What are the Top Ontario Sportsbook Apps Offering for Super Bowl 58?

Find out how you can Score your Next Big Win on this Year’s Big Game!

Top Ontario Sportsbooks for Super Bowl Betting 2024

This Sunday the biggest game of the NFL season is going down live from Las Vegas, Nevada as Super Bowl 58 officially kicks off between the San Francisco 49ers VS Kansas City Chiefs. With no shortage of excitement, entertainment, and intensity set for this year’s big game, you won’t want to miss a second of the action.

One of the only ways you can make the Big Game feel even bigger this year is by getting some skin in on the Super Bowl with the top Ontario sportsbook apps on the market.

At Canadian Sports Betting, we have carefully scoured the Ontario sports betting market and compiled the top online sportsbooks offering the best Super Bowl betting experience in 2024.

Below we have highlighted key features that you can use to your advantage while betting on the 49ers VS Chiefs with these reputable Ontario sports betting apps. Each of these unique sportsbooks come equipped with their own Super Bowl betting markets, competitive odds, and sensational betting features that will make your Super Bowl betting experience an unforgettable one.

Sign-up today using the links provided on-site to the top NFL sportsbooks in Ontario, find the oddsmaker that’s right for your betting needs, and throw down your first winning wager on Super Bowl 58.

DraftKings Ontario

Offering their players with a multitude of betting markets on this year’s Big Game, DraftKings Ontario provides bettors with a tremendous variety of Super Bowl bets to be placed this year. From the outcome of the game to the opening coin toss, DraftKings Ontario provides you with more ways to win than any other Ontario sports betting app.

Equipped with one of the best sports betting libraries on the market, DraftKings has something for everyone to enjoy while using their sportsbook app. With betting markets available on all your favourite sports as well as niche events you won’t find anywhere else, it’s never a dull moment playing with DraftKings.

With the Super Bowl being a showcase of the spectacular with plenty of glitz and glamour attached to it, DraftKings offers incredibly fun bets to place with their Super Bowl Novelty prop bets.

These betting markets are fun for everyone, instead of focusing on the action on the field, these unique prop bets allow bettors to wager on all the events taking place around the game. These bets include but aren’t limited to the colour of the Gatorade used by the winning team, the length of the National Anthem, as well as multiple bets revolving around everyone’s favourite pop star, Taylor Swift.

Check out the terrific Super Bowl betting markets found at the DraftKings Ontario by signing up and downloading their mobile app today, and see how you can score your next winning wager with their unique novelty prop bets.

BetMGM Ontario

A longstanding icon in the sports gambling space, BetMGM Ontario is easily one of the best online sportsbooks for betting on Super Bowl 58.

Sporting a sleek and user-friendly interface on their stellar sports betting app, BetMGM provides their players with a fantastic experience whenever they login to their sportsbook accounts. With plenty of betting options, deposit methods, and customer support resources readily available, BetMGM has got you covered throughout your Super Bowl betting experience.

One of the best ways to place a bet on the 49ers VS Chiefs at BetMGM comes from their optimized and efficient same game parlay feature, the One Game Parlay.

Making creating a same game parlay a simple and stress-free experience, bettors at BetMGM Ontario can craft a juicy bet slip efficiently just in time for the Big Game. With a plethora of betting options to choose from in regards to the 49ers VS Chiefs, the One Game Parlay feature at BetMGM makes placing a same game parlay a breeze.

Craft your Super Bowl 58 One Game Parlay today with the BetMGM Ontario app today and see how you can land yourself a massive payday as you cap off the 2023 NFL season with a bang.

Sports Interaction Ontario

Providing their players with a thrilling sports betting experience every time they open their superb mobile app, Sports Interaction (SIA) Ontario makes betting on the Super Bowl a one-of-a-kind experience. With a vast array of betting options to wager on, SIA Ontario does a great job of keeping things fresh with their betting markets.

Offering competitive odds through their easy-to-use sportsbook app, one of the biggest incentives to betting on the Super Bowl at SIA is thanks to their Half-Time Show Specials.

SIA Ontario is one of the only oddsmaker offering lines and odds on the Super Bowl Half-Time show, allowing you to place bets on the blockbuster concert being put on by Usher at Allegiant Stadium. Some of the most popular Half-Time show betting markets include how many songs will he perform, which special guests he will bring out, and more!

Take the excitement of the Super Bowl Half-Time Show to the next level by placing a bet with the SIA Ontario app and score a win between the action taking place on the gridiron.

Bet365 Ontario

One of the most popular online sportsbooks across the globe, you can’t go wrong taking your action to Bet365 Ontario for all your Super Bowl 58 bets.

With a deep betting library chock-full of juicy wagers waiting to be placed on the 49ers VS Chiefs, one of the best betting options available on the Bet365 app is by live betting the Big Game. Live betting allows for you to get off the couch and into the game as you capitalize on a swing of momentum on the field in real-time.

Whether you missed your chance to place a bet prior to kickoff or you want to get some skin in on a developing trend within the game, Bet365 makes live betting a simple process. Offering an abundance of live betting markets, Bet365 allows you to wager on all aspects of the game with shifting odds & lines throughout the contest.

Get into the Big Game as it’s going down live at the Bet365 Ontario app and score your next big win in real-time with their terrific live betting options.

NorthStar Bets

A Canadian owned and operated sportsbook, NorthStar Bets is one of the top online sportsbook apps to bet on Super Bowl 58 with. Possessing fantastic betting markets, debit deposit options, and juicy lines you won’t find anywhere else, NorthStar Bets makes winning easy thanks to their Sports Insights.

Through their expert staff of sports bettors, NorthStar Bets supplies it’s users with exclusive picks & predictions on the Super Bowl as well as helpful betting tutorials on their mobile app. These Sports Insights can help provide you with your next winning wager, making the process of boosting your bankroll simple and efficient.

Check out the latest Sports Insights at the NorthStar Bets app today and see how you can hit paydirt on your Super Bowl 58 bets this weekend.

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