Best NFL Ontario Betting Sites: Week 3

Find the Best Online Betting Sites for the NFL in Ontario

Best NFL Online Sportsbooks

It’s Week 3 and with the NFL season well underway, we’ve been treated to spectacular highlights, down to the wire finishes, and more of the best football action you ever dream of, the only way to make it any better is by getting some skin in on the games.

At Canadian Sports Betting we live for finding the best bets and winning lines on the market, and we want you to score your next big win on this weeks NFL action. That’s why we’ve compiled the best NFL betting sites in Ontario so you can get in the game and make a big play and boost your bankroll on the NFL.

Below you will find the top NFL Sportsbooks available in Ontario. Each sportsbook has been carefully reviewed so you know you’re betting safely and with a top-notch service. These online sportsbooks provide all NFL bettors with fantastic odds, betting markets, and sportsbook features so you can make the most of your NFL betting experience.

Best NFL SportsbooksOnline Betting Site Links
PointsBetBet Here
NorthStar BetsBet Here
CoolbetBet Here
DraftKingsBet Here
BetMGMBet Here

PointsBet Sportsbook Ontario

One of the top online betting sites available in the province, PointsBet Sportsbook Ontario is a sleek, fun, and easy-to-use service that will have you placing your first wager in a matter of minutes.

With an expansive betting market to choose from on each NFL matchup, players can find the perfect wager to fill their betslips with. Whether it’s a simple moneyline, player prop, or a more advanced bet like a teaser, PointsBet Ontario has got you covered from A to Z.

The Same Game Parlay (SGP) builder at PointsBet Ontario is a fantastic tool for all players to use, allowing you to build your SGP in no-time flat so you’ll be ready to go well before opening kickoff.

PointsBet Ontario provides their users with the best odds on the market for point-spreads and point-totals offering an enticing (-107) odds compared to the competitions average (-110) line. This can be a great advantage for all sharp bettors looking to increase their bet value.

For Week 3 there are plenty of juicy lines on PointsBet to get wager on, including fantastic odds on the Atlanta Falcons VS Seattle Seahawks where you can bet the Over on the 42-point total at (-105). You won’t find better odds on this at any other sportsbook.

Don’t wait, see for yourself why PointsBet Ontario is one of the top NFL betting sites on the market. Sign up, place your first bet, and win big with PointsBet Sportsbook Ontario today!

NorthStar Bets Ontario Sportsbook

NorthStar Bet Ontario Sports

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They may be fresh on the scene but NorthStar Bets is already a heavy hitter in the sports betting industry and is a terrific option for an Ontario NFL bettors. With tons of great betting options, odds, and sportsbook features, NorthStar Bets will put you in the best position to win your NFL bets.

NorthStar Bets always puts you in a winning situation thanks to their Daily Bet Booster feature that will allow NFL bettors to get increased odds on their wagers each time they place their first bet of the day. With increased odds, that means an increased payday for you when your NFL bet hits.

With these boosted odds, think big. Create a parlay of Week 3s biggest favourites like the Chargers, Eagles, and Chiefs all to win and watch your simple bet net you a hefty payday.

On top of that, NorthStar Bets provides its players with in-depth betting insights so that you have all the most important information and updates available before you go ahead and place your wagers. This is just one of the many features on their online betting site that encompasses their top of the line customer service and satisfaction.

There’s no shortage of winning opportunities at NorthStar Bets, head there today, place your first NFL wager and bask in the glory of victory with North Star Bets Ontario.

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Coolbet Ontario Sportsbook

One of the best possible destinations for your NFL betting needs, Coolbet Ontario Sportsbook is jam-packed with amazing betting odds, markets, and more so you can cross the plane and score on your next NFL wager.

Coolbet Ontario is loaded with unique betting features on their sportsbook, but the area they truly excel is in their player prop bet market. With a near endless amount of player-specific wagers to choose from, Coolbet supplies its users with a plethora of wagers so you can craft your perfect wager when betting on the NFL.

Another fantastic betting tool for players at Coolbet to make use of is their on-site betting analysis and statistics database. This helpful feature allows for NFL bettors to find the best trends, latest news, and more so you are fully informed before placing any wagers. This helpful feature can also help players develop more advanced strategies and increase their winning potential each time they place an NFL bet.

Bet smart, wager on a less-popular market like the Week 3 battle between the Houston Texans and Chicago Bears and find your winning edge using Coolbets analysis and statistics feature.

Don’t miss out, get to Coolbet Ontario Sportsbook today, sign up and place your first NFL wager and see why Coolbet Sportsbook is one of the best online NFL betting sites.

DraftKings Sportsbook Ontario

DraftKings Sportsbook Ontario Sports

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A longtime top dog in the online sports betting world, DraftKings Ontario has everything a football fan could ever want from an online betting site.

With fantastic odds, brilliant betting features, and some of the most lucrative betting markets available all wrapped up in an intuitive and easy-to-navigate user interface, it’s no secret why DraftKings Ontario is one of the premier online NFL betting sites. DraftKings provides its users with a one of a kind NFL betting experience with a wide array of betting options for players to select from.

One of the best ways to bet on DraftKings Ontario is by wagering on Same Game Parlays. DraftKings makes it easy to place SGPs with pre-made quick SGPs or a create your own by building a SGP based on their vast betting options on any game.

Create your SGP for Week 3 action on a primetime matchup like the 49ers VS Broncos. With two teams that love the run the rock, look for the over on top rushers Deebo Samuel and Javonte Williams, but take the under 43.5 on total-points.

Head to DraftKings Ontario today and see why NFL bettors the world over regard them as one of the top online betting sites on the market.

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BetMGM Ontario Sportsbook

BetMGM Sportsbook Ontario Sports

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A titan of the sports betting industry, BetMGM Ontario is ready and able to serve your every NFL betting need and provide you with your next winning wager.

BetMGM has a rich history of providing top-end value to their users betslip as well as supplying a great range of betting options for NFL bettors to choose from. With so many betting markets to pick from it can be daunting to some, but BetMGM makes betting effortless thanks to their parlay builder.

Thanks to BetMGMs parlay builder feature on their sportsbook, gone are the days of overthinking with this helpful tool. Simply set your betting parameters, pick your sport, and let BetMGM craft your next winning bet. With Week 3 approaching quickly, give the BetMGM Ontario parlay builder a whirl and have it create your unique winning parlay on this weeks NFL action.

Take advantage of this feature and more at BetMGM Ontario Sportsbook, signing up only takes a few seconds so you’ll be ready to deposit and bet in no time.

Want to find more great Ontario sportsbooks? Here at Canadian Sports Betting we’ve reviewed all of the top online sportsbooks on the market and provided in-depth analysis for each one so you can become informed and find the right sportsbook for you!

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