft bets from pick number one all the way to the final selection of round seven.

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