Super Bowl 58 Novelty Prop Bet Odds

Score a Big Win on the 49ers VS Chiefs with the Best Novelty Prop Bets

Best Novelty Prop Bets Available on Super Bowl 58

This Sunday the biggest football game of the year is going down live from Las Vegas, Nevada as it plays host to Super Bowl 58. With a rematch from Super Bowl 54, the San Francisco 49ers will take on the Kansas City Chiefs to decide who’s the best team in the NFL.

With no shortage of bets waiting to be placed on the outcome and action of this years Big Game, why not take the excitement of this upcoming clash to the next level by placing a novelty prop bet on Super Bowl 58?

These betting markets are exclusive to Canadian bettors so don’t miss out on your chance to win big with these special novelty props!

At Canadian Sports Betting, we provide expert betting insight and analysis on the NFL so you can rake in the winnings while enjoying the action of Super Bowl 58. Below we’ve compiled all of the novelty betting markets available for the 49ers VS Chiefs so you can find a bet to place ahead of the upcoming clash.

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Coin Toss Outcome


Starting things off with a basic novelty prop bet that anybody and their mother can get some skin in on. Prior to kickoff when both teams meet in the middle of the field for the opening coin toss, bettors are able to bet on whether it will land on heads or tails.

With this being a dead even 50/50 scenario this pick can be incredibly profitable as if you are correct you will win back the equivalent of what you wagered. For instance, if you bet $10 on heads and the coin toss results in your favour, you would win a profit of $10 for a total return of $20 including your original stake.

Throughout the history of the Super Bowl, tails has been the most popular occurrence, with this outcome resulting 30-times out of 57 games played (52.6%). Tails has also been a popular trend in recent memory, having been the result of the coin toss in seven of the last 10 Super Bowls.

Start your Super Bowl novelty bets off with an early win and place a wager on heads or tails today.

Coin Toss Winners

San Francisco 49ersKansas City Chiefs

Similar to the novelty bet found above, this coin toss wager is instead focused on the winner of the coin toss rather than the face value shown after the flip. With the 49ers set to play as the “visitors” in a neutral field setting as they are the NFC representative, they will control their destiny in calling heads or tails.

The team calling heads or tails has had the edge historically throughout the longstanding tradition of the Super Bowl, with 37-times out of 57 games played (64.9%) has the team calling the coin toss been successful. When taking this trend into consideration, the smart money points towards the 49ers to win the coin toss at Super Bowl 58.

The winner of the coin toss may seem like a pointless figure, but it does seem to have a winning impact attached to it. With 31 (54.3%) of the coin toss winners in Super Bowl history having gone on to win the Big Game outright, this early win may just set the tone for the game itself.

Be sure to factor in all of the latest coin toss trends into your Super Bowl bet slip and win big on the outcome of this exciting novelty betting market.

Gatorade Colour

No Gatorade Bath+1600

A longstanding tradition throughout the history of the Super Bowl, the victorious team giving their Head Coach a well-deserved Gatorade shower has become one of the most iconic visuals in sports history.

Now, you can build up the anticipation and excitement of the ceremonial Gatorade dumping by placing a bet on the colour of the drink poured out onto the field.

With the Chiefs having dumped a bucket of Purple Gatorade onto Coach Andy Reid after last years Super Bowl victory against the Philadelphia Eagles, it has quickly opened as the favourite for this year’s colour.

Since 2001 Orange has been the most popular colour, having been the drink of choice five-times by Super Bowl Champions. One colour stands alone having never been used in this timeframe with Red having never been poured out by the winning side.

Quench your thirst for a big win with this fun novelty bet and place a wager on the colour of the winning teams Gatorade today!

Jersey Number of the First Touchdown Scorer

Jersey Number Over 22.5Jersey Number Under 22.5
Over -120+100

A great way to wager on the first player to break their way into the end zone and kickoff the scoring in this year’s Big Game, you can wager on whether the jersey number of the first touchdown scorer will be Over or Under 22.5.

With 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey favoured to score the first touchdown of the game (+360) while donning #23, this would by the odds make the Over the favourite to hit in this betting market.

Over the past five Super Bowls the Under has been the successful betting trend with the first touchdown scorer having worn a jersey number Under 22.5. This trend is obviously hard to rely upon however as this would fluctuate based on the numbers worn by key members of each teams offence.

Jersey Number of the Last Touchdown Scorer

Jersey Number Over 22.5Jersey Number Under 22.5

Working the same as the first touchdown scorer betting market found above, this novelty prop bet is for wagering on the jersey number of the last touchdown scorer in Super Bowl 58.

With the Christian McCaffrey also favoured to score the final touchdown of the Big Game, once again the Over may be the smart bet for this betting market. The Over has also been the popular trend over the last five Super Bowls with three of the last five games having seen a player wearing a number higher than 22 score the last touchdown of the contest.

Check out the rosters for each side and see where you want to lean on the first/last touchdown scorer between the 49ers VS Chiefs and score yourself a win by the numbers.

Combined Touchdown Scorer Numbers

Over 121.5Under 121.5

In what’s projected to be a fairly-high scoring contest, you can also wager on the total sum of the jersey numbers who find the end zone at Super Bowl 58.

The Over has been a popular pick over the last five seasons with the last four-straight Super Bowls having finished with well Over 121.5 in jersey number value from touchdown scorers.

With star players such as Travis Kelce (#87) and George Kittle (#85) set to make a big impact for their teams in this year’s big game, each of these superstar tight ends could make or break this novelty prop bet.



A somewhat niche NFL fan trend to watch for within Super Bowl 58 is whether or not the final score will result as a Scorigami. A Scorigami is when the final score of an NFL game finishes in a box score that has never happened before.

For example, an NFL game has never finished by a final score of 33-2. If the final score of the Super Bowl was to finish at 33-2, then this would be a Scorigami. Only once has there ever been Scorigami within the Super Bowl in NFL history, this coming in the Seattle Seahawks shellacking of the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 48 where the Seahawks took the win 43-8.

It may not be likely, but it is possible. If you think a Scorigami is inbound for Super Bowl 58 then be sure to place your wager accordingly with the juicy odds of +2000 today.

Team to Use First Coaches Challenge

San Francisco 49ersKansas City Chiefs

An easy novelty prop bet to get involved in comes from the action on the field as you wager on which team will be the first to drop their red challenge flag.

A challenge flag is dropped by the Head Coach of a team when they believe a call on the field was incorrect. Once the play has been challenged the officials on the field will review the video replay to ensure the correct call is made. If the Head Coach is successful the call will be reversed, if they are unsuccessful they will be penalized by a loss of a timeout.

Challenge flags are fairly common over the course of an NFL game which is why the odds for this novelty bet are dead even at -110 apiece.

With this market being based on a circumstantial occurrence, there are no trends that may help you find an edge in this novelty bet.

National Anthem Length

Over 90.5 SecondsUnder 90.5 Seconds

No Super Bowl would be complete without a rousing National Anthem sung by a superstar musician to set the tone for the star-studded affair. With each individual group/artist always bringing their own twist and flavour to their rendition of the United States anthem, betting on how the long the anthem will go on for is a great way to kickoff your Super Bowl bets.

With Country singer Reba McEntire set to perform The Star-Spangled Banner at Super Bowl 58, the Over/Under on how many seconds she will take is set at 90.5 (one minute and 30 seconds).

After I did some quick digging through some of McEntire’s previous anthem renditions, she has generally opted to keep things short and sweet, with an average of 78.5 seconds for her performances. While she may carry a few notes for a second or two longer than her previous performances, I still highly suggest you hammer the Under on this novelty prop.

With the last three Super Bowl national anthems having gone Over the projected time set by oddsmakers, look for this trend to come to an end as McEntire finishes in Under 90.5 seconds.

Taylor Swift Novelty Bets

Love her or hate her, Taylor Swift is going to be a focal point throughout the broadcast of Super Bowl 58. As she will likely be in attendance to support her current boyfriend Travis Kelce, FanDuel Ontario has opened multiple unique betting markets to wager on Swift’s involvement in the Big Game.

Check out all of the Taylor Swift novelty bets found below and see how you can win big whether you’re a Swiftie or a hater at Super Bowl 58.

Will the Super Bowl MVP Mention Taylor Swift in their Speech?


While the Super Bowl MVP generally takes time to thank major figures within their life whether it be a parent or loved on, religious figure, or even a past coach, there is also the chance that they may shoutout the Pop Icon Taylor Swift within their speech.

Currently oddsmakers have this as a longshot of happening, it may have some value for bettors. With her boyfriend Travis Kelce currently listed with the fourth-best odds of winning Super Bowl MVP (+1200) this could be an easy win if he is selected as the top player of the game.

Even then, the possibility of another top player on the Chiefs wanting to make note of the Superstars involvement with the team this season, or perhaps even a trash talking 49ers player if they are the ones hoisting the Lombardi Trophy could mention her in their speech.

While the odds are stacked against bettors, you could knab terrific value with this betting market.

Will Travis Kelce Purpose to Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl?


With the potential to secure two rings in one night, you can also wager on whether Travis Kelce will purpose to Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl. For this bet to be successful the proposal must occur on the field after the matchup as completed.

While the two haven’t been together for an extended period of time, reports of the two’s blossoming love has spread to the mainstream and has many wondering whether Kelce will pop the question.

This novelty bet is certainly a longshot and may be a bit of a stretch, if you are a true believer in love and grand romantic gestures this is the betting market for you.

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