How to Bet on the 2023 NHL Draft in Ontario

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Best Online Sportsbooks to Bet on the NHL Draft

Now that we’ve crowned a new Stanley Cup Champion it’s time to usher in the newest crop of hockey superstars with the 2023 NHL Draft. In what is projected to be an incredibly deep draft class, every pick matters as it could wind up as a franchise-altering decision.

With so much star potential on the move this Wednesday night, why not get in on the hype and excitement of draft night by making your own winning selection by betting on the NHL Draft.

At Canadian Sports Betting, we provide expert sports betting analysis on the NHL so you can sink your teeth into the best bets in the Great White North that will have your bankroll booming in no time. Below we’ve broken down the best ways to bet on the NHL Draft, as well as the best online sports betting sites in Canada to bet on it with.

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Get started with your NHL Draft betting today and get some skin in on this year’s selection process.

Where Can I Bet on the 2023 NHL Draft?

All of the featured options below offer competitive odds & lines on the 2023 NHL Draft, allowing you to place wagers on unique betting markets to help score your next winning pick.

Be sure to check out our in-depth sportsbook reviews for each of our featured NHL Draft betting sites and see what else each of these oddsmakers have to offer beyond the NHL Draft.

How to Bet on the NHL Draft

Draft night is a thrilling time for everybody involved, with the nerves of a lifetime dream finally coming to fruition, as well as the excitement and expectations that come with it. In this years NHL Draft, things will be no different, and you can get these same thrilling emotions when you get in on the action of the NHL Draft.

Below we have highlighted the best ways to bet on the 2023 NHL Draft so you know exactly what to expect when you head to any of the recommended sportsbooks found on this page to throw down your first wager. Each betting market places focus on a different aspect or event of the Draft so you can place your bets from all angles.

Learn more about how to bet on the NHL Draft below and get ready to score your next winning wager on this year’s event.

Draft Order

A simple but effective way to get some skin in on the 2023 NHL Draft, betting on the correct order of the draft is a great way to get started. In this betting market you will be wagering on who you believe will be selected at a specified position.

For instance at DraftKings Ontario, they have Michigan forward Adam Fantilli favoured to go second-overall in the 2023 NHL Draft at -550 odds, with Swedish centreman, Leo Carlsson positioned behind him at a hefty +400.

Regardless of if you want to roll with the heavily favoured Fantilli or try and snag some value with Carlsson, betting on the order of the Draft is simple, easy, and fun and can be done for the majority of the top picks in the 2023 NHL Draft.

Draft Position Over/Under

Another great way to bet on the NHL Draft, this betting market places focus on a specific players draft position, rather than the draft pick itself. With the Draft Order Over/Under prop bet, you will be wagering on whether a specific prospect will be draft higher or lower than the projected line.

For example at FanDuel Ontario, Russian Matvei Michkov is currently slated to be selected at pick 5.5 in this years draft. This means if you think Michkov will be drafted within the top 5, you would bet the Under (+130), if you think he will fall beyond that range, landing at 6th or higher, you would bet the Over (-170).

There is often great value to be found in this betting market as the Draft is full of twists and turns at every corner with surprise draft picks are frequent, as well as draft day trades can always shake up the lines.

Head-to-Head Draft Order

A fun twist to NHL Draft betting, in this betting market you are picking a horse in the race, as you will wager on which player you think will be drafted first between two specific future-draftees.

At Unibet Ontario, they provide a plethora of head-to-head draft order prop bets such as who will be drafted first between Swiss defenceman David Reinbecher (-132) and American right winger Ryan Leonard (+100).

Make your pick today on one of their terrific head-to-head draft order prop bets and back one of the games rising stars to score you a winning bet before they’ve even played a minute in the NHL.

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