What do the Top NFL Betting Sites in Ontario have to Offer for the 2023 Season?

Top NFL Betting Sites 2023

Best Online NFL Sportsbooks in Ontario

The 2023 NFL season is finally upon us and here at Canadian Sports Betting, we are here to get you locked-and-loaded with the best online NFL sportsbooks to place your bets with this year.

Each of the top NFL betting sites listed have been carefully vetted to ensure their safety, reliability, and profitability, so you can bet without worry on all the biggest games scheduled on the NFL docket in 2023. Below we’ve highlighted some of the best online bookmakers in Ontario that are sure to enhance your NFL betting experience this upcoming season so you can maximize your winning potential.

Sign up and download any of the top Ontario sportsbooks below using the links provided and throw down your first winning wager just in time for Week 1 of the 2023 NFL season.

FanDuel Sportsbook Ontario

A top of the line online sportsbook, FanDuel Ontario comes equipped with everything an NFL bettor could want. With competitive odds, unique prop bet markets, all wrapped up in a sleek user-friendly design, it doesn’t get much better than betting on the NFL with FanDuel Ontario.

Along with their fantastic lines & odds, FanDuel Ontario currently offers their fantasy football loving bettors with head-to-head fantasy betting markets. This means you can wager on what player you think will score more fantasy points than the other, allowing you to extend from the norm of NFL betting and add some new flavour to spice up your bet slip.

For example, you can wager on Patrick Mahomes to outscore Jared Goff in their upcoming season opener clash. If the reigning Super Bowl MVP outperforms the Lions quarterback, then you will score a win on your head-to-head fantasy bet slip.

Learn more about what FanDuel Ontario has to offer on the 2023 NFL season with the link below.

Sports Interaction Ontario Sportsbook

Loaded with value so you can win big on all your NFL bets this season, Sports Interaction Ontario is a must-have for any avid bettor. Providing their players with profitable odds, and a wide variety of betting markets to choose from, there’s never a dull moment betting at Sports Interaction Ontario.

At Sports Interaction, every bet placed makes it feel like a party, that’s why they supply their exclusive “Piñata Picks” to all users. Piñata Picks are a fun way to get some skin in the game, allowing users to score potentially increased payouts depending on the wager supplied.

Just like a Piñata, you never know what’s going to come out. On this betting market you can place a wager on a specific event and receive a random corresponding bet to follow. For example, you can earn 100-1 odds on Patrick Mahomes passing yard total against the Lions if you are given the passing yard value that he ends up finishing with in the upcoming season opener.

While this takes away your chance of deciding your own fate, you could get lucky and wind up netting a sensational payday as a result.

Learn more about what Sports Interaction Ontario has to offer on the 2023 NFL season with the link below.

DraftKings Ontario Sportsbook

One of the most-well regarded online sportsbook on the market, DraftKings Ontario is a phenomenal sports betting site that will provide you with ample opportunities to win on the NFL this season. Along with their stellar odds and lines, DraftKings also supplies their users with the most-diverse range of betting markets available on the 2023 NFL season.

From a multitude of prop bets on each individual matchup throughout the season, to a nearly-endless amount of futures bets to invest in at anytime of the year. Whether you want to bet on a team, player, or specific event result, DraftKings Ontario supplies odds on anything you could every want to wager on in the NFL.

Learn more about what DraftKings Ontario has to offer on the 2023 NFL season with the link below.

Bet365 Sportsbook Ontario

Easily one of the best oddsmakers on the Ontario market, Bet365 has proven itself as a top-notch oddsmaker across the globe.

Always looking out for their bettors, Bet365 doesn’t want you to get caught in the crosshairs of a wild comeback, that’s why they provide you with early payouts on the NFL if the team you back goes up by 17+ points in any game they play.

With this unique sportsbook feature, Bet365 protects you from having your bet slip spoiled by a choke job, rewarding you for picking the team that gets out to a big lead. This feature is fantastic as it pays you out as a winner on straight bets and marks games as a win in parlays.

Learn more about what Bet365 Ontario has to offer on the 2023 NFL season with the link below.

BetMGM Ontario Sportsbook

Providing their bettors with non-stop action to wager on with their online sports betting platform, start winning big on the NFL with BetMGM Ontario. BetMGM supplies their users with fantastic odds & lines, as well as a plethora of betting markets to stuff your bet slip with on the NFL.

One of the best ways to bet on the NFL this season with BetMGM is with their unique future betting markets. Allowing you to target a wide variety of bets from a specific angle you can score juicy wins on the outcome of the 2023 season.

For example, at BetMGM you can wager on what state the Super Bowl champion comes from, providing bettors with a grouped future wager that can knab you a sizeable payday on the NFL in 2023.

Learn more about what BetMGM Ontario has to offer on the 2023 NFL season with the link below.

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