2023 Stanley Cup Odds Post-NHL Trade Deadline

Get the latest odds on the 2023 Stanley Cup after a Wild Trade Deadline

Stanley Cup Odds after the 2023 NHL Trade Deadline

After one of the craziest, busiest, and most eventful NHL trade deadlines we’ve seen in recent years, big names have been on the move as we’ve seen championship contenders form and tanking teams implode as we near the final stretch of the 2022-23 regular season.

With plenty of action going on across the league all the way to the final seconds of the 3pm EST deadline on March 3rd, the numerous league-altering moves have also had a drastic effect on multiple teams Stanley Cup odds.

Check out the latest updates to the 2023 Stanley Cup odds post-NHL trade deadline and see who were the biggest risers and fallers this season.

2023 Stanley Cup Odds

TeamOdds to Win the 2023 Stanley Cup
Boston Bruins+400
Colorado Avalanche+600
Carolina Hurricanes+650
Toronto Maple Leafs+850
Tampa Bay Lightning+1200
New York Rangers+1300
New Jersey Devils+1300
Vegas Golden Knights+1400
Edmonton Oilers+1400
Dallas Stars +1500
Calgary Flames+2200
Minnesota Wild+2500
Seattle Kraken+2800
Winnipeg Jets+2800
Pittsburgh Penguins+3000
Los Angeles Kings+3000
Florida Panthers+5000
New York Islanders+5000
Washington Capitals+8000
Nashville Predators+8000
Buffalo Sabres+10000
Detroit Red Wings+15000
Ottawa Senators+15000
St. Louis Blues+30000
Vancouver Canucks +50000
Philadelphia Flyers+50000
Columbus Blue Jackets+100000
Chicago Blackhawks+100000
Montreal Canadiens+100000
Arizona Coyotes+100000
Anaheim Ducks+100000
San Jose Sharks +100000

(Odds as of March 3rd, 2023, courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook)

Biggest Risers Post-NHL Trade Deadline

As several Stanley Cup contenders looked towards the future, instead of sitting on their hands these teams picked up the phone and made moves to acquire winning players that could help provide a boost deep into the postseason.

Whether it was adding depth to an area of need or adding a superstar calibre player to their lineup, check out the biggest risers in the 2023 NHL Stanley Cup odds.

Toronto Maple Leafs

Sporting a top-heavy squad prior to the trade deadline, the Maple Leafs and General Manager Kyle Dubas, made several quality moves to round out their squad as they look to finally escape the first-round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

With additions of Ryan O’Reilly, Noel Acciari, Jake McCabe, and other solid rotational pieces, the Leafs shot up the Stanley Cup odds, going from +1000 in January to +850. While this isn’t a major move in terms of total value but when you are already firmly cemented in the upper echelon of Cup contenders, if you’re able to improve your chances at all, this is a major win.

After providing hope that many thought was finally gone for good from the hearts of Leafs fans across the country, only time will tell if these mid-season moves will be enough to put them over the edge.

New York Rangers

Another big market squad that went all-in ahead of the 2023 trade deadline, the New York Ranger now roster a star-studded lineup after acquiring former-Stanley Cup Champions and All-Stars, Patrick Kane and Vladimir Tarasenko to a team that was already jam-packed with dynamic talent.

After adding the two lethal snipers to their roster, the Rangers now hold one of the leagues most fearsome staring sixes that will be nearly unbeatable come playoff time. After making these moves the Rangers 2023 Stanley Cup odds rose exponentially, surging to a still profitable +1300 from the +2000 odds given at the beginning of January.

Having come up short in the Eastern Conference Finals a season ago, look for these new acquisitions to make an immediate impact to the Rangers overall play and could make them the team to beat in the East.

Edmonton Oilers

Following in the footsteps of the Rangers, the runner-ups in the Western Conference from 2022 also made a splash prior to the 2023 NHL Trade deadline after adding Mattias Ekholm from the Nashville Predators. Ekholm will provide the Oilers with terrific defensive defenceman to bolster their blueline, while aslo bringing a veteran presence and grit to a team that desperately needed it.

After entering into 2023 with +2100 odds to win the 2023 Stanley Cups, the Oilers have shot up to +1400 after the trade deadline. The Oilers took a smart approach to this year’s deadline, making moves that would make major impacts rather than simply being cosmetic.

Only time will tell if the moves made by the Oilers will be enough to help them go on another deep postseason run, but when you’ve got Connor McDavid, anything is possible.

Biggest Losers Post-NHL Trade Deadline

While some teams got exceptionally better after the 2023 NHL trade deadline, some teams went the opposite direction, either staying put with the roster they have or liquidating assets in order to rebuild for the future.

Some of these teams are still in the midst of a playoff push, making their monumental drops that much more embarrassing and confusing as they teams direction doesn’t corelate with their actions near this years deadline.

Washington Capitals

In what looked like another season in which the Washington Capitals would be positioned to make a run in the Eastern Conference, they now stand to potentially miss the postseason all together.

Instead of buying, the Capitals were only interested in selling, hoping to acquire assets to create a quick offseason retool towards the 2023-24 NHL season. What they ended up with was a haul of picks and a promising young defenceman in Rasmus Sandin. After making these moves the Capitals dropped their Stanley Cup odds from a mediocre +3750 on February 1st to an atrocious +8000.

With the clock ticking on the careers of Alex Ovechkin, T.J. Oshie, and Nicklas Backstrom, this could prove a disastrously bad decision by the Caps to not make an attempt to help their veteran core take one last kick at the can.

St. Louis Blues

A team that made their direction clear this trade deadline, the St. Louis Blues are ready to tank. After failing to regain the momentum they once had when they hoisted the Stanley Cup in 2019, a few seasons later and the house is burning down.

After shipping vital members of their organization such as Conn Smythe winner Ryan O’Reilly as well as Vladimir Tarasenko and Ivan Barbashev, the Blues 2023 Stanley Cup odds have gone from a pipedream to a nightmare. Having once held odds of +9000 heading into the new year, the Blues now sit with +30000 odds to win the Stanley Cup.

How the mighty have fallen in regards to the Blues as one of the best stories the NHL had seen in years has collapsed before us in horrendous fashion. The Blues will look to bank on some of the picks and future assets acquired in this deadline to build towards the future, but you can’t help but feel that they may have left some meat on the bone in terms of their rosters true potential this season.

Florida Panthers

It’s easy to call the Florida Panthers one of the biggest losers in the NHL, let alone point out their continued descent into the basement of the 2023 Stanley Cup odds. After coming into this season with tons of hype surrounding the Cats, last years President’s Trophy winners have failed to mesh, falling short of their expected production by a mile.

Fighting just to stay within the striking distance of a wild card spot, the Panthers have seen their 2023 Stanley Cup odds drop from as high as +2650 in January to a lofty +5000 after the trade deadline. For a team desperately in need of a change, the Panthers instead chose to ride with the hand they dealt themselves and all indications point towards Bill Zito and the rest of the front office in Florida busting this season.

With no light to be seen at the end of the regular season’s tunnel, the risk was not worth the reward this offseason, landing the Panthers on the outside looking in as their club continues to lose credibility around the NHL.

How Did the Trade Deadline Impact Canadian NHL Teams?

As mentioned above the Toronto Maple Leafs and Edmonton Oilers made substantial moves to upgrade their clubs and rise up in the 2023 Stanley Cup odds, but what about the other five Canadian Squads?

Calgary Flames

After making a few small moves to round out their squad and acquire some additional depth, the Flames were mostly quiet during the 2023 NHL trade deadline. The Flames are still positioned well to reach the Playoffs this season and perhaps made the right move at staying pat with what they’ve got.

In the eyes of oddsmakers however, the Flames got worse while the Western Conference got better, seeing their Cup odds drop from +1800 in January to +2200.

Montreal Canadiens

In the middle of a rebuild, the Canadiens weren’t expected to be a big participant in this year’s NHL trade deadline. Still focusing on building up the sensational young talent under roster, the Canadiens 2023 Stanley Cup odds have gradually rose as the season continues, going from +40000 in January to a unwagerable +100000.

Ottawa Senators

Drifting between no man’s land in the Eastern Conference, all indications point towards the Ottawa Senators continuing to fight for one of the final wild card playoff spots this season. This was made even more apparent after swinging for the fences and adding highly-coveted defenceman, Jacob Chychrun to boost their blueline depth.

With the newly acquired defenceman, this could provide the boost needed for the Sens to re-enter the postseason for the first time since 2017. After this move the Senators odds rose from +35000 in February to +15000 post-trade deadline.

Vancouver Canucks

It’s a fire sale in Vancouver as the Canucks sent several of their key players packing in order to fully embrace the rebuild even after finding success in recent seasons. Taking a step back the Canucks found their 2023 Stanley Cup odds have dropped from +35000 in February to +50000 since the deadline passed.

Winnipeg Jets

In a great spot to potentially return the to Stanley Cup playoffs this season, the Winnipeg Jets played it safe during the 2023 NHL trade deadline, seeing their championship odds increase slightly from +2900 to +2800 as we hit the final leg of the regular season.

While moves to acquire Nino Niederreiter and Vladislav Namestnikov may provide depth to their team, the moves didn’t do enough to move the needle in the eyes of oddsmakers.

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